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From Cluj To The Rest Of The World:
The Fate Of The Five Jakab Siblings

by Reinier Heinsman

“He enjoyed the little things, such as going for a walk in the park of Antwerp to admire his favorite tree, a weeping willow. Ferdinand was also a writer, who especially liked to write Hungarian poems. In September 1942, he was deported from Belgium to Auschwitz.”

Yad Vashem Page of Testimony:
An Opportunity Lost

 by Richard L. Baum

“… on a whim, I entered my mother’s surname into the Yad Vashem search engine. Sitting in front of my monitor, I was expecting a null result when I was stunned to see two Pages of Testimony “pop up.” Someone had survived. A survivor!”

 Doppelgangers, DNA, and Doubts
by Jeremy Frankel

 “With a deep sigh and the realization I had to clear my family name, I embarked on a sleuthing expedition of my own. There was little to go on other than the birth mother recalling that the birth father had the name Harris Koenigsberg.”

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