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Laws of the EHC 1823 and Waste Minutes 1838-1844
(Susser Archive)


When meetings are to be held etc
Appointing -----gabai and shlosha anashim
Ba'alei bais must Vote Pro or Con
Ba'alei bais Sons and shtatmen claiming right of ba'alei bait
Ba'alei bais leaving Exeter to settle, and returning again
Terms on which the gabai may furnish a shtat
Defaulters in kehila's Books
If has vehalila any ba'alei bais should die or leave Exeter those that are eligible to be nominated to fill up such vacancy - Mode of Balloting, etc.
In case of any disturbance in shul
How sforim or clei hakodesh are to be Admitted in shul
Segan who may claim and when to be presented
Printed notices to be sent for olei latorah
hasan torah and hasan bereishis when to be drawn, etc.
What sum the gabai and shlosha anashim may give to the poor

P. 3
Those that are obliged to be members of hevra ts' loni'im
The gabai nor shlosha anashim cannot write on any subject, etc.
Those that must keep pletin etc
When children are to be allowed in shul etc.
What sum the new gabai may have in hands
At what time persons must not resign their aliah
Person having disputes, etc.
How the hazan must appear in shul
Sons claiming their Fathers shtat. Rights on shtet becoming Vacant.
None but the rabi must posken in shul
The gabai with shlosha anashim must provide a sukkah etc.
At what time you may be musaf
Ba'alei bais may claim to see the takanah Book etc
Two of one family cannot serve offices the same time.

p. 4
Right of tefilah and honours in shul
Minute Book to be kept and for what purpose
No person has a right to sit on a Vacant shtat except on certain Terms.
Making use of any Improper Language at any of kehila's meetings
Certain sums that persons must shnodder on being oleh torah
When Usage and Precedence are to be adverted (sp.) to
Three Register Books to be kept - for what purpose
Responsibility of the gabai and shlosha anashim

- 38 - 39 - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43 - 44 - 45
Regulation for the Government of the tikun beis hahayim Burial ground.
For all expenditure[s] above one pound, Receipts must be produced by the gabai
Additional, for the election of gabai and shlosha anashim
Regulations regarding simhas torah and purim

Ekseter hoshanah rabah '584 Exeter Sep. 20, 1823

p. 1
The ba'alei bais of the kehilah of Exeter, taking into their consideration the state of their takanos are unanimously of opinion, they require translating into English, revising and adding many new takanos, for the future Government and Regulation of the kehilah, do appoint Mr. Henry Ezekiel, Mr. Eleazer Lazarus and Mr. Simon Levy, to form a Committee, to draw up a new set of takanos to be submitted to a special general meeting of the ba'alei bais for their approval.

November 30, 1823 4 hanukah '584

At this quarterly meeting the new takanos being read and unanimously approved of, the old takanos were cancelled and made null and void, and the new takanos ordered to be acted upon from this day.

p. 7 5
If any ba'alei bais should leave Exeter to settle, may on his paying 5 shillings annually and being clear in kahal's Books, regain his ba'alei bais and hazakas hakehilah but must class as junior ba'al bais and shtatmen in all rights and ceremonies - persons not paying annually and on returning wishes to regain his ba'al bais must pay ten shillings and six pence for each year he has been absent and be clear in kahal's Books.

The gabai on application may furnish any person with a vacant shtat on paying ten shillings and six pence for half year in advance and five shilling half year advance to the tikun beis hahayim Fund always subject to the approval of kahal at the next quarterly meeting.

p. 9 7
Any ba'al bais who does not pay kahal's bills annually, three months notice will be given him by the gabai, after such time being expired and the bill not paid, he will then be suspended from being a ba'al bais loses his aliah and cannot buy a mitzvah, and if not paid by the end of three years, he forfeits all claim to hazakas hakehilah and shtat And every shtatman who does not pay his bills agreeable to this takanah loses his aliah and cannot buy a mitzvah and if not paid in three years forfeits all claim to hazakas hakehilah and shtat.
In case has vehalilah any ba'al bais should die or go from Exeter to settle, such member or members vacancy may be filled up by shtatman that are eligible agreeable to takanah 4 and 7, and he or they must be duly proposed and seconded at the shabos nahamu quarterly meeting in each year, but not balloted for until the succeeding quarterly meeting which is hoshanah rabah and three Black Balls to exclude him. On being admitted, to pay one guinea enterance.

p. 11 9
The gabai or the other Officers acting as such, is to have the sole regulation and Government of the shul during Divine service, and should any person or persons create noise or disturbance of any kind, and after the gabai or other officers shall have requested him or them to desist, and he or they should still continue to disturb the or congregation, there shall be a fine of first offence 2/6, second 5/- and after this if necessary the gabai or those acting in his place may call in a constable and treat him or them as the act directs, being protected by the Bishop's License.


