Feb 14, 1989, Organizational Meeting of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento Judy Persin

Mar 1989, Video Recording Your History, Les Finke

Apr 1989, Jewish Research in England, Joyce Buckland

May 8, 1989, Setting up a Record Keeping System, Elizabeth Kohler

May 30, 1989, Tour of the California State University Library, Robert McAdam

Jun 1989, How the Soundex System Works, How to Find the Census We Are Looking for and City Directories, Judy Persin

Jul 1989, Preservation and Encapsulation of Documents, Pat Stanford

Sep 18, 1989, Computers and Genealogy - What Bites, Sysops, Nodes, Echos, Bbs, Keyboards, and Modems Have to Do with Finding Your Bubbie, Henry Hoover

Nov 13, 1989, From Shtetel to the New World - Immigration and Naturalization, Carolyn Sherfy

Dec 1989, Sharing Your Family Traditions - Chanukah Party 

Jan 8, 1990, Origin of Names, Don Calavan-MacCrae

Feb 12, 1990, Using Newspapers in Genealogical Research, Dr. Robert McAdam

Mar 12, 1990, Review of the past Year and Planning for the Present Year, Election of Officers

May 14, 1990, In the Beginning... How to Get Started in Genealogy, Judy Persin

Jun 11, 1990, State Archives....Resources Available for Genealogical Researc, Nancy Zimmelman

Jul 16, 1990, Report from the LA Conference, Judy Persin

Sep 10, 1990, Sharing the Wealth (Resources and Expertise) Problem Solving Workshop

Oct 8, 1990, Compiling a Family History Book - What to Do with the Documents, Photographs and Family Information, Judy Persin & Jane Paskowitz

Nov 12, 1990, Tour of the Family History Center and Instruction in the Use of the Computers and CD-ROMs

Dec 10, 1990, Footsteps of Our Fathers - Tour of Hungary, Julie Levine

Jan 14, 1991, Finding Elliot's Family - How to Find Lost Family Even after 50 Years, Arlene Pearl

Feb 11, 1991, Problem Sharing Workshop

Mar 11, 1991, Using Census for Genealogical Research, Glenda Lloyd

Apr 8, 1991, Jewish Research in Canada, Joyce Buckland

May 13, 1991, Pioneer Jewish Cemeteries in Northern Californi, Jan & Bill Berkman

Jun 17, 1991, Preserving and Restoring Old Photographs, Donna Van Lone

Jul 22, 1991, Report on the Third International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy - Salt Lake City, Judy Persin, Shelley Harris & Alice Polakoff

Sep 16, 1991, Census Records - How to Read Them, Glenda Lloyd

Oct 21, 1991, Sacramento Old City Cemetery, Pat Stanford

Nov 18, 1991, Problem Solving Workshop

Dec 16, 1991, History and Genealogy - Kissing Cousins, Arlene Pearl

Jan 20, 1992, World Events, Personal Consequences - a Discussion about the Effect of World Events on Personal Family Histories, Shelley Harris, Susanne Levitsky, Judy Persin, & Iris Bachman

Feb 17, 1992, Immigration and Naturalization Records, Judy Persin

Mar 16, 1992, How to Use Library Resources for Genealogical Research, Carmichael Library

Apr 20, 1992, Sharing Successes and Problems

May 18, 1992, Translation Workshop

Jun 15, 1992, Roundtable Discussion - Bring Your Successes and Problems for Sharing and Help

Aug 17, 1992, NYC Seminar Report

Sep 13, 1992, Beginner's Workshop

Dec 1992, My Childhood in Germany Also Chanukah Brunch, Henry Stanton

Jan 31, 1993, How to Organize Genealogical Data, Glenda Lloyd

Feb 1993, Family Reunions, Dan Peletz

Apr 19, 1993, How to Use the Family History Library to Obtain Genealogical Data

Jun 19, 1993, How to Do Research at Sutro Library and the National Archives in San Bruno

Jul 21, 1993, Research Trip to Sutro Library and the National Archives

Aug 16, 1993, Work night at the LDS Family History Center

Sep 19, 199, Second Annual Beginners Workshop

Oct 18, 1993, Beginner's Workshop Follow Up, Seminar Report and Ask the Experts

Nov 15, 1993, Genetics and Genealogy, Mark Lipson, MD

Dec 12, 1993, Video Recording Interviews, Les Finke

Jan 16, 1994, Computer Programs for Genealogy, Alton Sissel

Feb 20, 1994, Reviewing the Basics

Mar 21, 1994, Translation Workshop

Apr 18, 1994, Experiences in Poland, Art & Carole Choate

May 23, 1994, How Our Forefathers Lived - Archeology Finds from Israel, Howard Goldfried

Jul 18, 1994, Report on the 4th International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy in Israe, Alice Polakoff

Aug 15, 1994, Getting Started: Genealogy 1 to 1

Oct 17, 1995, Home of Peace and the AJGS Cemetery Project, Jan & Bill Berkman

Oct 30, 1994, Pioneer Jewish Cemetery in Sonora, Field Trip

Nov 20, 1994, Probates, How to Use Them in Your Genealogy Research, Dorthy Williams

