Pittsburgh Area Lists and Statistics

Special Editions of the Jewish Criterion:

WW1 YMHA issue  

CRI June 17, 1919.  World War I YHMA Tribute.  

 Includes stories, lists, and photos of YMHA Board, 300 Servicemen.

WW2 Special Issue

 CRI September 24, 1943.  World War II Tribute.

 Includes stories, lists, and photos of 390 Servicemen and women .

Special Honor Roll from Cambria and Somerset Counties,

cities of Brownsville and New Castle.

Pittsburgh Area Synagogues and Jewish Organizations   1899   1919

Western Pennsylvania Synagogues and Jewish Organizations  1919 

Population Statistics:

10 US Cities with Largest Jewish Populations  1918

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Jewish Population Growth  1830-1990

Jewish Population by City/Town - 1877, 1905, 1907, 1912  Pennsylvania   Ohio   West Virginia    

Jewish Population of Western PA Cities  1927

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