Meetings 2005





Sun, Jan 23, 2005, 10am

How to use the on-line Yad Vashem Holocaust Database

Teven Laxer

Sun, Feb 27, 2005, 10am

One-Step Web Searches To Find Your Family History

Steve  Morse

Sun, Mar 20, 2005, 10am

Whirlwind Tour of Genealogical Records

Pam Dallas

Mon, Apr 18, 7pm

The Conversos, or Hidden Jews

Jason Lindo

Mon, May 16, 7pm

How to Make Your Own “Ken Burns”-style Family History Video

Mark Heckman

Mon, Jun 20, 7pm

Immigration Records, Online and Off

Lester Smith


IAJGS Conference in Las Vegas, July 10-15


Mon, Aug 22, 7pm

Report from the  Las Vegas Conference - Highlights and what’s new in Jewish Genealogy

Members panel

Mon, Sep 19, 7pm

Memoirs of Baghdad

Daniel Khazzoom

Mon, Oct 17, 7pm

City Directories - Clues to Your Family Tree

John Powell

Sun, Nov 20, 10am.

The Wayfarers, a book by Stuart Tower, chronicles the emigration, on foot, of thousands of Jews from Romania across Europe and to America between 1899-1914. In Yiddish, these wayfarers were called fusgeyers.

Stuart Tower

Sun Dec 18, 10am

Navigating the New York Census with Fewer Tears

Steve Morse

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