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Press Reports relating to the Llanelli Jewish Community
Part 1, 1872 - 1918

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Information within square brackets is from the compiler

(Note: The spelling of "Llanelly" and "Llanelli" are reproduced here as in the original source. The changeover from Llanelly to Llanelli took place in the 1960s. The Jewish Chronicle began the "Llanelli" spelling in 1966 but continued a number of extracts with the "Llanelly" spelling after that date.)

London Gazette, 23 August 1872, page 249

Partnership of Louis and Michael Newmark of Llanelly carrying on business in Murray Street as Pawnbrokers, Jewellers and Glass Dealers has been dissolved by mutual consent. 11 January 1872.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 February 1872 page 400

Subscriptions to Swansea Synagogue. Includes - Freedman, Llanelly, 10s 6d.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 August 1873 page 341

Birth on 15th inst at 1 Murray Street, Llanelly, to wife of Louis Newman (and daughter of the late David Goodman) a son.
[Birth. Phillip Newman September 1873 Llanelly 11a 728].

Jewish Chronicle, 12 February 1875 page 729

Merthyr Hebrew Congregation for building Synagogue and Schools.
L. Newmark, Llanelly, 10s.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 September 1878 page 1

Death at residence of son-in-law Mr L. Newmark Murray St, Llanelly, Louisa Goodman of Pontypridd
[Death. Louisa Goodman September 1878 Llanelly 11a 377]

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1900 page 1

Birth on 9 February 1900 at 8 John Street, Llanelly, to wife of Isaac (Hettie Joseph), a son.
[Note. 1901 Census shows son Hyman of Isaac Benjamin, aged 1, born Llanelly]
[Birth Index only shows Hyman Leon B. Jefferies March 1900 Llanelly 11a 1092]

Jewish Chronicle, 20 April 1900 page 10

Trooper Moses Lyons of the South African Light Horse writes to his mother at Old Castle Road, Llanelly, ‘It is a wonder I am still alive’. (Accident with wagons.)
[Son of Woolf and Esther Lyons]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 July 1902 page 20

Recent passes of London University matriculation include Jonathan Samuel (Llanelly PTC and Boro’ Rd College).
[1901 Census has family headed by Mary Samuel.)

Jewish Chronicle, 22 August 1902, page 21

At a meeting held by the Jews of Llanelly on Sunday last, it was resolved to hold services for the ensuing holidays. These will be the first Jewish services held in the ancient Welsh town. A subscription list was opened to defray expenses, and the sum of £10 10s. was collected. The following gentlemen were elected as officers: President, Mr. W. Lyons; Treasurer, Mr. I. Benjamin; Hon. Secretary, Mr. J. Joseph; and Mr. H. Rubenstein and Mr. Polokovski on the Committee.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 January 1903, page 10

The success which attended the services during the last High Festivals encouraged the promoters to arrange for permanent services, which have since been regularly held at the residence of Mr. Rubenstein. The advantage of holding service in a regular synagogue having now made itself felt, a local Committee has been formed, and subscriptions are being collected in aid of the Building Fund. Up to the present £54 has been raised.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 February 1904 page 22

At recent meeting of the Llanelly Estates Committee the Veterinary Inspector said that the method of slaughtering by the Jewish community at the Llanelly slaughter house amounted to cruelty, because not stunned. After discussion members left it in hands of the Veterinary Inspector.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 February 1904 page 1

Birth on 25 January at Durban, South Africa, a son, to wife of Phil Newmark, late of Llanelly.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 January 1905 page 1

Simon, eldest son of Mr and Mrs M. Rubenstein, Llanelly, will read portion of the Law on February 4.
[In Pontypridd 1911]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 February 1905 page 25

Report says that Swansea has 400 and a minister while Llanelly has 70 and no minister. Rev S. Fyne of Swansea is Visiting Minister to Llanelly. Good arrangement.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 May 1905 page 1

Birth on 4 May at Bicester House, 22 Coldstream Street, Llanelly, to Phillip and Lizzie Herscovici (nee Lizzie Sreagher) a son.
[Birth, Phineas Herscovici June 1905 Llanelly 11a 1212]

Jewish Chronicle, 26 May 1905 page 1

Birth at 14 West End, Llanelly, to wife of Lewis Benjamin (nee Tiba Cohen) a son
[Birth. Isaac Hyman Benjamin June 1905 Llanelly 11a 1214]

