For over 10 years, Steven Venick has been the president of Fram Monument Company, the largest monument company in Maryland with a location in Baltimore and a new location in Rockville. Steve is very knowledgeable with the rules and regulations of all cemeteries regarding the most fitting and acceptable memorials. Also, he is very familiar with traditional Jewish phrases, epitaphs, etc. which are commonly engraved on memorials.

Steve is President of the Jewish Cemetery Association of Greater Baltimore, a supported non-profit program of The Associated-Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore which currently owns and operates 10 cemeteries. Additionally, Steve is president of The United Hebrew Cemetery Corporation of Rosedale, a non-profit organization which currently owns and operates 23 cemeteries.

Between these associations, Steve uses his vast cemetery and memorial knowledge to assist the caretakers in grass cutting, monument repair, memorial restoration, perpetual care management and other cemetery upkeep. Voluntarily, Steve spends over twenty hours monthly visiting cemeteries and reporting any areas of concern to the appropriate cemetery representatives. He tries to see that all Jewish cemeteries are properly taken care of and that the cemeteries are clean and in acceptable condition.

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