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Accounts 1855-1932


MSS 222

Accounts 1855 - 1932




Names in Index [5628-5632]

Alexander, A.

Aarons, A.

Alexander, J.

Aaron, [Torquay]

Abrahams, Mrs

Abrahams, Mr M.

Abrahams, Miss

Barnard, Asher

Cohen, Isaac

Davis, Hyman

Davis, Morris

Davis, John

Davis, John


Elsner, Solomon

Hynes, Henry

Hynes, Judah

Hart, Morris

Jacobs, Emanuel

Jonas, Benjamin

Jonas, Barnet

Jacobs, Henry

Jonas, Miss B.

azarus, Moses

Lazarus, David

Lazarus, Mosley

Lazarus, Isaac [Birmingham]

Lazarus, Joseph [London]

Lazarus, Barnet

Myers, Benjamin Esq.

Myers, F.

Rothchild, Henry

Silverstone, Israel

Solomon, Myers

Solomon, Leon




Mr Woolf [Plymouth]; Mr Josephs [Birmingham]; Mr Stiebel [Dublin]; Mr Marks [London]; Mr Oppenheim [London]; Mr Cunitz [?] [Plymouth]; Mr S. Lyons [Birmingham]; Lawrence Alexander [Exeter]; Mr Philip Solomon [Coventry]; Mr J. Silverstone [Exeter]; Mr Abrahams [Coventry]; Leon Solomon esq [London]; Mr Greenberg [Birmingham]; Mr Lawrance Alexander; Mr John Silverston; Mr Isaac Silverstone; Mr Cunitz [Plymouth]; Mr Lionel Josephs [Birmingham]; Mr Lyons; Mr Oppenheim [London]; Mr Emanuel Jacobs; Mr Isaac Silverstone; Mr Symons; Mr Isaac Lazarus; Mr Jacobs [Paignton]; Mr Simmons [Plymouth]; Mr Wax; Mr Woolf [Plymouth]; Mr Samuels [London]; Mr Jacobs [Paignton]; Mr Barnet [Birmingham]; Mr Nathan [Cheltenham]; Mr Lyons [Birmingham]; Mr Lionel Josephs [Birmingham];



Mr Samuels [Rotterdam]; Mr Barnett [Birmingham]; Mr Lionel Josephs [Birmingham]; Mr Jacob Alexander [Exeter]; Mr Lawrence Alexander [Exeter; Mr Issachar Barnard [Exeter]; Mr John Silverston [Exeter]; Mr Basch [Plymouth]; Mr Greenburgh [Birmingham]; Mr Simmons [London]; Mr Isaac Silverston [Exeter]; Mr B. Abrahams [Coventry]; Mr Harris Solomon [Birmingham]; Mr Lawrence Alexander; Mr Lyons [Plymouth]; Mr Emanuel Jacobs [London]; Mr Openheim [London]; Mr Simms [Plymouth]; Mr Rosenstein [Plymouth]; Mr Daniel Myers [London]; Mr J. Silverston [Birmingham]; Mr Lions [Plymouth]; Mr Piccard [London]; Mr Myers [London]; Mr Israel Silverston [Birmingham]; Mr Montague Barnet [London]; Mr Hart [London]; Mr Piccard [London]; Mr Dythe; Mr Colman Davies; Mr Zamysky junior; Mr Greenberg; Mr Simmonds; Mr E. Jacobs.



Mr Rothschild [London]; Mr J. A. Alexander [Birmingham]; Mr Dyte [Cheltenham]; Mr Braham [Bristol]; Mr Cohen [Whitby]; Mr Abraham Woolf [Plymouth]; Mr Daniel Myers; Mr Nathan [Dover]; Mr E. Lazarus [London]; Mr Oppenheim [London]; Mr Smuckler [Exeter]; Mr Jacobs [Paignton]; Mr Aaronson [Brighton]; Mr Kaufman;


