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Wardens of the Congregation

Most of those listed below were also, at some time, the holder of other offices in
the congregation. See List of Officers of the Congregation 1896-1950s

List 1 - -1908 to 1956
Based on data extracted from Jewish Year Books(1)

1908-1910 Dr. Charles Dreyfus JP A. M. Sternfeld    
1910-1911 Dr. Charles Dreyfus JP A. M. Sternfeld F. J. Bauer  
1911-1912 J. Brash Sidney Frankenburgh    
1912-1913 J. Brash Sidney Frankenburgh James Bauer  
1913-1915 Dr. Charles Dreyfus JP James Bauer Baron Harris  
1915-1917 Dr. Charles Dreyfus JP Alexander Isaacs  
1917-1918 James Bauer Max Mensch    
1918-1922 James Bauer Philip Michael Quas-Cohen    
1922-1923 J. Lionel Levy Lionel Blundell    
1923-1925 E. D. Torres J. Lionel Levy    
1925-1926 Sigmund Stern Godfrey Nathan    
1926-1927 Sigmund Stern Charles Horowitz    
1927-1929 Charles Horowitz Dr. H. L. Becker    
1929-1931 M.G. Cowan Alexander Levy    
1931-1933 Alexander Levy Joseph Horowitz    
1933-1934 Lionel Q. Henriques Philip Michael Quas-Cohen    
1934-1935 Philip Michael Quas-Cohen L. Gainsman    
1935-1936 Alfred Gordon Cowen Mitchell Wansker    
1936-1937 Alfred Gordon Cowen Mitchell Wansker Dr. Cyril Jacobs, MC  
1937-1938 Alex. Levy Lionel Q. Henriques    
1938-1939 I. G. de Lange Mitchell Wansker    
1939-1940 I. G. de Lange S. F. Bock    
1940-1944 no data  
1945-1947 Albert Isaacs Alfred Gordon Cowen
1947-1948 Albert Isaacs Alex. Levy Leonard Rappaport Harry Opper
1948-1949 Leonard Rappaport Frederick B. Lister OBE    
1949-1950 Frederick B. Lister OBE H. Opper    
1950-1951 Frederick B. Lister OBE C. Lever Harry Opper  
1951-1952 C. Lever Leonard Rappaport B. Levy  
1952-1953 C. Lever Leonard Rappaport B. Levy  
1953-1954 C. Lever S. D. Temkin B. Portnoy  
1954-1955 Leonard Rappaport Dr. Benjamin Portnoy V. Steinhart  
1955-1956 Dr. J. Kurer Dr. Benjamin Portnoy V. Steinhart  


List 2 - -Some Earlier Wardens
From Various Sources

In 1874(2) Martin Berend Sigismund Cohen M.J. Harbliecher;  


Notes ( returns to text above)

  1. The congregation's wardens were listed in Jewish Year Books from 1909 through 1956 (except for the war years 1941 to 1945). The year books were generally published towards the end of the year prior to year appearing in such year book's title (e.g. Jewish Year Book 1920 would have been published in 1919). It has been assumed that the term of office of wardens, as listed here, commenced in the year of publication of the relevant year book and continued until the commencement of office of their successors. However, it should be noted that this is only an assumption and accordingly the actual years of office may differ slightly from those shown here. Note: In some instances, where the Jewish Year Books only provided initials, a warden's full name has been obtained from sources.

  2. The Jewish Directory for 1874, by Asher I. Myers.

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