Jewish Chronicle, 23 June 1905 page 25

Aliens Bill.’The Llanelly congregation intend approaching their local member’.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 July 1908, page 28

The foundation-stone of the new Llanelly Synagogue was laid on Tuesday afternoon by Mr. Hyam Goldberg, of Swansea. Bouquets were presented to Mrs. and Miss Goldberg. The ceremony was conducted by the Revs. I. Solomon, of Llanelly, and H.J. Sandheim, of Swansea. Psalms cxviii and c were read. Mr. I. Benjamin, President, then presented a silver trowel to Mr. Goldberg, who laid the foundation-stone. The Rev. H.J. Sandheim delivered an eloquent address, exhorting the congregation to render the synagogue a centre of beneficent activity. The prayer for the King and Royal Family was following by the reading of Psalm cl. The National Anthem was then sung, the second verse of which was rendered by Rev. M. Lubner, of Swansea. A reception followed, at which letters of apology for non-attendance and good wishes were read from the Chief Rabbi, the Mayor of Swansea and a large number of Christian clergymen in the town. Several of the latter included verses in Hebrew in their letters. Mr. Hyam Goldberg, in the course of an address, impressed upon his hearers the importance of keeping their place of worship worthy of the town. He congratulated the Wardens on the result of their efforts, and hoped the congregation would always be guided by capable men. He expressed regret at the fact that there was no centralisation of forces among the congregations of South Wales, and hoped to see some attempt at affiliation. There was also a great need for the provision of a good religious education, which must be within the reach of the poorest in the town. He congratulated the congregation on the good feeling that existed between Jews and non-Jews in the town, and advised them to throw themselves into the public life of the community. The Rev. D.E. Rees, a Christian minister, said he had been interested in the ceremony which had just taken place. He was a Welshman brought up in Cardiganshire, and met very few English people till he was sixteen years of age, but he was well acquainted from early childhood with the Jewish people through the Bible. He concluded with the verse Shema Yisrael [in Hebrew]. Mr. I. Benjamin proposed and Mr. H. Rubenstein seconded, a vote of thanks to Mr., Mrs. and Miss Goldberg. About £60 was received, including £25 from Mr. Goldberg.

Cardiff Times, 18 July 1908 page 8

Similar report of foundation stone ceremony.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 September 1908 page VI

New Year Greetings Mr Maurice Benjamin 3 John Street, Llanelly

Llanelly Mercury and South Wales Advertiser, 18 March 1909 page 5

Chief Rabbi will visit Llanelly in the early part of May to open new synagogue in Victoria Road.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 April 1909 page 30

Fiance. Rosie Joseph of Llanelly to Morris Benjamin of Llanelly
[Marriage. Morris Jeffreys Benjamin March 1910 Swansea 11a 1519//Rose Joseph]

Llanelly Mercury and South Wales Advertiser, 13 May 1909 page 5

‘The Jewish Synagogue in Mina Street[sic] has now been completed and the opening ceremony is to take place on Tuesday next’.

Llanelly Mercury and South Wales Advertiser, 20 May 1909 page 5

‘…last Tuesday will stand out prominently as a red-letter day in the annals of Judaism in our town for it was on that day that the Chief Rabbi of the Hebrew Congregations of the British Empire had the pleasant duty of paying us a visit for the purpose of opening the first synagogue here.’ Fifity years ago he opened the Swansea synagogue. ‘We wish them every success in their synagogue, but we would be delighted to find that they had recognised our Saviour as their Saviour too.’  

Llanelly Mercury and South Wales Advertiser, 20 May 1909 page 8

‘The Jewish Synagogue’
‘Consecration by the Chief Rabbi’
[Consecration of synagogue by Chief Rabbi in Queen Victoria Street]

‘In the year 1902, when the Jews were but few in number here, the Llanelly Hebrew Congregation was inaugurated, and they for some time followed their devotions in Murray Street. Subsequently, as they increased in number, they were constrained to move to Castle Buildings, where they worshipped for some considerable time. Latterly they have gone over to Swansea to pursue their religious devotions’.

At present the number is 80 of which 20 males. Officers are
Mr I. Benjamin, President;
H. Rubenstein, Treasurer;
S. Miron, Hon. Sec.
Hon Sec of Building Committee is N. Rubenstein; Treasurer I. Benjamin;
Committee: L. Benjamin, A. Palto, S. Tucker, H. Silverstone, H. Policovsky, S. Cohen and H. Rubenstein.
Reference to Ladies’ Reception Committee. Hon Sec Mrs L. Benjamin; Treasurer Mrs I. Benjamin; Committee: Mrs A. Palto; Mrs H. Silverstone; Mrs S. Tucker; and Mrs Solomon.

