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Halifax Jewish Community

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Press Reports relating to the Jewish Community of Halifax, Yorkshire
1851 to 2011

Compiled by Harold Pollins and kindly contributed to JCR-UK.
[Information within square brackets is from the compiler]


Jewish Chronicle, 21 February 1851 page 150
Appeal for New Hebrew Congregation, Manchester.

Per D. Michelson Halifax 10s 6d  
A. Levison 10 0  
0. D. Lewis 10 0  
I. Heath 10 0  
Jacob Myers 10 0  
Jacob Goldstein 10 0  
Silman 10 0  
P. Keesing 10 0  

Jewish Chronicle, 3 July 1863 page 1
Death on 27 June at Halifax, Yorkshire, Henry I. Hart of New York, President of the Board of Deputies for America. Son of John I. Hart of New York.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1895 page 20
‘A Minyan was formed among the few Jews in Halifax, and services were held at the home of Mr. Philip Solomon, who defrayed the cost of a Sepher Torah. Mr. Barnett, of Leeds, officiated as Chazan, assisted by Mr. N. Cohen, who was Baal Tokeah. A Halifax paper published an essay on the New Year, written by one of the worshippers, Mr. Samuel Harris’.

Halifax Courier, 12 August 1899 page 10
Marriage on 8 August at the Synagogue, London, Philip P. Samuels of London, to Floretta (Florrie) 4th daughter of Squire Aspinall, 22 Gerrard Street, Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 February 1901 page 2
Mr J. Gershon and Mrs J. Jones of Halifax express thanks for sympathy received during week of mourning.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 February 1901 page 2
Mrs Henry Chapman expresses thanks for sympathy during her recent bereavement. Sheffield.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 March 1901 page 2
Mr J. Gershon and Mrs J. Jones of Halifax express thanks for sympathy received during recent bereavement. 70 St Mary’s Road, Bradford.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 October 1905 page 28
Bradford. Simchas Torah concert. Miss K. Jones, Halifax, gave several much appreciated items.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 November 1906 page 36.
Bradford. Miss K. Jones of Halifax gave a recital to the members of the Jewish Lads’ Club.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1912 page 27
Bradford. Concert in Jewish Institute. Items contributed by, inter alia, Messrs Nyman and B. Hart of Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 December 1913 page 2
Death on 4 December at 6 Abbey Walk, South Halifax, Morris Nyman, aged 60. Husband of Rachel.
[Death Morris Nyman December 1913 aged 60 Halifax 9a 562]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 March 1914 page 2
Death on 27 February at Halifax of Hilda Selina Joseph, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs B. H. Joseph of Birmingham, aged 40.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 March 1914 page 25
Miss Hilda Selina Joseph was resident in Halifax for some time, having held an official position in the women’s department of the Brighouse and Sowerby Bridge labour exchange. Her body was recovered from the canal. A memorial service was held at Park Congregational Church, Halifax. Her connection with the church was explained through her applying, 12 months before, for a sitting. She said there was no synagogue nearer than Bradford and she had worshipped in the church once or twice. She made the condition that she was not forsaking the Jewish faith.
[Death. Hilda Joseph March 1914 aged 40 Halifax 9a 537]

Jewish Chronicle, 21 April 1916 page 14
Walter Van Noorden, manager and conductor of the Carl Rosa Opera Company, died at Halifax, aged 50. A brother Alfred is associated with Brondesbury Synagogue.
[Death. Walter M. E. Van Noorden June 1916 aged 50 Halifax 9a 585]

Jewish Chronicle
S/40406 Pte Cecil Solomon. 1/1 Seaforth Highlanders. Killed in action 25 October 1918. Born Halifax. Son of Peter and Rose Solomon.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 November 1918 page 1
Betrothal. Abe, third son of Mr and Mrs S. Marks of Manchester and Halifax, and Esta, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs S. Cohen of Hoyland House, Gibbet Street, Halifax.
[Marriage. Esta Cohen December 1919 Prestwich 8d 1011//Abraham Marks]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 June 1920 page 32
Mr Marcus L. Rothfield BA of Gateshead appointed Lecturer in French Language and Literature at Halifax Technical College.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 November 1922 page 40
Fund for Relief of the Jewish Victims of the War in Eastern Europe New Synagogue List includes N. Marks (Halifax) 10s 6d.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 July 1923 page 2
Death on 26 June at the residence of her son, 3 Victoria Terrace, Lightcliffe, Halifax, Rose, widow of the late Philip Solomon of Blackpool. Aged 62.
[Death. Rose Solomon June 1923 aged 62 Halifax 9a 499