Mr Emanuel Jacobs; Mr Rosenberg [Plymouth]; Mr L. Sommers [London]; Mr Abrahams [Coventry]; Mr Ansel [London]; Mr J. Silverston [Birmingham]; Mr M. Silverstone [Birmingham]; Mr Cohen; Mr Barnett; Mr Hart; Mr D. & A. Solomon; Mr D.Myers [London]; Mr Lyons; Mr Lang; Mr Spiers; D. & A. Solomons; Lawrence Alexander; Mr Cunits; Mr Cohen; Mr Abrahams; Mr Josephs [Plymouth]; Mr Emmanuel [Portsmouth]; Mr Franklyn; Worms; Mr Henry Jacobs; Mr Dyte; Isaac Lazarus; Mr Lyons; Mr Stern; A. Hart Esq; Mr Lazarus [Dublin]; Dr Joel; Mr John Davis



Mr Marks [Swansea]; Mr Simmons; Mr Martin; Mr Vanderlyn; Mr D. Myers; J. Davis; Isaacs [Lyme]; Mr Myers Son of D. Myers; George Levi [London]; Myers junior son of D. Myers; Mr Oppenheim; J. Davis; A. Jacobs; Mr D. Myers; Mr Marks; Oppenheim; Mr Pickard; Mr Lowenthal senior; Mr Lowenthal junior; Mr Sloman [Bristol]; Mr Pickard; Mr Marks; Mrs Nathan; Mr Nathan Lazarus; Mr Alexander Jacobs; Mr Pickard; A. Jacobs [Torquay]



Woolf, Aaron





C. Samuels

S. Fredman

A. Hyams

J. Fredman [left the City]

College [left]

M. Hyams [left]

Mr Samuel Amster [left Town]

Mrs Zamowski

Conrad Samuels

Mr Lionel Lowenthal [left]

D. Fiddler

J. Simons [left]

Stranger's Seat Money

1895 Sep 17 Messrs Barnett Brothers 1 1 0

Stranger (American) 5 0

1896 Sep 18 Mr Latyn 10 0

Feb 25 A. B. Salmens Esq Hon Member 1/2 year's donation 1 1 0

1897 Feb 6 B. Salmon Esq Donation 1 1 0

one years subscription 2 2 0

1898 Mar 26 One years subscription 2 2 0

Donation 1 1 0


Stranger's Offerings


1895 Mar 17 Mr L. Dight Birminham 2 6

May 11 Mr B. Cohen 2 6

Mr H. Cohen 2 6

18 Mr M. Cohen 1 0

Jun 8 Mr M. Hyams 2 6

10 Mr Harris (Liverpool) 5 0

Jul 30 Dr H. Adler 10 6

Sep 21 Mr J. Franks 1 0

Mr Solomon 1 0

26 Mrs Mosely (London) for Yiskar on Yum Kippur 2 2 0

Mr Markin 2 6

£3 13 0


Oct 20 Mr Gabrielson (Manchester) 5 0

1896 Feb 18 Miss Mosely (London) for Yiskar in memory of her dear mother 1 1 0

25 A. B. Salmen Esq (Yum Kippur 10 6

do (22 Feb) 10 6

Stranger 1 0

Jul 18 Mr Sheppard (Swansea) 1 0

Mr J. Franks 1 0

Mr Glynn 1 0

Sep 17 Mr Goldston (New Year) 5 0

18 Mr Latyn (do & Atonement) 10 0

Mrs Zamosky (Yiskar) 5 0

Mr Conrad Samuels 2 6

£3 13 6


Nov 18 Mr Glynn 1 0

28 Mr M. Strauhl 1 0

Mr J. Simons 1 0

Dec 19 Mrs Woolfsohn 1 6

4 6




1895 Mar 16 S. Palmer Trust per S. Platnauer Esq 7 14 2

1896 Mar 2 do do per J. Platnauer Esq 9 18 6


Charity Box


1895 Aug 9 1 41/2

1896 Feb 28 Purim Collection 3 9


Rents etc


Mar 29 Mr Pike for Ground at Cemetery 1 1 0

May 6 Rent on a/c for House at Synagogue 10 0

Oct 5 do 5 0

Nov 5 do 2 6

1896 Jan 4 do 2 6

£2 1 0


Mar 9 Mr Pike for Ground (Cemetery) 1 1 0

Dec 24 do 1 1 0


Rev. J. Litovitch's Salary

1895 Jan

Oct £28 12 0


1896 Sep £40 16 0


1897 Jan £12 0 0


These accounts continue (with diminishing membership, content and income) until 1933.



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