Synagogue described. Ark on east side with beautiful plush curtains with gold lining. Surmounting it is ‘massive’ brass tablet inscribed with Ten Commandments. Pulpit is to the right and facing itis reading desk.

Presents received for synagogue. Mr and Mrs I. Benjamin and M. Benjamin, brass tablet. Mr and Mrs M. Rubenstein and A. Rubenstein, gold and silver bells for Scrolls of Law. Mr and Mrs H. Poliocovsky, pulpit. Mr and Mrs S. Tucker, Reading desk. Mrs J. Benjamin, carpets and linoleum. Master H. Benjamin, silver Kiddush cup. Mr Hyam Barnett Goldberg, prayer books for Reader in memory of Mr and Mrs Simon Goldberg.

The service was conducted by Rev H.J. Sandheim, Swansea, accompanied by choir, assisted by Rev J. Solomon, Llanelly, and Rev Morris Lubner, Swansea.

Report ends with description of service.

The synagogue was built by John Evans and designed by Mr T. Arnold, architect and surveyor.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 May 1909, page 14

On Tuesday afternoon Dr. Adler proceeded to Llanelly for the consecration of the synagogue there. The synagogue, which is a bright building capable of seating about 200, was opened by Mr. Barnett Goldberg of Swansea. Mr. Goldberg was presented with a gold key suitably inscribed. The service was conducted by the Revs. M. Lubner, of Swansea, and S. Solomon, of Llanelly, and the choir of the Swansea Synagogue … After Mincha, Dr. Adler delivered a sermon, appealing for funds to assist the reduction of the remaining debt of £600, and urging the congregants to make their new synagogue a powerful asset to the community … Donations to the amount of £100 were announced by the Chairman, the Rev. H.J. Sandheim … Among the many handsome presents to the synagogue are two large brass tablets with the Ten Commandments in black letters, the work of Mr. S. Miron, one of the members.

Cardiff Times, 22 May 1909 page 9

Similar report of consecration.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 September 1909 page VII

New Year Greetings Mr and Mrs Lewis Benjamin 33 Murray Street, Llanelly

Jewish Chronicle, 15 October 1909 page 13

Arrangements made whereby Rev H.J. Sandheim, Swansea, will visit Llanelly weekly to conduct a religion class, and once in 6 weeks to preach in synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 October 1909 page 13

At a County Court hearing re a hiring agreement, Judge Bishop remarked, ‘It is the most Jewish agreement I have ever seen’. The firm in question was not Jewish.
[See 29 October 1909 below]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 October 1909 page 13

Rev Sandheim has written to Judge Bishop complaining of his remark. Judge Bishop replies apologizing and regrets his use of the words.
[See 15 October 1909 above]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 November 1909 page 14

First application by member of Llanelly Jewish community for poor relief. The woman said she had 2 children and last year her husband was imprisoned for disobeying a maintenance order. The clerk said that only deserted wives could go into workhouse. There was an appeal for oudorr relief and a Jewess could not take the food offered in the workhouse. One member objected to preferential treatment for Jews. Outdoor Relief vote defeated by 6 to 5 and she was offered the workhouse.

Llanelly Mercury and South Wales Advertisor, 3 February 1910 page 5

Wedding at the new synagogue in Victoria Road of Rose Joseph, John Street, and Mr M. Benjamin, brother of the President of the Llanelly Hebrew Congregation. Bride given away by Mr and Mrs B. Mendleson, Swansea, and Mr Joe Joseph, Ammanford, and attended by two groomsmen, Mr Moss Joseph, Swansea (brother) and Mr H.R. Shapiro, Johannesburg (nephew). Ceremony conducted by Rev Herbert Sandheim, Swansea. Reception at the Castle Buildings. About 70 guests.

London Gazette, 1 April 1910 page 2268

Naturalisation. Hiser Policovsky, 29 Inkerman Street,Llanelly. Oath of Allegiance 19 March 1910. Russian.

