The history of the Jewish community of Horodenka in Eastern Galicia began in 1743. Only in the eighteenth century did the Jews become a significant part of the town.

In the period of 1870 to 1927, the average percentage of Jews in the town’s population was between 33% and 40%. The rich Jewish culture that developed in the town is described in this book.

It all came to an end in June 1941, when the Nazis invaded Russian territory; according to reliable evidence about 3,000 adults and children were murdered in 1941 and 1942 in three “Actions.” Several young Jews escaped this fate by joining the partisans in the forests on the other side of the Dniester River. Thanks to their eye-witness accounts and the memoirs of other residents who left before the war, we have this book which provides a picture of the town, so that researchers and descendants of emigrants from the town can learn of the history of this once-thriving Jewish community that no longer exists.

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