Publications of the JHSCJ

Uncommon Lives: Eighteen Extraordinary Jews from New Jersey
by Ruth M. Patt, Price: $5 + postage and handling

Ruth Marcus Patt focuses the light of biographical research on notable Jewish people from the state of New Jersey.

The most famous of these is Albert Einstein, a man whose life was extraordinary for its intellectual achievement. There is also Selman Waksman, Nobel Laureate, whose discovery of the antibiotic streptomycin saved thousands of lives from turberculosis.

Readers will enjoy learning about other luminaries in the fields of music, medicine, and law such as Libby Sachar, New Jersey's first female judge.

The artist Ben Shahn exemplifies the diversity expressed in these uncommon lives.

The Jewish Experience at Rutgers
by Ruth M. Patt, Price: $2 + postage and handling

This book starts in 1816 with Samuel Judah, the first Jewish graduate from Rutgers University, and continues with the Jewish presence on the campus until the present day. The book discusses the Quota System which was an attempt to keep Jews out of Rutgers, the Jewish presence on the faculty, Jewish campus organizations, Jewish athletes, and a whole list of distinguished Jewish personalities through the ages.

The Jewish Scene of New Jersey
by Arlene Ferman and June Kane, Price: $1.50 + postage and handling

A children's history and activity book. Activities in this book include drawing posters, writing letters, and puzzles. Children will learn how to take the oral history of their family by telling tales, how to make a Jewish Yellow Pages of their community, trace the history of their synagogue, cook Jewish recipes, make a family tree, and how to become a genealogy detective.

An excellent way to enliven the state required New Jersey History curriculum.

The Jewish Scene pamphlet Series
by Ruth M. Patt,
Price: $1 + postage and handling


New Jersey History: A Bibliographic Guide
by Ruth M. Patt, Price: $1 + postage and handling

The Jewish Scene in the Raritan Valley 1698-1978
by Ruth M. Patt (Out of print but a reference copy is available in our library)