Llanelly Star, 21 May 1910 page 1
[Death of King]
‘There was not a dry eye at the Synagogue when the Rev. H. J. Sandheim depicted incidents in the life of the King and alluded to the broken-hearted Queen Mother. King Edward, he said, was a true friend of the Jews. His reign was the most glorious and peaceful in the history of the world, and it was now for us to give our hearty loyalty and devotion to his son. Let us hope he will follow in his revered father’s footsteps. The National Anthem was then sung. The synagogue had been draped in purple and black for the occasion’.

Llanelly Star, 28 May 1910 page 1

Possible change of market day from Thursday. That day was chosen becaue in past pay-day in Llanelly was Wednesday. Now it is largely Friday and Saturday. ‘The place is now swarming every Saturday with Jews who sell dry goods of the more rubbishy kind’.

Llanelly Star, 28 May 1910 page 1

Birth on 27th May at 25 Murray Streety of a daughter to Mr Silverstone, draper.

Llanelly Star, 6 August 1910 page 1

Succeesful candidates at recent scholarship exam, include Leon Rubinstein, Lakefield.
[ Son of Harries]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1910

New Year Greetings:
pageXXVI - Mr & Mrs Lewis Benjamin, 33 Murray Street, Llanelly
page XXX  - Mr & Mrs Hyman Silverstone, 35 Murray Street, Llanelly
page 36  - Mr & Mrs S. Cohen, St Delabeche Street, Llanelly

Llanelly Mercury and South Wales Advertiser, 6 October 1910 page 5

Jewish New Year.
The synagogue was ‘strong’ with worshippers.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 October 1910 page 13

Letter from Hy. Silverstone re inter-marriage

Jewish Chronicle, 3 March 1911 page 16

Board of Deputies. New member for Llanelly, Mr B. Cohen

Jewish Chronicle, 5 May 1911 page 1

Death on 1 April at his residence 2 Murray Street, Llanelly, Louis Newmark aged 66. Mourned by son and daughter.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 June 1911 page 28

Coronation service conducted by Rev I. Solomon, and Rev H.J. Sandheim preached. Synagogue decorated by Mr S. Miron.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 September 1911 page 11

Railway strike. ‘During similar outrages at Llanelly last week no Jews at all suffered.’

Jewish Chronicle, 8 September 1911 page 13

‘Tonypandy, Llanelly and Cardiff were the first centres of loot and plunder. In comparison, the Jewish losses at those places were infinitely small.’

Jewish Chronicle, 12 January 1912 page 2

Llanelly among others applied to Board of Deputies to have deputies. Approved.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 1912 page 3

Wanted. A qualified teacher for the Llanelly Hebrew Congregation. One conversant with Yiddish preferred. £52 p.a. Applications to Hy. Silverstone, president Llanelly Hebrew Education Committee, 35 Murray Street.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 September 1912

New Year Greetings:
page XXVII - Mr & Mrs Lewis Benjamin, Stretton House, College Square, Llanelly.
page XXXI - Mr and Mrs Hy. Silverstone, 35 Murray Street

London Gazette, 2 July 1912 page 4812

The partnership heretofore between Harries Rubenstein and Maurice Rubenstein, Paper Hanging Dealers, of 5 Murray Street and 32 Stepney Street, Llanelly, and 80 Taff Street, Pontypridd, and Commercial Street, Aberdare, under the style Rubenstein & Co has been dissolved from 30 June 1912. All debts due to and owing in respect of business in Llanelly will be received and paid by Harries Rubenstein and in respect of business in Pontypridd and Aberdare by Maurice Rubenstein.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 September 1912

New Year Greetings:
page XXVII - Mr & Mrs Lewis Benjamin, Stretton House, College Square, Llanelly.
page XXXI - Mr and Mrs Hy. Silverstone, 35 Murray Street

Jewish Chronicle, 3 January 1913 page 30

Last Saturday Rev Isaac Aarons of Merthyr preached in the synagogue and addressed a bar mitzvah.

London Gazette, 4 March 1913 page 1660

Naturalisation. Oath taken 30 January 1913. Peretz Sharff, Russia, 76 Station Road, Llanelly.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 July 1913 page 27

Rev Mr Jachower(sic), Croydon, elected Chazan, Shochet and Teacher to Llanelly Hebrew Congregation in place of Mr. I. Solomon resigned.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1913, Young Israel page 2.

Myer Cohen, Llanelly, aged 12. Says he is first inhabitant of Carmarthenshire to join League.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 1913 page 12.

