American Jewish Experience Lecture Series 2008

Dr. Mildred Goodwin
Jewish Experience in Reel Life, Part II

Shirley Reich
In the Beginning: The Earliest Jewish Americans

Rabbi Daniel Fellman
60 Years Later: The Role of an American Freindship in the Establishment of the State of Israel

Harvey Hauptman
Three Media Moguls

Philip Cantor
After Anatevka

Ann Gold
Cuban Jews Ole

Dr. Nathan Reiss
The Jews of the Bronx

Barbara Kuntz
The Jewish Farmers of Southern New Jersey

Deborah Cohn
Eavesdroppin to History: The Year 1885 as Reported by the Jewish Press

Dawn and Paul Horowitz
Operas and Jewish Content: "La Juive"

Ruth Marcus Patt
Masters of Merchandising

Cantor Anna West Ott (accompaniment by Dave Schlossberg)
American Jewish Music