No clei hakodesh vesefer or any Article whatever can be admitted in shul except it is a free gift to the kehilah for their use forever, which must be entered in the Minute Book, for which they will receive a mi shebarachin shul.

p. 13 18
On rosh hashanah and yom kippur no Boys can be allowed to be brought in shulunder six years of age, such notice to be called out in shul by the rabi every gvor bris morning, and all boys that are allowed to attend shul must be kept in order by their parents, or friends, and on non compliance the gabai or shlosha anashim must order them out of shul for that day; the officers have the same power any time of the year, and any one who acts in opposistion to be fined 2/6 for each offence. No Girls under the age of 12 years to be allowed in the veiber shul on rosh hashanah and yom kippur and no females at all to be suffered in the men's shul.

The new gabai on coming into office may have thirty pounds in hand, and all sums exceeding such amount - say not less than ten pounds - must be placed in the Bank on an interest note in the name of the old and new gabaim.

p. 15 20
No person can on rosh hashanah and yom kippur resign his aliah to any other, but at any other time of the year he may, in favour of any particular friend with the consent of the gabai and shlosha anashim, in which case the person honoured with such aliah must be called up the last before maftir.

Should any person have any disputes in money or other matters on both parties agreeing and entering into arbitration bond or a proper mashcan and on their applying to the gabai for such purpose, he the gabai is obliged to call a kahal's meeting to try such dispute, and their decision to be final.

The hazan must not be in shul in time of service without his Mantell Biff and Hat, subject to a fine of 2/6 for each offence.

p. 17 23
If has vehalilah any ba'al bais should die or leave Exeter, the eldest son, or next son in rotation may claim his Father's shtat, but must pay all debts his father owes in kahal's Books, and must himself be no defaulter.
And all other stat that become vacant by death or removal, the senior members of the shul rotation may claim such shtet by sending a written application to that effect to the gabai within three months after such death or removal, but must themselves be no defaulter in kahal's Books.

No person but the rabi on any occasion shall be allowed to posken in shul.

The gabai with shlosha anashim must provide and fit up a decent sukkah in the shul yard, every year at the expense of kahal.

p. 19 26
The gabai nor segan cannot be musaf more than one person every shabas nahamu but none at any other time of the year, without the consent of kahal.

Any ba'al bais by calling on the gabai may request to read the takanah Book, which cannot be refused, but must not be taken away.

No gabai tsedakah can hold two offices at one time nor can two of one family form shlosha anashim.

No person can be allowed to serve any tefilah on yamim nora'im without the consent of kahal, nor can the gabai or shlosha anashim take away any tefilah or other honours from any person who has officiated for three successive years, without an order from kahal.

p. 21 30
A Minute Book must be kept, in which all matters that are order[e]d to be enter[e]d must be read by the secretary before each meeting dissolved, likewise the first thing at the next succeeding meeting, and all such intries (sp.) to be held equally binding with the takanot.

No person has a right to sit on any shtat that is let, without a written order to that effect from the occupier, and all vacant shtat to be under the control of the gabai, for the benefit of the tsedakah.

Any ba'al bais making use of improper language at any of kahal's meetings, after being called to order by the gabai, shall be fined 5/- for first offence, 10/- for second Do, and if he still persists shall be fined one guinea and be suspended from kahal for a limited time.

p. 23 33
Any person being oleh latorah must shnodder as follows viz on a gut shabos 1/-, yom tov 2/-, rosh hashanah and yom kippur 3/-.
In all cases where these takanos do not treat of, usage and precedent must be adverted to.

There be 3 Register Books kept in kahal's box. Viz one for births of all children born from members belonging to the kahalah one for marriages; and one for deaths.

The gabai or those acting for him, are in all cases responsible to kahal. If these takanos are not impartially acted upon, and put in full force, and to all future takanos that may officially be added in this Book.

p. 25 37
Regulations for the government of the tikun beis hahayim

The gabai or those acting for him cannot give permission to the gabai tikun beis hahayim for the interment of any person who is indebted in kahal's Books, or to any stranger, without the consent of kahal, and in case the gabai tsedakah or shlosha anashim are not in town, those acting in their place, must have access to kahal's account books, to ascertain what amount is due.
If the gabai tsedakah or those acting for him should give permission to allow any body to be interred without being clear in kahal's Books, those that give such orders for interment, must themselves pay the amount that such person or persons stand indebted.

p. 27 38
There be a gabai tikun beis hahayim chosen every kahal's meeting on hol hamo'ed pesach to serve the office for one year, the old gabai to nominate one candidate, and the gabai tsedakah another, to be determined by ballot: the ba'al bais elected refusing to accept the office, to pay fine of one guinea, but not bound to serve again for 3 years; persons serving the office are exempt for 5 years.

Every person who has a shtat in shul must pay 10 shillings per year towards an accumulating fund for the purchase of burying ground, to be collected quarterly, and if not paid at the expiration of one year, to be considered as having relinquished their shtat. The money received to be paid in the hands of the gabai tikun beis hahayim and by him delivered over to such trust that kahal may appoint for the purpose of being placed in the Exeter Saving Bank.

p. 29 40
The gabai tikun beis hahayim shall not have power to lay out in repairs or other improvements on the beis hahayim more than 5 pounds in one year, without the sanction of kahal which must be discharged by the gabai tsedakah, likewise all expences attending sickness, funerals, watching, minyan and all other incidental expenses must be discharged by the gabai tsedakah, the vouchers being signed by the gabai tikun beis hahayim.

When parties defunct are known to be poor the gabai tikun beis hahayim must provide a hearse, and if he chooses one mourning coach, but where the expences of funerals are not paid from the tsedakah friends of the parties may make what arrangements they please, so they do not infringe on these takanos.

p. 31 42
If has vehalilah any member of the kehilah or any of their family should die, the gabai tikun beis hahayim must provide minyan for shiva and 2 watchmen on the beis hahayim for three successive nights, to be taken by ballot from every member - persons drawn for minyan or watching refusing to serve or finding a proper substitute, the gabai tikun beis hahayim must provide the name at the expence of the persons drawing.
Should any resident who has not the means of being a member of the kehilah die shall be entitled to the same kavod.

The rabi at every levoyah funeral must attend with his Hat, Mantel and Biff, in non-compliance to pay a fine of 10/6 each time, and is to be under the sole control of the gabai tikun beis hahayim as far as relates to that department.

p. 33 44
Agreeable to the customs of London by order of the Rav, alle kavod vos on belongt tsu dem mes must take place in the house when the mes is metuyar [?] and not on the beis hahayim.

In case has vehalilah of any death, the gabai tikun beis hahayim must apply to the gabai tsedakah or those acting for him, for permission in writing for interment, and in non-compliance with this takanah the gabai tikun beis hahayim to pay a fine of not les than TEN GUINEAS.

The gabai tsedakah is obliged to request the attendance of the shlosha anashim every hoshanah raba evening, to audit his accounts, and for all monies paid above one pound, they must inspect the receipts or be answerable themselves; if at any future time there should be a second demand made.

p. 35 47
No ba'al bais can be nominated to fill the office of gabai tsedakah without being clear in kahal's Books. The gabai and shlosha anashim shall each nominate one ba'al bais (who is elegible) to hold the office of gabai tsedakah for the succeeding year, and the old gabai and shlosha anashim with the senior ba'al bais do each nominate a ba'al bais to fill the office of shlosha anashim for the ensuing year.

simchas torah
Children under bar mitzvah may have flags or banners in shul but not any lights fixed to them - nothing to be thrown down from the veiber shul nor any liquor, wine or cakes to be given in shul. All persons (but children under bar mitzvah) to keep their seats, subject to a fine of half a crown for non-compliance.
While the hazan is reading the megilah no person above bar mitzvah is to make any noise in shul neither with hammers or any other way what ever under a fine of five shillings. Public written notice of these takanos (orders) to be placed in a conspicuous part of the shul before each festival.

p. 36 45
At a meeting held at the Vestry room on the 16th day of Nisan 5608 by the seat holders, Mr. Lazarus the President of the congregation was unanimously elected to the Chair.
It is proposed by Mr. Lewis Lazarus and seconded by Mr. H. Solomons that a subscription be entered into in aid of the fund for securing the old burying ground and purchasing a new piece of ground for the same purpose.

Mr. Joseph Levi proposed and Mr. Samuel Lazarus seconds, that any subscribtion towards this fund may be paid by weekly subscriptions of not less then 6 d.p. per week.

Mr. M. Lazarus proposed and Mr. Harris seconds that a comittee of five be appointed to carry the above resolutions into effect and to make every enquiry connected with the subject.


Mr. A. Alexander
Mr. M. Lazarus
Mr. I. Marks
Mr. I. Levi
Mr. M. David
Mr. Joseph Levi was elected treasurer

Subscriptions Entered by Members Present

In the hands of President 66. 0. 0. of burial ground
" Debts 10. 0. 0.

Congregation money 20. 0. 0.
Expected as a year's

Cash in hand 10. 0. 0.
Mr. Bn Jonas 2. 0. 0.
Mr. I. Lazarus 5. 0. 0.
Mr. I. Marks 3. 3. 0.
Mr. M. Lazarus 3. 3. 0.
Mr. L. Lazarus 3. 3. 0.
Mr. I. Harris 2. 0. 0.
Mr. M. Solomon 3. 3. 0.
Mr. S. Lazarus 3. 3. 0.
Mr. John Alexander 1. 11. 6.
Mr. A. Alexander 3. 3. 0.
Mr. Joseph Levi 3. 3. 0.
Mr. I. Silverstone 11. 6.
Mr. S. Harris 1. 1. 0.
Mr. D. Lazarus, Jnr. 1. 5. 0.
Miss N. Lazarus 1. 5. 0.
Mr. E. Jacobs 3. 3. 0.
Mr. Wm. Woolf 10. 6.
Mr. H. Davis 3. 3. 0.

Mr. Barnett Jonas 1. 1. 0.


Adjourned Meeting 29th Oct[obe]r 5598
Members present Mr. Alex[ande]r Alexander Warden Chairman, Mr. H. Cohen Sen[io]r, Mr. J. Marks, Mr. Lewis Schulz, H. Cohen Jun., Mr. Davis, A.G. Abraham, D. Lazarus, Mr. Hart, Woolf Solomon - Mr. J. Alexander. Members absent: Mr. I[saa]c Solomon (ill) (excused), Mr. E. Lazarus - absent.

Mr. J. Marks Moses seconded by Mr. M. Davis and unanimiously (sp.) agreed to that the following letter be sent to Mr. E. Lazarus...

Ordered that the gabai rent any small house or rooms as near the shul as can [be] obtained to the amount of seven pounds per year for Mrs. E. Ezekiel of Newton and that he be requested to wait on the ladies of Exeter in order to raise a weekly subscription for her support.

Unamiously (sp.) agreed that in order that Mr. Naphtali Solomon be considered a seat holder from the date entered in the Book, he must pay all arrears of the [] up to the present date..

Mr. Alex Alexander proposes, seconded by Mr. I. Alexander that a respectable headstone be erected for the late [] alav hashalom. Agreed by kahal not to exceed 30/-.

The letter of Mr. B. Ezekiel's of Tiverton relative to a commutation of the meat tax having been read thekahal determined that his request cannot be acceded to.

Mr. A. Alexander proposes that should it be shown to kahal that the wife of any member makes use of any other bath but the mikva attached to the shul shall be fined one guinea.

Unanimously agreed to.

On reading Mr. E. Lazarus' letter in answer to the one just sent him, it was proposed by Mr. M. Davis, seconded by Mr. J. Marks that the kahal do proceed forthwith to elect a junior shlosha anashim in place of Mr. E. Lazarus.

For it Against it
Mr. A. Alexander Mr. Lewis Schults
" H. Cohen, Senior " Woolf Solomon
" D. Lazarus
" A. E. Abrahams
" M. Davis
" I. Alexander ed. note: [J.?]
" M. Hart
" J. Mark
" H. Cohen, Junior

Mr. D. Lazarus as [] proposed Mr. A.E. Abrahams as a fit and proper person to serve the office of shlosha anashim for the ensuing year. Mr. H. Cohen Senior proposed Mr. Lewis Shults (sp.?) as a fit and proper person to serve the office of shlosha anashim for the ensuing year.

For Mr. A.E. Abrahams For Mr. Lewis Schults
Mr. D. Lazarus Mr. A. Alexander
" J. Alexander Mr. H. Cohen Senior
" H. Cohen Junior " M. Davis
" Lewis Schults " A.E. Abrahams
" J. Marks
" W. Solomon
" M. Hart

Mr. Lewis Schults is elected by a majority of 7 to 4 to serve the office of shlosha anashim for the ensuing year. Order[e]d that this meeting do adjourn till 4 o'clock p.m.

Adjourned Meeting Sunday Afternoon 29th Oct[obe]r
Moved that the gabai's Mr. A. Alexander account with the congregation up to hoshanah rabah [] be received. Moved that the account of the committee for conducting the building of the shul be received and that each member present at this meeting do attach their signatures thereunto.

Mr. H. Davis applied for seat no. 3 allotted to him
Mr. L. Schults applied for seat no. 7 allotted to him
Mr. J. Lazarus applied for seat no. 45 allotted to him

The gabai having read over the debts of individuals from the ledger requests to know whether he is to act up to Law No. 18 - Mr. L. Schults proposed and seconded by Mr. H. Cohen Senior that the do give the 3 months notice in accordance with Law 18 as an amendment. Mr. J. Marks proposes that it stand over til the next quarterly meting, seconded by Mr. Woolf Solomon.

For the amendment: Against:

Mr. A.E. Abraham Mr. A. Alexander
" D. Lazarus " M. Davis
" J. Alexander " H. Cohen, Senior
" H. Cohen, Junior " L. Schults
" J. Marks
" W. Solomon

Notice that Mr. Marks will propose that in the event of the members of the kahal wishing to discharge the hazan etc that it be necessary to have two thirds of the members then there present in favour of such proposition, instead of a majority only.

Notice that Mr. Alexander Alexander will propose the augmentation of salary to M.L. Green be brought forward for consideration at the pesah meeting [].

Special Meeting Nov. 13th 5598
Members present Mr. A. Alexander, Warden Chairman; Messrs. Lewis Schults, D. Lazarus, M. Hart, H. Cohen Junior. Members absent Messrs. M. Davis, H. Cohen Senior, J. Marks. Absent members excused. The Warden stated the purpose of his convening the meeting to congratulate Sr. Moses Montefiore on his having been honored with Knighthood. Copy of address to be forwarded.

Mr. A. Alexander proposed, Mr. Lewis Schults seconded that an address of congratulation be forwarded the day after it being gazetted.

Mr. M. Davis Mr. A. Alexander
" H. Cohen Junior " Lewish (sp.?) Schults
" M. Hart " A. Alexander
Object to its being sent till
another meeting be held
for the purpose.

The numbers being equal, the Warden gave the casting vote. It is, therefore, carried that the address be sent the day after it is gazetted.

Quarterly Meeting December 24th 5598
Members present Mr. A. Alexander, Warden Chairmen, Mesrs. H. Cohen Senior, D. Lazarus, M. Davis, A.E. Abrahams, J. Marks, J. Silverstone, H. Cohen Junior, Lewis Schults. Members [absent] Mr. J. Solomon, Mr. M. Hart. Mr. J. Solomons having sent a sufficient apology was excused, Mr. M. Hart was declared fined.

Honourable Sir,

We have now sojourning with us a Mr. Bn Jonas, son of Mr. Jonas Jonas of Newton Bushel who has just returned in the country after an absence of 22 years. He is desirous of having an el mala rahamim made annually in this shul for his deceased parents.

We feel it our duty to remind the circumstances that led to some discussion at the time the deceased Mr. J. Jonas and Mrs. J. Jonas were living in as much as it was said that she was not made a gioret [?] by the sanction of the rav [] and beis din of London, but as we have not any doubt that the will be in possession of the circumstances relative thereunto, we need not enter into details.

We deem it proper to state that the said Mr. & Mrs. J. Jonas were interred on our ground in the regular row with the other deceased members of our congregation, sanctioned at that time by the members then present at a meeting held for the purpose. We also consider it necessary to name to the that the present Mr. Jonas, son of the deceased parties is living among us and conforming to the manners as our Holy religion.

We, therefore, beg of the [] to assist us with his valued opinion whether we ought to comply with the request of Mr. B. Jonas.

We individually and collectively beg to offer our best wishes for your health and happiness.

Revd. Sir
On behalf of the congregation.
Yours faithfully and respectfully
Signed M.L. Green Secretary
A. Alexander Warden.
P.S. It will particularly oblige our congregation if for your answer to us be sent us in English.

The above letter was unanimously agreed to.

Ordered that in the event of the sunscription (sp.) to the relief of Mrs. Ezekiel of Newton amounting to 5/- per week, the gabai do discontinue the present payment to her from kahal viz. 2/6 per week.

Ordered that the documents, books, etc. sent by the Registrar of Marriage for this congregation shall be considered their property and they shall pay the charges incurred for the same. The Registrar shall also be required to produce the books at the quarterly meetings of kahal.

Notice: Mr. M. Davis will at the next quarterly meeting propose that no letter touching kahal's Business be written unless signed by the Secretary and countersigned by the Warden.

Mr Silverston gives notice that he will propose at the next quarterly meeting that

Notice: That Mr. Marks will propose at the next quarterly meeting "That the question of discharging the hazan etc be not taken into consideration but at a quarterly meeting, and that a notice must be entered of such intention at a quarterly meeting previous[.] [A]lso that notice of such motion be given in writing to the country members and that 12 members must be present at such meeting.

Special Meeting April 8th 5398
Members present Mr A. Alexander warden, chairman, Messrs H. Cohen senior, L. Schultz, M. Davis, J. Marks, H. Cohen junior, W. Solomon, D. Lazarus, J. Alexander. Members absent Mr Silverston, Mr I. Solomons, Mr D. Lazarus excused. Ordered that a copy of the letter received an answer from the rav be entered in the minute book.

Resolved unanimously that a letter be written to the rav stating that there is at present among our members Mr H. Cohen senior and Mr D. Lazarus who remembers the circumstances alluded to by the rav, indeed Mr D. Lazarus was one of the persons who witnessed the teviah of Mr B. Jonas and that the rav is quite correct in his conjecture that it is the gentleman alluded to.

Ordered that in the event of Mr M. Hart and Mr Joseph Cohen applying for a seat this pesach that they take the seat which the gabai will apportion to him, and with respect to alios that they do not have their alios as usual, but their shall be after everyone of the present seatholders have been summoned as if they had commenced the occupancy of their seat from the present date for their having sent in their resignation of their seats by letter dated November 6th 5598.

The Congregation authorises the gabai to grant leave to Mr E. Lazarus to resume his tefilah in case of his applying by the first night Yom Tov if not the gabai applies for the tefilah which the kahal granted.

Quarterly Meeting Pesach [hol hamo'ed?]
Members present: Mr A. Alexander warden chairman, Mr M. Davis, Mr H. Cohen senior, Mr Lewis Schultz, Mr Moss Lazarus, Mr W. Solomon, Mr D. Lazarus, Mr H. Cohen junior, Mr J. Silverston, Mr A. E. Abraham, Mr J. Marks (came), Mr J. Alexander
Members absent: Mr Isaac Solomon, Mr M. Hart
Mr Moss Lazarus proposes seconded by Mr H. Cohen senior that notice be sent to Mr Isaac Solomon informing him that certain members having stated to kahal that from their knowledge he is in health, therefore will be fined for non attendance which will be enforced.
resolved unanimously. That notice shall be sent forthwith to the absent members that the fines for non attendance to the meetings of the congregation shall be strictly enforced, but in future no such notice will be given.

Proposed by Mr M. davis, seconded by Mr A. Alexander that no correspondence or communication respecting any business whatever connected with this congregation be carried on unless such correspondence or communication be signed by the secretary and countersigned by the warden for the time being - carried unanimously. Proposed by Mr H. Cohen junior, seconded by Mr H. Cohen senior, that all fines entered against absentees in the minute book prior to this meeting shall be cancelled, in consequence of a notice having been given this morning that all fined will be hereafter enforced.
Notice: Mr M. Davis will at the next quarterly meeting propose "That in future notice of meetings shall not be called out in shul but regular summonses sent to each member acquainting them of such meeting.
Ordered that a letter be written to the officers of the Portuguese synagogue, requesting payment of the expences incurred in the burial of Aaron Amzeleck a Portuguese jew, also for ground.
Mr M. Davis proposes, seconded by Mr A. Alexander that the question of any mention of salary to M. L. Green be taken into consideration at the next quarterly meeting.

Quarterly Meeting July 5th 5598 Sunday after shabat nachmu [?]
Members present: Mr A. Alexander warden chairman, Messrs H. Cohen senior, L. Schultz, M. Davis, H. Cohen junior, A. E. Abrahams, J. Silverston, M. Hart, W. Solomon, D. Lazarus.
Members absent: Messrs J. Solomon, E. Lazarus, A. Marks, J. Marks was excused from illness having sent a note to that effect.
The gabai presented a letter received from the Portuguese congregation Lndon, which it ordered to be entered in the minute book and an answer thereto be written by the gabai and secretary.
A letter was presented by the gabai received from the congregation at Newcastle requesting a subscription towards erecting a shul there. Ordered that an answer be written stating the state of our funds are exhausted from having been in considerable expense in rebuilding our own shul else would gladly have contributed something towards theirs.
The gabai presented the letter received from the rav ha"bdn [rosh beit din?] re answer respecting the e' m' r' [El male rachamim] which is ordered to be entered in the minute book. Ordered that the El male rachamim for the late Jonaj Jonas and Mrs Jonah Jonas be made separate and apart.
Proposed by Mr M. Davis, seconded by Mr A. Alexander, that in future notice of quarterly meetings shall not be called out in shul but regular sommonses sent to each member acquainting them of such meeting. Resolved unanimously.
Ordered that the question of augmentation of salary to M. L. Green cannot be taken into consideration at this meeting, the congregational funds cannot admit of it at present, that it stand over till the annual meeting. [?]
Notice: Mr M. Davis will at the annual meeting hbets [?] propose "That the laws be reprinted and that each member be furnished with a copy at their own expence.
Mr A. Alexander applied for the third time for the teki'at shofar on rosh hashana and yom kippur haba [?] - granted.
The gabai presented Mr E. Lazarus's letter requesting permission to resume his tefilos [?].
Mr M. Davis proposed, seconded by Mr H. Cohen junior, that the following answer be sent.
Sir, I am authorised by the congregation who are unanimous on the point, to state in answer to your application for your tefilos:
That it can not be taken into consideration at all, unless unless you withdraw your previous letters, wherein you resigned your tefilos and ba'al b[...].
The congregation meet again this afternoon at 3 o'clock when your answer is expected.
I am, Sir,
Yours faithfully,
Signed M. L. Green Secretary
Countersigned A. Alexander Warden

To Mr E. Lazarus
Bartholomew Street

Mr John Levi applied for the seat lately occupied by Dr Parish; to stand over till due notice of its being vacant be given.
Mr M. Lazarus applied for the seat lately occupied by Mrs Parish; ordered to stand over till due notice be given of its being vacant.
In accordance with the letter of kahal Mr E. Lazarus withdraws his letter dated 18th June 1837 wherein he resigned his tefilos and ba'al b[...].

Order of Tefilos for the ensuing yamim nora'im.
1st Day Rosh Hashanah
Shaharis Mr E. Lazarus
Musaf hazan

2nd Day Rosh Hashanah
Shaharis Mr Simon Levi
Musaf ditto [not clear of this means hazan or Simon Levi]

Mr E. Lazarus and Mr A. Alexander both applied for musaf yom 2 berosh hashanah. There were 7 for Mr Alexander and two for Mr E. Lazarus, therefore musaf on yom 2 berosh hashanah is granted to Mr A. Alexander.

Yom Kippur
kol nidre Mr E. Lazarus
shaharis Mr Simon Levi
musaf hazan
mincha Mr Simon Levi if not the hazan
ne'ilah Mr E. Lazarus and Mr A. Alexander both applied for this tefilah; the numbers were for Mr Alexander six, for Mr E. Lazarus three. Ne'ilah is therefore granted to Mr A. Alexander.
geshem [?] Mr A. Alexander

Proposed by Mr A. Alexander that Mr N. Solomons be admitted a ba'al habais at the next annual meeting in complying with the rules of the congregation; proposed by Mr A. Alexander that Mr Joseph Levi be admitted a ba'al bais at the next annual meeting in complying with the rules of the congregation. Ordered that Mr Hyam Davis be admitted a ba'al bais on his complying with the rules of the congregation.

Annual Meeting Wednesday the 11th October 5599 [1838]

Members present
Mr A. Alexander warden chairman
Mr Hyam Cohen senior
Mr Eleazar Lazarus
Mr Morris Davis
Mr A. E. Abraham
Mr Moses Hart
Mr John Alexander
Mr Lewis Schultz
Mr Israel Silverstone
Mr David Lazarus
Mr Hyam Cohen junior
Mr Wolf Solomon

Isaac Solomon
Out of Town
Joseph Marks

The accounts having been read, received by the members present and audited and signed by the officers, Mr Hyman Cohen senior and Mr Lewis Schultz.

Proposed by Mr E. Lazarus and seconded by H. Cohen junior that laws referring to gabai and shlosha anashim be resinded, and in lieu of the above officers that a parnas and gabai be elected to govern the kehila in future. The two oldest ba'al [...anashim?] are this day to propose the two officers eligible to serve. This permission only stands good until the enactment of a new and permanent law at the adjourned meeting until Sunday. Unanimously agreed.

H. Cohen senior proposes for parnas H. Cohen junior. E. Lazarus proposes Mr Davis for parnas.
For H. Cohen junior
H. Cohen senior
Lewis Schultz
D. Lazarus

For M. Davis
E. Lazarus
I. Silverstone
W. Solomon
M. Hart
A. E. Abraham
J. Alexander
A. Alexander

M. Davis elected by a majority of four.

Mr H. Cohen senior proposes for gabai tsedakah E. Lazarus.
Mr E. Lazarus propses Mr H. Cohen senior for gabai tsedakah
For H. Cohen senior

For E. Lazarus
Lewis Schultz
I. Silverstone
H. Cohen junior
D. Lazarus
W. Solomon
M. Hart
M. Davis
A. E. Abraham
J. Alexander
A. Alexander

Mr E. Lazarus unanimously elected gabai tsedakah.

Proposed by Mr E. Lazarus seconded by Mr H. Cohen senior that a vote of thanks be recorded to Mr A. Alexander for his able conduct in filling the duties of his office for the past year - carried unanimously.
Ordered that this meeting do adjourn till the ensuing Sunday at 10 for 11 o'clock a.m.

Adjourned meeting Sunday October 14th 5599

Members present: Mr A. Alexander warden chairman, Messrs M. Davis parnas [...], E. Lazarus gabai, H. Cohen senior, D. Lazarus, A. E. Abrahams, M. Hart, W. Solomon, L. Schultz, I. Silverston, H. Cohen junior.
Members absent: Mr J. Solomon.

Mr N. Solomon was ballotted in a ba'al bais of this congregation. Mr Joseph Levi was ballotted in a ba'al bais of this congregation. Mr A. Alexander had leave granted for the use of the room at the shul for this evening for a subscription tea party; granted. Mr E. Lazarus had leave granted for the use of the room at the shul for his daughter's hossona [wedding]. Granted.

Quarterly Meeting Sunday, december 11th, 5599

Members present: Mr M. Davis warden chairman, Messrs E. Lazarus treasurer, H. Cohen senior, A. Alexander, L. Schultz, H. Cohen junior, J. Marks, B. Solomon, J. Silverston.
Members absent: Mr J. Solomon excused from illness, Mr D. Lazarus fined. The rest of the members are out of town.
The warden submitted two letters received of Mr B. Ezekiel in answer to the circular sent him. Ordered that a copy of them be entered in the minute book.
Proposed by Mr E. Lazarus seconded by Mr - that Mr Simon Levy being at Jersey that law 18 be not enforced.
A letter was presented to the meeting from Mr N.Cohen asking to appoint one to attend levoyos hames [? = funeral] to deduct something off salary. Objected to entirely as being a cohen.
Ordered that the following letter be sent to the rav. [blank space]

Mr A. Alexander gives notice that the next quarterly meeting he shall propose that all official communications in future shall be written in the presence of the meeting and sent per post from thence.

Special Meeting January 13th 5599

Members present: Mr M. Davis warden chairman, Mr D. Lazarus treasurer, Mr A. Alexander, Mr D. lazarus, Mr W. Solomon, Mr L. Schultz, Mr H. Cohen senior, Mr J. Silverston, Mr H. Cohen junior, Mr J. Marks, Mr J. Alexander, Mr N. Solomon.
Members absent: Mr J. Solomon, Mr M. Hart.

The warden stated the purpose of the meeting. Mr A. Jacobs of Torquay called for the purpose of requesting the congregation to inter in their burial ground the remains of Isaac Pezman late of Orchard Terrace, Torquay. It was resolved that the following questions be asked Mr A. Jacobs through the chairman.
Question: Was Isaac Pezman late of Orchard Terrace, Torquay, married to the goyah to whom his property is left?
Answer: I am led to suppose from his having left his property to her in her maiden name that he cannot have been married to her as she could not administer for the property under that name but as Fanny Pezman. I have not seen the will myself, but speak from hearsay. As the copy of the will be in her possession today it could be ascertained for certainty.
Question: Will you undertake to see the will and report thereon.
Answer: In company with the secretary I will.
Ordered that the secretary do attend Mr Jacobs for that purpose at the time he may appoint.
Proposed by Mr D. Lazarus, seconded by Mr Marks, that in the event of finding the property left to the goyah in her maiden name Fanny Toms which will settle the important question that of his not having been married to the goyah, that fifty pounds be charged for interring the body to include all the usual burial expences; carried unanimously.
Proposed by Mr J. Marks, seconded by Mr E. Lazarus, that in the event of finding the property is left to the goyah in the name of Fanny Pezman, that it be reported to the meeting, who will assemble at the synagogue chambers to hear the same this afternoon at 3 o'clock precisely; carried unanimously.
Proposed by Mr A. Alexander, seconded by Mr J. Marks, that a vote of thanks be recorded to Mr A. Jacobs of Torquay for the attention paid to this case; carried unanimously.
Mr A. Jacobs reports that the will was not brought with from Torquay as expected, consequently the minute of this morning cannot be acted upon, but from a further communication of Mr A. Jacobs who says that he has elicited from the goyah as also from other quarters sufficient information to enable him to say with certainty that he was not married to the goyah and that the property in the will was left to her in her maiden name Fanny Toms.
Resolved unanimously that Mr A. Jacobs premises be relied upon, and that on the payment of fifty pounds the mes be permitted to be buried in our burial ground.
Ordered that the mes be buried min hatsad [on the side].
Ordered that the following letter be written to the rav.
Having sent you a letter about 3 weeks since and not having received any answer, we were in daily expectation of a shohet. Mr Green positively leaves next Thursday; you will therefore see the need of sending us some person immediately.
We are, Sir, You obedient and humble servants,
Signed M. Davis warden
E. Lazarus treasurer
Exeter January 13th 5599
To the Reverend Dr Herschell

Ordered that the rav rosh etc do have three pounds five shillings from the tsedakah.

Annual Meeting September 23rd 5600 yom de 1 dehol hamo'ed sukkos tav resh

[in progress]



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