Mark Nicholls Biography

Genealogical Background

12 years’ experience of undertaking personal genealogical research and undertaking unpaid research projects for relatives and friends. I have worked closely with my spouse on researching German Jewish genealogy, including dealing with original archival sources written in German script.

I have been a member of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain for several years. Chairman of JGSGB since October 2010 and Membership Secretary since February 2009. I have represented JGSGB at exhibitions delivering on the spot genealogy advice and provided educational talks to various external groups on genealogical topics. I co-ordinated the UK-SIG events at the 2011 IAJGS Conference in Washington DC. I revised the JGSGB Guide to Jewish Genealogy in the United Kingdom in February 2011. I handle various genealogical queries on behalf of JGSGB, including from television production companies.

I have been engaged in professional genealogy work for two years, researching a variety of Jewish and non-Jewish family histories. Though, I am not a member of any professional genealogy body.

Work Background

I worked as a Civil Servant and public sector employee for 33 years, employed in a variety of roles. My last post was Head of Secretariat for a public sector body, dealing with a variety of corporate governance issues ranging from board accountability to information management. I have also been involved in budgetary and strategic planning work in the same role and in previous posts.

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