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Helpful Hints: JewishGen Discussion Group Update #2 – How to Change Your Discussion Group Subscription Settings

STEP 1: Access “Your Subscription”

(a) If you currently receive the Daily Summary or Digests: On top of the Digest or Daily Summary email, under the green JewishGen banner, there is a link to “edit your subscriptions, here”. Click the “here” link.


This will bring you to a Discussion Group summary page. At the top of this page, the mode of delivery you are currently subscribed to is indicated. Click on that mode and it will bring you to the Subscriptions Page where you can change your subscription to one of the following options:

email delivery screenshot

(b) If you currently receive individual emails: There is a link at the bottom of each email, called “Your Subscription”.

ScreenShot 3

Click the “Your Subscription” link, which will take you to your Subscriptions Page (as shown above).

Select which mode of delivery you want by clicking on that option. Then click “Save” at the bottom of the screen (you might have to scroll down, depending on the size of your screen):

save button
STEP 3: If you need help changing your subscription, please send an email to: .


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