I happened to see a photograph of individuals who were members of the American Medical Association of Vienna, 1929, which included doctors from all over the world. In their number, I saw Dr. Myer Fisher of Cheetham, Manchester, England. I did not remember him amongst the doctors I was familiar with who were located in Cheetham.  As I was interested in who this was, I rooted around and found that he was a cancer specialist.  

I then looked further and then happened upon Kelly’s Directory of the Chemical Industries,1921, in Google Books. This turned out to be a very fascinating resource as it included England, Scotland and Wales, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.  Not only that, it was arranged by professions,  towns, counties, and other helpful divisions.

Professions included were Chemists, Druggists and Drug Stores, Chemical Manufacturers, Manufacturing Chemists, Wholesale Druggists and Drysalters, and other related professions such as doctors, dentists, and veterinarians, all of whom use chemicals.

The thing that most interested me was that it included all of the photographers that were located in the above places as they utilized chemicals in their profession. Many of us are always trying to find historical references to photographers which we find on photographs of our ancestors or our ancestors were photographers.  

So, this is a very good resource from the year 1921 to locate photographers, and the other listed professions, and their places of business. Due to the data being arranged in several different ways, it is easy to find someone in the most tiny and out of the way place as well as the larger cities. It is also a good means of locating relatives or their businesses in 1921 as we don’t yet have the 1921 Census for the areas covered by this directory.

I am providing a URL link for this resource as follows: