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AJ/168/3 [MSS/219] Congregational Ledger commencing September 1827  

This is a transcript of the manuscript index to the ledger; additions in brackets are from the later ledger pages.

Names [not always surname first]

Abraham Abraham Liverpool

Abrahams [Mr] E. A.

Alexander J[oh]n

Alexander Alex[ande]r

Eleazer Alexander

Alexander Alexr

Alexander Levy

Angel Charles

Aaron Mrs A.

[Mrs S. Aaron]

Cohen Hyman [senior]

Cohen [Mr] Laz[aru]s

Cohen Simon [Mr Simeon] [P.]

Cohen Hyam junr

Cohen Gershon

Cohen Joseph

Cohen Andrew

Davis Samuel

Davis [Mr] Morris [Moses, Maris]

Davis Hyam

Ezekiel E. B. Newton

Ezekiel Henry

Ezekiel Benj[ami]n

Ezekiel [Miss] Kitty

[Betsy Ezekiel]

Emanuel Lewis [of London]

Franklin Lewis

Franklin David

Green Solomon

Hart Abraham

Hart Moses

Hynes Myer

Hart Mordecai

Harris Henry Teignmouth

Jonas Benj[ami]n [Teignmouth] [Benjamin Jonas Senior Exeter] [junior]

Jonas Jonas [Newton]

[Esther Jacobs]

Jacobs [Mr] Jacob

Jacobs Morris [Marris]

Johnson Moses

Jonas [Jones] Myer

Joseph [Mr] B.[endix] from Bath

[Mr] Joseph from Falmouth

Mr James

Mr Barrow Jonas Exeter [Barroy]

Benjamin Jonas Exeter

Edward Jonas

Jacobs [Jacob] senr

Jacobs Emanuel

Isaac Joseph

Levy Simon

Levy Mrs [St Thomas]

Lazarus Ele[aze]r

Lazarus [Mr] David

[Grace Lazarus]

Levy Jos[ep]h

Lyons Joseph

Levy Solomon

Levender [Mr Levander Dentist, Lavender]

Mr Lewis

Lazarus David

Lazarus Moss

Lazarus Isaac

Levi Joseph

Levi John

Henry Morris

Marks Joseph

Marks Samuel

Nathan Solomon

Nathan Mich[ae]l

Phillips Mrs

Parish David

Isaac Solomon

Solomon Jacob

Solomon Josiah senr

Solomon Josiah junr

Solomon Woolf

Silverstone [Israel]

Solomon [Mr] N[athan] [Naphtali]

Silver Jonas [Silva]

Schultz Lewis

Solomon Myer

Simmons Joseph

Solomon Isaac

Woolf Benj[ami]n

Woolf Woolf


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