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Ministers of the Congregation

Kindly provided by the West London Synagogue and produced with its permission.
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To view a short profile of any one of the undermentioned ministers,
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(To view the full list of all such profiles, listed alphabetically together with profiles of other
non-orthodox ministers who served more than one UK congregation, click on the name of any minister.)

The Rev. Professor David Woolf Marks
Senior Minister 1840-1893


The Rev. Albert Lwy
Second Minister 1842-1892


The Rev. Philip Magnus
Assistant Minister 1866-1880


The Rev. Isidore Harris
Assistant Minister 1881-1925

The Rev. Morris Joseph
Senior Minister 1893-1930

The Rev. Vivian Simmons
Assistant Minister 1913-1942

Rabbi Dr. Joel Blau
Assistant Minister 1924-1927

Rabbi Harold F. Reinhart
Senior Minister 1929-1957

Rabbi Bruno Italiener
Assistant Minister 1941-1949

Rabbi Curtis Cassell
Second Minister 1948-1957

Rabbi Andre Ungar
Assistant Minister 1952-1955

Rabbi Louis J. Cashdan

Assisted 1939-1942

Rabbi Hermann Schreiber
Assisted 1941

Rabbi Arthur Katz
Assisted 1942-1947

Rabbi Michael Curtis
Assisted 1948-1971

Rabbi Alan Miller
Assisted 1955-1959

Rabbi Stanley Dreyfus
Assisted 1949

Rabbi John Levi
Assisted 1957-1958

Rabbi Bernard Heller
Assisted 1957

Rabbi Harold Saperstein
Assisted 1957: 1980/81: 1982/83


Rabbi Werner Van Der Zyl
Senior Minister 1958-1968

Rabbi Michael Leigh
Assistant Minister 1958-1963

Rabbi Hugo Gryn
Assistant Minister 1964-1968

Rabbi Wolfe Kelman

Assisted 1957-1958

Rabbi Shamai Kanter
Assisted 1958

Rabbi Ignaz Maybaum
Assisted 1958

Rabbi Charles Berg
Assisted 1958

Rabbi E.S. Rosenblum
Assisted 1958

Rabbi Marim D. Charry
Assisted 1960-1962

Rabbi Hugo Gryn
Senior Minister 1968-1996  Died in Office


Rabbi Michael Goulston
Assistant Minister 1968-1972
Died in Office

Rabbi Thomas Salamon
Assistant Minister 1972-1975

Rabbi Mrs Jacqueline Tabick
Associate Minister 1975-1999

Rabbi A. Daniel Smith
Associate Minister 1977-1982

Rabbi William Wolff
Associate Minister 1984-1986

Rabbi Robert Shafritz
Associate Minister 1987-1993

Rabbi Sonny Herman
Assisted 1969

Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok
Assisted 1972-1974

Rabbi Henry Goldstein
Assisted 1973

Rabbi Lionel Blue
Assisted 1974-1977

Rabbi Reuven Silverman
Assisted 1974

Rabbi Colin Eimer
Assisted 1975-1976


Rabbi Allen Podet
Assisted 1976/77: 1986/87


Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman
Assisted 1981-1982


Rabbi Larry Tabick
Rabbi Larry Tabick
Assisted 1990

Rabbi Mark Winer
Senior Rabbi 1998-2010



Rabbi Helen Freeman
Rabbi 1999-2010
Principal Rabbi 2010-2020
later Co-Senior Rabbi




Rabbi Sybil Sheridan
Rabbi 2014-2020





Rabbi Emily Reitsma-Jurman
Rabbi Emily Reitsma-Jurman
Associate Rabbi 1 Jan 2021






Rabbi David Mitchell
Rabbi 2011-2020
later Co-Senior Rabbi


Rabbi Neil Janes
Rabbi 2015-2020








Rabbi Michael Farbman
Assistant Rabbi 2001-2004

Rabbi Roderick Young
Assistant Rabbi 2004-2006

Rabbi Josh Levy
Assistant Rabbi (Education)2004-2008

Rabbi Malcolm Cohen
Assistant Rabbi 2006-2009

Rabbi Danny Burkeman
Assistant Rabbi 2009-2011

Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers
Rabbi 2009-2013

Rabbi Benji Stanley
Assistant Rabbi 2013-2014

Rabbi Gershon Silis
Assistant Rabbi January 2021

Rabbi Julia Neuberger DBE
(Baroness Neuberger)

Senior Rabbi 2011-2020
Rabbi Emerita 2020-


Rabbi Helen Freeman
Co-Senior Rabbi 1 Apr 2020 -

Rabbi David Mitchell
Co-Senior Rabbi 1 Apr 2020 -



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