Jan 15, 1995, Preparing for Any Research Trip, Joyce Buckland

Feb 19, 1995, Tour of the Marysville Pioneer Jewish Cemetery

Mar 20, 1995, Library Re-organization Meeting

Apr 17, 1995, What's Available in Washington, D.C. for Genealogical Research, Iris Bachman

May 15, 1995, 25 Ways to Trace a Maiden Name, Glenda Lloyd

Jun 19, 1995, Resources of the California State Archives, Nancy Zimmelman

Sep 18, 1995, Jewish Genealogy on the Information Super Highway, Steve Kitnick

Aug 21, 1995, Review of the 14th Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy Jun 25-29, 1995

Oct 22, 1995, Questions and Answers about Census, Passenger Lists and Naturalization Records, Iris Bachman

Nov 19, 1995, Literature Review, Judy Persin & Abraham Siegel

Jan 21, 1996, Deciphering Documents, Steve Kitnick

Feb 11, 1996, ???, Rabbi Reuven Taff

Apr 21, 1996, Video of a Family Who Were on Shindler's List That He Knew, Gary Agid

May 28, 1996, Problem Solving Workshop, Panel

Aug 19, 1996, Report on the Boston Jewish Genealogical Seminar, Steve Kitnick & Rob Weisskirch

Sep 16, 1996, Using Regional Research Resources- Highlighting the Sutro Library in San Francisco and the Regional Archives in San Bruno, Mark Heckman & Bob Wascou

Oct 21, 1996, "When I Was Growing Up...." Carry Will Talk about Germany and Louis Will Speak about Czernowitz and the USSR. Louis Will Also Be Able to Translate Romanian and Possibly German, Carry Cohen & Louis Wechser

Nov 17, 1996, Networking- Sharing Resources, Experiences, Names and Places We Are Researching. The Library Will Be Open During the Meeting.

Dec 15, 1996, Judaic Traditions from the Reform Prospective, Rabbi Marvin Schwab

Feb 16, 1997, The Garment District in the 30's and 40's - Workman's Circle, Etc., Madeline Phillips

Mar 16, 1997, Computer Workshop at UC Davis, Rob Weisskirch

Apr 16, 1997, Family History Center Research, Virl Weight

May 19, 1997, Beginnings of Judaism in Sacramento, Brett Wyatt

Aug 18, 1997, Recent Travels in Poland, Arlene Pearl

Sep 17, 1997,  Family History Center Research Time

Oct 20, 1997, Beginning Your Family Research ( a Mentoring Workshop), Steve Kitnick

Nov 16, 1997, Researching US Census Records, GlendaLloyd

Dec 14, 1997, Researching US Vital Records, Mark Heckman

Jan 18, 1998, 20th Century Immigration, David Abrahams

Feb 15, 1998, Family Tree Maker Demonstration, Paul Burchfield

Mar 15, 1998, Jewish Genealogical Research on the Internet: a "Hands-on Computer Workshop", Steve Kitnick

Apr 20, 1998, How to Do Holocaust Research - Yom Ha Shoah, Mark Heckman

May 18, 1998, What Do You Do Now That You Have Collected All of this Information or How Do You Publish, Present and Display Your Family History, Shirley Mason Cohen

Jun 15, 1998, Preparing for a Genealogical Research Trip. (What to Bring, What to Pack and How to Plan and Make the Most of Your Time), Panel Discussion

Aug 17, 1998, Genetic Diseases of Jewish Interest, Dr. Art Grix

Sep 14, 1998, Wimples as a Source of Genealogical Information, Bonnie Kaplan

Oct 19, 1998, How to Do an Oral History and Making an Oral History on Video, Les Finke

Nov 15, 1998, Film: Meet Me at Brooklyn & Soto: the Jews of Boyle Heights.also, We Will Play "Stump the Experts." Bring Your Tough Genealogical Questions and Do Your Best to Stump Our Panel, Panel

Dec 20, 1998, Ethics in Genealogy, Steve Kitnick

Jan 17, 1999, Genealogical Research in Eastern European Archives, Bob Weiss

Feb 21, 1999, Canadian Research and Border Crossings, Joyce Buckland & Judy Persin

Mar 7, 1999, The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the JGSS Honoring Our Founder Judy Persin. Warren Blatt Will Talk on "Jewish Given Names", Warren Blatt

Apr 18, 1999, A Working Session at the Home of Peace Cemetery, 6200 Stockton Blvd. Transcribing Headstone Information, Iris Bachman & Judy Persin

May 17, 1999, A Step by Step "How To" Guide for Looking for Your Roots - Video, Bob Wascou

Jun 21, 1999, Methods and Media for Sharing Your Genealogical Information, Mark Heckman

Jul 19, 1999, Genealogical Resources in New York - an Overview of the Research Facilities in and Around New York. Emphasis on the Genealogical Holdings Available on Microfilm Through the Lds Family History Centers, Steve Kitnick