Llanelly Hebrew Congregation.
‘An Urgent Appeal in Present Circumstances’.
The bank is calling in the mortgage on the synagogue unless substantial reduction of heavy debt of £576 is immediately forthcoming. 25 families and hard to meet current expenses. Upwards of 50 children in classes. Synagogue, schoolroom and mikveh will be closed unless funds obtained. Lists 5 contributions.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 September 1913 page 11

Repeated. Now lists 6 contributions.

Jewish Chronicle, 26 September 1913

New Year Geetings:
page XXXI - Mr and Mrs H. Rubenstein, 32 Stepney Street, Llanelly.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 January 1914 Young Israel pages 2-3.

From Myer Cohen, 3 Coldstream Street, Llanelly.
Had been Children’s Chanucah Service. H. Rubenstein,

Jewish Chronicle, 17 February 1914 page 28

Rev H.J. Sandheim preached on Sunday afternoon his farewell sermon as Visiting Minister. Then presented with inscribed silver Havdalah box as token of regard. Presented by Hy. Silverstone, President, and S. Miron, ex-President. He had helped with building of synagogue.
At a meeting of the Barnett Goldberg lodge of the Grand Order of Israel Sandheim was presented with an inscribed silver Kiddush cup in recognition of his having formed the Lodge. Bro I. Benjamin NM said, that without Sandheim’s efforts it would not have been possible to establish a Friendly Society in Llanelly. Bros H. Rubenstein, H. Poliocovsky, H. Shapiro, R. Palto, and Rev Mr Jackower(sic) and others also spoke.
Later a special meeting of congregation in consequence of pressing demand by bank for payment of debt on synagogue, and danger of it being sold. A committee was appointed to take immediate steps for the redemption of the synagogue. Treasurer of committee Mr I. Benjamin, 3 John Street, the Senior Trustee. In addition to receiving extra weekly contributions from the already heavily-taxed members, to prosecute urgent appeal throughout the community.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 June 1914 page 8
Llanelly Hebrew Religion Classes. Wanted a Teacher, able to translate into English. £52 p.a. Single man preferred. Apply to Chairman, I. Landy, 31 James Street.

Llanelly Star, 29 August 1914 page 4

Prince of Wales Fund.
Llanelly Hebrew Congregation. M. Benjamin 10s 6d., L. Benjamin 10s 6d., H. Poliocovsky 5s., P. Sharff 5s., I. Solomon 5s., I. Berman* 2s 6d., D. Davidson* 2s 6d., H. Silverstone 10s 6d., H. Rubenstein 10s 6d., S. Miron 5s., I. Lundy (sic Landy) 5s., B. G. Lewis* 5s., H. Wyman 2s 6d.
[NOTE. Those with * were not at Llanelly in 1911 Census]

Jewish Chronicle, 30 October 1914 page 3

Special general meeting of congregation in response to Chief Rabbi’s appeal on behalf of the Belgian Jewish Refugees and the Queen Mary’s Fund. Collection made and weekly contributions promised for duration of war. A society was formed in aid of Queen Mary’s Fund by the children of the community under supervision of Rev B. Jarcover(sic).

Jewish Chronicle, 30 October 1914 page 6

General meeting of congregation. Henry(sic) Silverstone and M. Benjamin elected President and Treasurer respectively unanimously.

Llanelly Star, 21 November 1914 page 4

Donations for Belgians.
Llanelly Hebrew Congregation 5s per week for 6 months.

Llanelly Star, 13 March 1915 page 3

‘Potash and Perlmutter’ ‘…the great hit of the London season’. ‘…this wonderful play’. ‘Seats should be booked at once’.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 April 1915 page 1

Ralph, eldest son of Hyman and Mrs Silverstone, 35 Murray Street, will read portion of the Law and Maftir at Victoria Road synagogue on 17th.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 November 1915 page 5

For Relief of Polish Jewry [Two contributions] Second instalment from Llanelly Hebrew Congregation
£5 Llanelly Hebrew Congregation per Hy. Silverstone £5 12s 6d

Jewish Chronicle, 26 November 1915 page 19

Birthday Present for Queen Alexandra
Llanelly Hebrew Congregation. Contributions listed but not money. Mr M. Benjamin, Mr I. Benjamin, Mr B. Davies, Mr H. Rubenstein, Mr Hy. Silverstone, Mr H. Wyman, Mr L. Benjamin, Mr R. Neft, Mr F. Sharpp(sic).

