Gary is a graduate of New York University where he earned his bachelors Degree in Biology in 1972. He was awarded a scholarship from the National Foundation March of Dimes to attend graduate school in Human Genetics and Genetics Counseling, earning his Masters degree from Rutgers University in 1973.

Gary spent his first 5 1/2 years in clinical practice at the Brooklyn Cumberland Medical Center where he directed the Cytogenetics laboratory and saw both prenatal patients and families of newborns with birth defects.

In 1978 Gary chose to accept an offer from the State of California to coordinate Prevention Services for the North Los Angeles County Regional Center. Fourteen years ago he left the Regional Center to pursue a practice in prenatal genetics with Genzyme Genetics. In June 2005 Gary accepted the position of Patient Care Liaison with Genzyme Therapeutics and is currently working with patients and families who are affected with the most common Ashkenazi Jewish disorder, Gaucher disease.

Gary has been a genetic counselor over 35 years and has seen over twenty-six thousand couples for genetic counseling. He is a published author of both scientific articles as well as pamphlets on Ashkenazi Jewish Diseases.

Gary S. Frohlich, MS, CGC
Senior Medical Affairs Liaison | Certified Genetics Counselor

U.S. Medical Affairs | Genzyme Therapeutics
1048 Hanley Avenue | Los Angeles, California 90049

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