Recent Additions to our Archival Collection Thousands of Records Added!

Over the past few months, JewishGen has uploaded a number of valuable datasets. Highlights include: Bessarabia: 10K+ records Belarus: 45K+ records  Hungary: 1.7K+ records Latvia: 11K+ records Lithuania: 25K+ records Germany: 30k records comprising family trees (in partnership with the Leo Baeck Institute), records of inhabitants of Bavarian-Swabia, and the 1845 Altona-Hamburg Census For more information, and to search our archival collections, please […]

JewishGen Educational Offerings for 2020 Break Through Your Brick Walls!

Nancy Holden, JewishGen’s Director of Education, recently announced a new range of online courses for 2020.  Three-week Mentored Classes with personal instruction based on helping each student progress with research projects. Course begins in January 2020!  Home Study Classes that are self-paced and delivered electronically. Workbook Text-Based Courses.  For more information on course descriptions, schedules, […]

Musings Of A Jewish Genealogist: Using The South Africa Jewish Year Books

                                                                                    by Ann Rabinowitz This past September 2019, a new Facebook page was created by Michelle and Stephan Lurie that focuses on Jewish genealogy in South Africa. It is called “South African Jews – Tracing Our Ancestors” and has much of interest for South African researchers. One of the first things covered was how to […]

Book: Tracing Our Roots, Telling Our Stories Author(s): Various (anthology) Published: 2011, Jewish Genealogical Society of Canada (Toronto) Untangling our Knotted Jewish Roots

                                           by Shelly Sanders I had reams of information—dates, cities, and names—but knew nothing about the people on my Jewish family tree. What their lives were like in Russia. Family stories passed down for generations. The difficulties in coming to a new country. Why they kept it all inside, their experiences, the fates of relatives […]

Chanukah in Leżajsk, Poland

The following memory of Chanukah, written by Yehoshua Rotman and translated by Jerrold Landau, is included in the Yizkor book: Memorial Book of the Martyrs of Lezajsk who Perished in the Holocaust  (Leżajsk, Poland). Chanukah Many Chanukah Menorahs of various types were displayed in the windows. Children accompanied their parents to purchase candles, and […]

Hungarian Research Division: Now contains more than 86k records!

A number of major censuses were conducted by the Kingdom of Hungary and the Austrian Empire, including the Vagyonösszeirás – 1828 (1828 Landowner census), the “Conscriptio Judaerum 1848” (1848 Census of the Jews), and the 1869 Hungarian census, which was a total population census, not just a landowner census.  These census records have been included in the JewishGen Hungary […]

Hungarian Research Division: 1.7k Records added to the Proof of Citizenship Records Košice County, 1924-1928 Collection

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the JewishGen Hungarian Collection: Proof of Citizenship Records Košice County, 1924-1928. This set of data contains 1,741 Jewish names, taken from 3 volumes of archival documents ÒEvidencia vydaných osvedčen’ o št‡tnom občianstveÓ (Evidence of Issued Proofs of Citizenship). In total, there are now more nearly 1.3 […]