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  •  TV show about DC2011 available on the Internet

    A lively preview of the 31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy was taped for airing on the internet and on local Fairfax, Virginia television  TV show "Tracing Your Family Roots" with host Arline Sach. Conference co-hosts Marlene Katz Bishow, Victor Cohen, and Susan Isman chatted with Arline about the program, hotel & food, and technology for the conference. You may join them by clicking on this link:  http://www.veoh.com/watch/v20974996kcHfqbx3 

    Arline and Sidney Sachs have produced the public access TV Show, “Tracing Your Family Roots,” which focuses primarily on Jewish Genealogy since 1997. In 2007. they received the IAJGS Salutes recognition for their commitment to Jewish Genealogy. Sidney is the producer and Arline is the co-host along with Dr. Sallyann Sachs. Both Arline and Sallyann are past presidents of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington and they have many other credits in the field.

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