We are pleased to announce a major update to the Christine Usdin Collection, with the addition of 11,021 new records.  In total the JewishGen Latvia Collection now includes more than 200,000 records.

Of significance is that the Christine Usdin Collection includes direct links to original images at the Latvian State Historical Archives.

This database is a unique contribution first and foremost by Christine Usdin, z’l. The creation of the actual database would not have been possible without the extraordinary efforts particularly of Stephen Weinstein, who was able to unite and unify the variety of formats that were used over the several years this data has been collected and translated.  Thanks are also due to Constance Whippman for assisting with the introduction, Bruce Dumes, who helped Christine Usdin create her extensive websites, and Anna Chosak, who contributed many, many hours proofreading

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