New Holocaust Database Set: Revoked Citizenship and Property Seizures, 1933-1945

by Nolan AltmanDirector of Special Projects – Holocaust Database JewishGen is pleased to announce that this new significant data set, Reichsanzeiger – Revoked Citizenship and Property Seizures 1933-1945, has been added to the Holocaust Database. Beginning in 1933, the German Government revoked German citizenship for tens of thousands of German Jews as well as persons […]

JewishGen Latvian Research Division Adds New Database: Passport Issuance Books 1919-1941

by Arlene BeareCo-Director of Latvian Research JewishGen Latvia Research Division has great news – the addition of a new database to Jewishgen.  The Passport Issuance Books 1919-1941 have been placed online by Family Search and I have extracted the Jewish entries for Jekabpils formerly Jakobstadt.  These were Internal Passports issued whenever a person wanted to […]

JewishGen’s New Holocaust Database Set Polish Victims of the Gardelegen Massacre

by Nolan Altman, Holocaust Database Coordinator JewishGen is pleased to announce that a new dataset has been added to the Holocaust Database: In April 1945, just before the end of the war, about 1,000 Jewish men and women, mostly Polish forced laborers, were brought to Gardalegen, Germany, an obscure town in central Germany.  The […]

A Brief His­to­ry of the Haggadah

by Mar­tin Bodek Every eon has its eras; every era its peri­ods; every peri­od has its epochs; every epoch has its ages. Out­side of what we learn in Geol­o­gy class, the two words in my Dick­en­sian open­ing sen­tence with which we are ver­nac­u­lar­ly famil­iar are ​“era” and ​“age.” There are unend­ing lists of sig­nif­i­cant cul­tur­al human inter­ests that […]