Novogroduk Uyezd Jewish Records Project

Project Name: Novogroduk Uyezd Jewish Records Project

Project Leaders
Gregory Oken

Ruth Silver

Project Synopsis

The JewishGen Belarus SIG will be obtaining records for Jewish families from the Novogroduk Uyezd (district), Minsk Gubernia, in present-day Belarus.  A variety of records from a variety of sources will be researched.  Examples of the types of records that we hope to obtain are: Jewish community records, census lists, voter lists, vital records, and Holocaust-era name lists.

Examples of the locations for which records will be sought include, but are not limited to: Novogroduk (Nowogródek), Lyakhavichy (Lachowicze), Dyzatlava (Zdzięcioł), Baranavichy (Baranowicze), Gorodishche (Horodyszcze), Karelichy (Korelicze), Stowbtsy (Stołpce), Lyubcha (Lubcz), Vyselyub (Wsielub), and smaller shtetlach in between.

Key Audiences

The key audience for this project are people whose ancestors lived in the area covered by the former Nowogródek Voivodship of the Second Polish Republic (1919-1939), or the Novogrudok district (uyezd) of Minsk Guberniya of the pre-1918 Russian Empire.

Project Importance

Few records are currently available to those researching Jewish families from the region of the former Novogrudok Uyezd and Nowogródek Voivodships in the area just southwest of Minsk.  This area, which was never a cradle of prosperity, was oft overlooked by those emigrating who shorthand “Minsk” as their place of origin, or refer to the area between “Minsk and Pinsk”, rather than identify one of the hardscrabble towns or shtetlach of this project.  As such, this undertaking will seek to fill the gaps in many of our family genealogies.

Project Description

Professional researchers and volunteers will extract data from primary sources, translate them into English, and enter the data into the familiar spreadsheet templates provided by JewishGen.  The database will then be checked for accuracy  Once those tasks are complete, JewishGen will integrate the new data into the JewishGen Belarus Database.

Estimated Cost: $3000-$30,000, depending on the type and number of records available.


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