Jewish Chronicle, 3 December 1915, page 8

From Llanelly comes the news that a new Hebrew congregation has been formed. According the last edition of the “Jewish Year Book” the total number of Jews in this Welsh town is seventy, men, women and children - and these already have one synagogue. If we reckon the number of adult males at half, a very high figure, we shall get something like seventeen members per congregation. And yet we have still to go on asking for some scheme of Communal Re-organisation!

Jewish Chronicle, 11 February 1916 page 3

Relief of Jewish Victims of war in Russia
Per Mrs Silverstone, Llanelly. Mrs Trubshaw, 12s, Lady Howard 10s, Canon D. Watcyn Morgan, Messrs Evan Jones, Henry H. Roberts MD, 10s each.

Llanelly Star 12 February 1916 page 4

Rev E. M. Levy BA, native of Swansea, has accepted unanimous call to Llanelly synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 February 1916 page 21

Board of Deputies. First Marriage Secretary approved for Llanelly (new) Hebrew Congregation
[However, see 10 March 1916 page 23, below.]

Jewish Chronicle, 10 March 1916 page 3

LLANELLY (NEW) HEBREW CONGREGATION WANTED Shochet, Reader and Teacher (with knowledge of English); single man preferred; salary 30s. per week and perquisites. Apply to Secretary, R. Palto, 33, Station-road, Llanelly

Jewish Chronicle, 10 March 1916 page 23 |

Through inadvertence we reported that a First Marriage Secretary had been approved for Llanelly (new) Hebrew Congregation. ‘Such a course cannot be adopted unless the Chief Rabbi gives his certificate that a congregation constitutes a Jewish synagogue.’

Jewish Chronicle, 17 March 1916 page 3

Russia, Jewish Victims Fund. Per Rev I. Solomon, Llanelly, £1 5s 9d.

Llanelly Star, 15 April 1916 page 4

Meeting of Rural Council. Plan submitted for a Jewish burial ground at Five Roads. Plan was passed.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 May 1916 page 10

Russian and Palestinian Fund.
Llanelly New Hebrew Congregation (Passover donations) £1 16s.

Llanelly Star, 13 May 1916 page 4

Llanelly Rural District Council has received a letter from the local Jewish community saying that they had read in the press that a plan for a Jewish cemetery had been passed by the Council. But they wished to disassociate themselves from the obligation as it was applied for without their permission but was made by a few irresponsible members and partly organized by Mr S. Lundy [sic. Landy]

Jewish Chronicle, 26 May 1916 page 1

Bar Mitzvah. Joseph, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs H. Silverstone, 36 Murray Street, will read whole Sedra and Maftir at the Queen Victoria Road synagogue.

Llanelly Star, 8 July 1916 page 1

Wanted. Young lady to assist in furniture department. Silverstone Murray Street.

Llanelly Star, 15 July 1916 page 1

‘Wedding at the Synagogue'
Marriage of Esther Millstone, daughter of Mr and Mrs M. Millstone, Victoria Road, and Mr Simon Gerard(sic) Prince of Wales Road, Swansea. Ceremony performed by Mr J. Solomon.
[Marriage. Esther Millstone September 1916 Llanelly 11a 1876//Simon Guard(sic)]

Llanelly Star, 2 September 1916 page 4

Alderman Nathan Griffiths in the market on Thursday on look out for eligible Jews [for military] who once used to flock there in large numbers. All conspicuous by absence on Thursday.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1916 page 1

Bar Mitzvah. Naphtali, eldest son of Mr and Mrs A. Levi, 102 Station Road, Llanelly, will read Maftir on 23 September at Queen Victoria Road synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 October 1916 page 3

For Relief of Polish Jews. Collected by Llanelly New Hebrew Congregation in the High Festivals per B. Yarkover (sic) £3 2s 6d.

Llanelly Star, 2 March 1917 page 1

St David’s Day. ‘…The recitation ‘Gwyl Dewi Sant’ was admirably given by a little miss bearing the by no means cymric name of Dora Rubenstein’.
[Daughter of Harries Rubenstein]

Llanelly Star, 2 June 1917 page 3

Letter at Borough Education Committee from local Hebrew Education Committee asking for use of an elementary school for purpose of giving Hebrew lessons, now given in the synagogue. Lessons on Sundays and weekdays. Clerk said there would be objections to school being opened on Sundays. Decided to inquire what was done in other towns.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 June 1917 page 16

Russian War Victims Fund. Collected at the Llanelly New Hebrew Congregation £3 10s.

