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Pedlars' Certificates Exeter 1871-74


2 Ann Levy Market St

6 Susan Hart New Town

7 Moses Hart New Town

24 Aaron Israel Synagogue Place

47 Harris Wolfe Rack St

93 Isaac Shapiro Eardy St

119 Samuel Epstein North St

180 Abraham Kestenberg Birmingham

183 Esther Israel Synagogue Place

308 Aaron Israel Mary Arches St

326 Jacob Simons Rack St



1 Moses Lazarus Market St

15 Israel Roseman Mary Arches St

23 Aaron Israel Synagogue Place

24 Abraham Jacobs Market St

35 David Cohen Mary Arches St

37 Susan Hart New Town

39 Harris Woolfe West St

40 Aaron Aarons Waterbeer St

71 Ann Levy Market St

164 Isidore Dufner Sidwell Terrace [?]



16 Jacob Simons Preston St



2 Aaron Israel Synagogue Place

11 Jacob Roseman Mary Arches St

14 Harris Woolfe West St

16 David Cohen Mary Arches St

26 Aaron Aarons Waterbeer St

34 Jacob Israel Mary Arches St

50 Ann Levy Market St

69 Solomon Bach Paragon Place [?]



1 Leopold Wehrle Fore St [?]

2 Isidore Dufner Sidwell Terrace [?]

19 Moses Hart Summerland St

22 Jacob Simons Preston St



8 Jacob Israel Mary Arches St

9 Susan Hart Summerland St

17 David Cohan Mary Arches St

27 Aaron Aarons Waterbeer St


7 Isidore Dufner Summerland St

8 Leopold Wehrle Fore St


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