Sep 27, 1999, Review of the New York Seminar, Panel

Oct 18, 1999, Genealogical Resources in Northern California, Lester Smith

Nov 21, 1999, Researching Us Census Records, Glenda Lloyd

Dec 19, 1999, Organizing and Keeping Track of Your Research, Pam Dallas

Jan 16, 2000, More than Just Dates - Some Results of Romanian Research, Bob Wascou

Feb 27, 2000, Hands on Internet Research - Learn Some of the Best Web Sites for Jewish Genealogical Research, Mark Heckman

Mar 19, 2000, Unique Sources for Your Resources, Lester Smith

Apr 17, 2000, Disaster Recovery and Preservation of Your Records and Artifacts, Anne Mason

May 15, 2000, Hebrew Dates and Abbreviations, Rabbi Matt Friedman

Jun 21, 2000, How to Use the Resources of the Family History Center, Family History Center

Aug 21, 2000, Map Resources - How to Get Them and What is on Them, Rabbi Matt Friedman

Sep 18, 2000, The Changing Boundaries of Europe, Recorded lecture plus handouts - Allan Bonderoff

Oct 16, 2000, By the Book - What's in Our Library - An in depth look at what our library has to offer, Lester Smith & Bob Wascou

Nov 19, 2000, Review of Naturalization Records, Judy Persin & Allan Bonderoff

Dec 17, 2000,  How I Did My Genealogy (before the advent of personal computers), Les Malkin

Sun, January 21, 2001, On-line data sources, Jim Rader

Sun, February 25, 2001, Team approach for research - organizational meeting, Lester Smith

Sun, March 18, 2001, English genealogical materials and sources, Joyce Buckland

Monday, April 16, 2001, Maps as genealogical tools, Rabbi Matt Friedman

Monday, May 21, 2001, Oral History and Interviewing Techniques, Les Fink

Monday, June 18, 2001, Working with the online Ellis Island database, Lester Smith

July 8 to 13, 2001, London, England 21st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy

Monday, August 20, 2001, Team approach for research - organizational meeting - part 2, Lester Smith

Monday, September 10, 2001, A genealogical expedition to Belarus & Lithuania or How I spent my summer vacation (It was one of the most rewarding experiences of Lester's life), Lester Smith

Monday, October 15, 2001, Political, Social & economic Conditions in Russia, 1880-1915, Aaron Cohen, Professor of Eastern European History, CSUS

Sun, November 18, 2001, The collection of Box Taxes in 19th Century Lithuania/The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the 18th Century Census & Tax Lists (Talk presented at London Conference), David Hoffman, Ph.D.

Sun, December 16, 2001, World War I Draft Registration, Chuck Knuthson

Sun, January 20, 2002, Finding people thru City Directories over the years, Glenda Lloyd

Sun,February 17, 2002, Problem solving workshop - Peer advice and assistance for going through, around or over brick walls in personal research efforts. Lester Smith

Sun, March 17, 2002, U.S. Census data available online - How to obtain family information from every US Census since 1790 through your home computer. Jim Rader

Monday, April 15, 2002, Finding your immigrant ancestors who didn't come through Ellis Island, Lester Smith

Monday, May 20, 2002, Immigration to the United States through England, Alan Bonderoff

Monday, June 17, 2002, Holocaust Research - Sources and tools for genealogists seeking living or deceased family members, Mary Freedman

Monday, July15, 2002, Sharing Our Favorite Genealogical Web Sites, Membership

August 4-9, 2002, Toronto, Canada 22nd International Conference on Jewish Genealogy

Monday, September 23, 2002, Report from members attending the 22nd International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, Lester Smith, Judy Persin, Art Yates

Monday, October 21, 2002, Searching the 1930 Census, Steve Morse

Sun, November 17, 2002, Getting organized, Glenda Lloyd

Sun, December 15, 2002, Crypto Jews: A 20 year research into his family's hidden history that led to a return to Judaism through conversion, Jason Lindo

Sun, January 19, 2003, JRI-Poland: History; how to search; how to order records and how to get help, Judy Baston

Sun, February 16, 2003, Russian Jewish genealogy and /or using Proquest for historical newspaper research, Michael Steinore

Sun, March 16, 2003, Successes and Roadblocks, Members

Monday, April 21, 2003, Yom Ha Shoah program, Les Malkin, Mark Heckman

Monday, May 19, 2003, How to find anyone and anything, Ron Arons

Monday, June 16, 2003, Step-by Step Digital editing of Photos and Scanned Images, Jim Neal

July 20-25, 2003, Washington, DC 23rd International Conference of Jewish Genealogy

Monday, August 18, 2003, Report from members attending the 22nd International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, Members attending conference

Monday, September 15, 2003, Ethics and Genealogy, Steve Kitnick

Monday, October 20, 2003, Member Participation night

Sun, November 16, 2002, What's New In JewishGen and Items that you might find on vital records from the Russian Empire, Bob Wascou

Sun, December 21, 2003, Film Festival


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