Miriam Kleiman Bio

Miriam Kleiman started as a researcher at the National Archives in March 1996, when she hired to explore the issue of lost Jewish assets in Swiss banks during World War II. This initial two-day assignment turned into four years - working for a law firm that sued the Swiss Banks and German companies on behalf of Holocaust survivors and their heirs. After the cases settled, she was hired by the National Archives in 2000 as a historical researcher for the Interagency Working Group to Implement the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act. In 2004, she joined the National Archives Office of Public Affairs.  

Articles on Ms. Kleiman and her research have appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, and U.S. News and World Report. She has been interviewed on Good Morning America and featured on C-SPAN. She also worked as a consultant to both the New York Times and ABC News. Ms. Kleiman graduated with Honors in Political Science from the University of Michigan.

2012, Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, Inc.