Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye
to everyone in JewishGenLand


From this day henceforth and until the stroke of midnight on December 31st , wherever such clock shall be ensconcedthe month of December 2001 shall be formally known as;  

Bernard Israelite Kouchel Month

Such honor bestowed upon our friend and loyal member of the JewishGen Board for his illustrious service rendered over a long and productive tenure and his accomplishments both outstanding and unforgettable to this virtual community.  


a) Finding and bringing forth many years ago the Glasgow based wizard, JewishGen's very own Harry Potter, in the form of Michael Tobias, who giveth us untold joy and mystical results with database upon database;

b) Creating the concept and developing JewishGen's InfoFiles which provideth more information than even the hungriest of us can possibly digest;

c) Introducing the Sefard Forum which instilleth in us the fact that there is more to being Jewish than Ashkenazi;

d) Possessing extraordinary vision with acronym after acronym being the first who recognizeth that WOWW is yet another way of spelling WOW since it is an abbreviation for "Where Once We Walked";

e) Putting a barely known county in Florida on the map when he foundeth The Jewish Genealogical Society of Broward County;

f) Being an integral part of helping manageth the phenomenal growth JewishGen has experienced during his 11 year tenure from 150 monthly sub'scribers' to well over 125,000 monthly sub'scribers';


g) Having the imagination and foresight that giveth to us one of the most popular projects ever enjoyed by JewishGenn'ers the world over……

 Therefore, in grateful acknowledgement for his time, his efforts, his guidance, his spirit  and his energy and for the footprints he has left throughout JewishGen, it is hereby decreed that this creation, forever more, from this day forward be known to all and sundry as


by order of the Board who herein under set its seal:

Susan E. King
Mila Begun
Warren Blatt
Joseph Miller
Gary Mokotoff
Carol W. Skydell