Jewish Chronicle, 19 December 1924 page 16
Leeds. Meeting of Zionists in North of England called on Lord Balfour to express appreciation of his work for the Zionist movement, as exemplified by the Balfour Declaration. Delegates came from various towns including Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 August 1925 page 25
Isaac Huntz of Leeds, a market salesman, was charged at Halifax Court with disorderly conduct. Summoned by Eli Knoll, tailor, Leeds, for assault. Men had met when interned in Isle of Man. Trouble was result of business competition. Case dismissed and men told not to interfere with each other.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 January 1935 page 1
Silver wedding. On 2 February 1910 at the Queen’s Hall, Halifax, by the late Rev Mr Abrahams and Rev Mr Diamond, Joseph Lyons and Bessie Solomon. At Home, Manchester.
[Marriage. Joseph Silverman Lyons March 1910 Leeds 9b 740//Bessie Solomon]

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 1935 Supplement page II
Death. On 21 September Rachael Nyman, aged 78, relict of late Morris Nyman. Sons Sam and Abraham. 6 Abbey Walk South, Halifax,
[Death. Rachael Nyman September 1935 aged 77 Halifax 9a 503]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 August 1938 page 1
Birth on July 27 at Francis Nursing Home, Leeds, a daughter for Mr and Mrs Maurice Harman (nee Kent) of 29 High Road, Well Lane, Halifax.
[Birth. Sandra H. Harman September 1938 Leeds North 9b 347. Mother Iken]

Halifax Courier , 7 January 1939 page 3
Watchnight services. Battershaw Parish Church. The Vicar officiated and the collection was devoted to the fund for distressed German Jews.

Halifax Courier , 7 January 1939 page 5
Gifts to Royal Halifax Infirmary. Nyman and Son £1.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 March 1939 page 12
Gifts to Royal Halifax Infirmary. ‘Workpeople’s Contributions’ Nyman and Son 1937 £1.10. 1938 £1.

Halifax Courier, 3 June 1939 page 16
‘Regarding the Refugees’
‘It should be noted that a number of refugees whom we are absorbing are already employing British labour. A group of Austrian Jews in Ulster employ hundreds of humans locally in making all sorts of fascinating things that formerly came from Vienna. I understand that some refugees are anxious to start factories on Tyneside to absorb thousands of workers. These new citizens of ours want to establish glove factories, to make kitchen utensils, electric lamps, buttons, hosiery, varnish, knitted goods, and a lot of other things, including toys.’

Halifax Courier, 17 June 1939 page 16
Local refugee committees have been set up. First meeting of the Halifax Refugee Committee will be held at the Friends’ Meeting House, Halifax, on 22 June 1939.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 September 1939 page 22
First refugees under auspices of the Halifax Committee for Jewish and Non-Jewish Refugees have arrived in Halifax’ They are 4-year old twin boys Michael and Henry Aron from Leipzig. Their mother has become a nurse at Dewsbury.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 October 1939 page 5
Advert. Nyman’s 49 Commercial Street, Tailors’s.
[One of many such adverts].

Jewish Chronicle, 21 February 1941 page 4
Death of Solomon ‘Solly’ Solomon of 5 Victoria Terrace, Lightcliffe, Halifax. Aged 57. Eldest son of late Mr and Mrs Philip Solomon.
[Death. Solomon Solomon March 1941 aged 57 Calder 9a 1409]

Jewish Chronicle, 18 June 1943 page 10
Meeting of Leeds Jewish Practitioners’ Society was addressed by Dr Glick of Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 November 1943 page 14
Capt J. Braham RAMC awarded Mention in Despatches. From Leeds. Before joining Army two years ago was House Surgeon at Halifax General Hospital.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 January 1947 page 7
Engagement. Louis Glick MD MRCP of Heath Mount, Halifax, son of the late Mr and Mrs Isaac Glick of Leeds, to Phyllis Barnett of 29 Newton Avenue, Wakefield, daughter of the late Mr and Mrs I. B. Barnett of Bargoed, Glam.
[Marriage. Louis Glick March 1947 Leeds 2c 727//Phyllis E. Barnett]

