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Seacombe Synagogue

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Seacombe (population about 15,000) is a district of the town of Wallasey on the northwest corner of the Wirral peninsula in northwest England and is situated on the western side of the River Mersey, opposite Liverpool. It was part of county borough of Wallasey, geographically in the county of Cheshire, until 1974 when Wallasey was incorporated into the newly-formed metropolitan borough of Wirral in the metropolitan county of Merseyside. In 1986, Wirral became a unitary authority, when the metropolitan county of Merseyside lost its administrative status, becoming purely a ceremonial county

Seacombe Jewish Community

There were a few Jewish residents of Wallasey from at least the middle of the nineteenth century, although it was not until the early twentieth century that organised Jewish congregations were established in the town, including Seacombe Synagogue (see below), now defunct. See also Wallasey Hebrew Congregation (dealt with separately).

Congregation Data


Seacombe Synagogue


In 1910 it was announced that regular Shabbat services would be held at 4 Demense Street, which was also to be used for the new Hebrew and religious classes. Services for the high holy days were held in hired halls: in 1910 at the Egremont Institute, Tobin Street.(ii)
However, according to Jewish Year Books, services were held at 79 Brighton Street, Seacombe, Wallasey, from about 1910 to about 1915.(iii)


Founded in 1909.(iv) In 1911, the community extended its services to residents at New Brighton, Egremont and Liscard in addition to Seacombe.(v)

Date Closed:

Closed about 1915.(ix)


Ashkenazi - Orthodox


None known.


none known.

Lay Officer:

President - J. Mandell from 1909 until about 1915(x)

Treasurer - Mr. B. Rubin in and about 1910(xi)

Hon. Secretary - Mr. H. Berliner in and about 1910(xi)

Registration District (BMDs):

See registration district details on Wirral home page

Other Communal Institutions:

Seacombe Hebrew & Religious Classes - opened in about November 1910 at 4 Demesne Street, Seacombe, for the Jewish boys of the district. The president was Mr. P. Liverman.(xiv)

A Literary and Social Society was active in Seacombe in 1915.(xv)

Cemetery Details

There is no Jewish cemetery in Seacombe, nor elsewhere in Wirral.

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