Washington, D.C. Area Jewish Burial Registry

This database contains over 19,000 records collected by volunteers. The project is on-going, as we add more names. 

This database may be searched by Surname, Given Name, Spouse's Name, Father's Name, and/or Mother's Name.

When searching, at least one of the "name" fields must have at least three characters entered.

The database records were collected by different people over a sustained period of time.  As a result, there are known errors and inconsistencies in the data.  We have generally left those entries unchanged, in the hopes that the information may still prove useful to users. One common error appears to have been confusion regarding cemetery, vs. burial society or association. For that reason, if you plan to go to a cemetery to visit a gravesite, we suggest you call the cemetery first to ensure that the grave location is correct.

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