Bessarabia Research Updates

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JewishGen Future Scholars Fellowship

Dear JewishGen Community, is proud to announce its JewishGen Future Scholars Fellowship Program. This immersive program, created in partnership with The Matzevah Foundation, Inc., will provide an experiential opportunity for younger audiences to appreciate the application and impact JewishGen, and Jewish genealogy can have in everyday life.

Yom HaShoah 2019/5779

Dear JewishGen Community, For generations, Jewish tradition has associated the ritual of memory with the lighting of candles. A candle represents the past, for a flame is only as strong as its fuel source. Yet the light emanating from the candle also represents a focus on the future. We look to the candle and remember those who came before us, but do so within the context of learning from their experiences, and permitting the values our ancestors held most dear to illuminate and influence our lives today.

JewishGen Passover Companion 2019/5779

We are pleased to present the JewishGen Passover Companion 2019, which contains inspirational vignettes about how Passover was observed in various communities, along with first-hand accounts about the great effort and personal risk (Mesirat Nefesh) Jews took to observe Passover during the Holocaust. As you gather around the Seder table, and tell the story of […]