Llanelly Star, 30 June 1917 page 4

Acceded to application for use of school. To charge 2s 6d for each class.

Llanelly Star, 4 August 1917 page 4

County Court yesterday. The Committee of the local Hebrew Self-Help Society v. Samuel Landy. Latter had refused to hand over the Society’s books but had delivered them on 27 July. Counsel now asked for costs. Landy says he was chosen as secretary of the Society for 12 months but treasurer would have nothing further to do with him. He objects to paying costs as Society is unregistered. Total costs one guinea. Landy suggests dividing into two. Refused. Ordered Landy to pay costs.

Llanelly Star, 22 September 1917 page 4

Jewish New Year was celebrated in the synagogue and among the worshippers were about a dozen khaki-clad men including one invalided and suffering from shell-shock. Rev I. Solomon delivered address and included a message from erstwhile minister Rev E.M. Levy now chaplain in France who said it was 12 months since [he was] in the synagogue.

Llanelly Star, 29 September 1917 page 3

‘Jews at the Tribunal’. 13 cases on Thursday.
J. Landy. 23. Was in army for 7 weeks and discharged unfit. Was one of first volunteers in Llanelly.
Shatykel Davidov AKA Charles Davies. Marine store dealer.
Coleman Davidov AKA Davies Metal dealer. C2. Rejected 3 times for Russian army.
Morris Rose 36 watchmaker and jeweler.
Morris Rubenstein travelling draper. C3
Reuben Palto draper.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 17 July 1917 page 6

Llanelly has 70 Jews and from this community 20 lads volunteered for the armed forces, in two cases 3 from the same household. Three of the 20 have been mentioned in despatches and one awarded the Military Cross.

Llanelly Star, 29 September 1917 page 4

‘A Jewish Split’ Tribunal.
Benjamin Jarcover said he is teacher and reader and poultry-killer to the Hebrew congregation. But congregation not recognized by Chief Rabbi. Mr Policovsky said there were two communities and there would not be enough room for all in the synagogue. But not exactly a quarrel.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 October 1917 page 3
Russian Victims Fund. Llanelly contributions.
Messrs B. G. Lewis 21s, H. Silverstone and I. Benjamin 10s 6d each, I. Benjamin and Rose Milstone 5s each, Collections 5s.

Llanelly Star, 15 December 1917 page 1

Capture of Jerusalem. ‘Before the capture of Jerusalem, the British Government had given a solemn undertaking that once Palestine was rescued from the defiling hand of the Turk, it would be restored to the Jews. That announcement filed with elation the chosen people everywhere’.

Llanelly Star, 12 January 1918 page 4

Tribunal hearings.
‘Proceedings enlivened by Russian Jew’ Bennett L. Lewis of Andrew Street, a travelling draper and commission agent. 22 years in Aberystwyth then came to Llanelly. Says he was classified C2 and that when conscription came in he was not liable to serve because Russian. Also said Army would not accept him in 1916 because they did not want Russians. Some confusion over age – 41 or 43. Needs birth certificate.

Llanelly Star, 9 March 1918 page 3

Letter. Movement in Swansea to exclude drapery stalls from market because unfair to allow ‘Jews and others’ to compete with established drapers. Time for Llanelly to consider the same as the market is now filled with drapery stalls kept by people who do not live in the town. They arrive on Thursdays and Saturdays in droves and take thousands of pounds out of the town.

London Gazette, 17 July 1918 page 8410

Undermentioned temporary chaplains to HM Forces relinquish their commissions. Include E. M. Levy. 26 June 1918. 

Llanelly Star, 31 August 1918 page 3

Intermediate School. Scholarship results. Include Doris Rubenstein, Market Street.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1918 Young Israel page 1.

New member Sadie Dobson, Llanelly.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 December 1918 page 26

General meeting under auspices of the Jewish War Victims’ Relief Fund. Treasurer Mr Heny(sic) Silverstone presided. References to recent outrages in Lemberg. Resolved: to convert the Fund into a Ladies’ Benevolent Society, an institution much needed in Llanelly. Elected: Mrs Henry(sic) Silverstone, President, Mrs Solomon, Treasurer, Miss Sharff, Hon Sec and Committee of 8.

Llanelly Star, 21 December 1918 page 3
‘Our Day’, fund for British Red Cross. Llanelly Hebrew Congregation £13 6s.

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Part 3, 1937-1959

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