Lithuania Research Division: 25k+ New Records Added

JewishGen is pleased to report that 25,021 new records from our colleagues and partners at LitvakSIG are now searchable via the JewishGen Lithuania Collection. The new records include:

  • 1942 census of ghettos in Golshany, Krevo, Oshmiany, Smorgon, Soly and Zhuprany, all in the Oshmiany district but including some individuals originating elsewhere (5,145 records).
  • City of Vilnius conscription lists from the period 1887-1916 (17,618 records).
  • Revision lists from 1795 for Akmene and Uzventis in the Siauliai district, as well as 1834 revision lists and their supplements through 1849 for several towns in the Vilnius district – Bagaslaviskis, Ciobiskis, Gelvonai, Musninkai, Paberze and Sirvintos (2,258 records).

Please click here to search these records via JewishGen’s Lithuania Collection.

JewishGen and LitvakSIG are separate organizations, in a strategic partnership to achieve shared goals. To learn more about the work of the LitvakSIG, please click here, or contact Russ Maurer at


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