Jewish Chronicle, 8 August 1947 page 14
‘Anti-Jewish Riots’
Windows were smashed in, inter alia, Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 July 1948 page 7
Son born on 18 July at Halifax General Hospital to Phyllis nee Barnett and Dr Louis Glick of 17 Heath Mount, Halifax. [Birth. Ian B. Glick September 1948 Halifax 2b 856. Mother Barnett

Jewish Chronicle, 5 August 1949 page 7
Son born on 31 July at Halifax General Hospital to Betty nee Wilson, wife of Dr Bertram Mann of 29 Green Park Avenue, Halifax.
[Birth, Michael L. Mann September 1949 Halifax 2b 824. Mother Wilson]

Jewish Chronicle, 17 February 1950 page 7
Daughter, Karen Francine, born in the Private Wing of Halifax General Hospital to Jacqueline nee Griffiths, wife of Nathan Henry Leaman of 66 Green Park Road, Halifax.
[Birth. Karen F. Leaman March 1950 Halifax 2b 846. Mother Griffiths]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 August 1950 page 2
Ruby Wedding. Louis McKennell and Queenie Myers , 28  Chester Road, Halifax. 40th anniversary 21 August 1910.
[Marriage. Louis McKennell September 1910 Leeds 9b 1064//Hannah Myers]

Jewish Chronicle, 25 August 1950 page 6
Daughter born on 17 August to Phyllis nee Barnett wife of Dr Louis Glick, Stafford Avenue, Halifax.
[Birth. Ruth E. Glick September 1950 Halifax 2b 798. Mother Barnett]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 March 1951 page 19 Young Israel
Reference to Sandra Jackson, Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 June 1951 page 7
Son born on 24 June to Pamela nee Kerelman(sic) wife of Edward E. Cooperman, Rake Head Farm, Mill Bank, Triangle, near Halifax.
[Birth. Trevor A. Cooperman September 1951 Brighton 5h 73. Mother Katz(sic)]

Jewish Chronicle, 31 August 1951 page 18
Wanted, rooms or part board in London by working-class man willing to teach Modern Hebrew free of charge if required. S. Mermelstein 26 Abells Road, Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 November 1951 page 5
New MP. Moss Turner-Samuels KC, Gloucester. Recorder of Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 November 1954 page 2
Birth of a son, Jeremy Martin Adrian, on 3 November at Halifax General Hospital to Lilli Ana nee Coopersmith, wife of John H. Tresman MA, West View, Jepson Lane, Elland, Yorks.
[Birth. Jeremy M. A. Tresman December 1954 Halifax 2b 725. Mother Cooper-Smith]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 March 1956 page 4
Daughter, Melanie Patricia, born 18 February at Halifax General Hospital (Private Wing) to Barbara nee Posner and Sidney Kirsch of 45 Westborough Close, Halifax.
[Birth. Melanie P. Kirsch March 1956 Halifax 2b 911. Mother Posner]

Jewish Chronicle, 21 September 1956 page 2
Death on 16 September of Becky Posner aged 52 wife of Himie, daughter Barbara, son-in-law Sid. 87 Gibbert Road, Halifax.
[Death. Rebecca Posner September 1956 aged 52 Halifax 2b 455]

Jewish Chronicle, 6 July 1957 page 27
Death of Dr Julian Zucker. Born Poland. Came to Britain 1939. At time of death on staff of Halifax Infirmary.
[Death. Israel Zucker March 1957 aged 56 Manchester 10e 337]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 August 1957
Alter Max Hurwitz appointed Recorder of Halifax. Son of late Rabbi Z. H. Hurwitz.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 August 1957 page 17
Resident of Port Erin, Isle of Man, is Nyman, aged 76, retired Halifax businessman. Active in local societies.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 August 1957 page 6
Dr J. K. Drucquer, son of President of Bradford Synagogue, successfully performed an arm amputation with a penknife at Elland, near Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 June 1959 page 7
Engagement. Stuart, son of Mr and Mrs Harry Scott of London, to Ann, daughter of Mr and Mrs A. Clayton of 48 Aysgarth Road, Lightcliffe, Halifax.
[Marriage. Stuart A. Scott September 1959 Marylebone 5d 833//Ann P.Clayton]

Jewish Chronicle, 2 October 1959 page 46
Bradford. Ceremony to honour two Recorders, one being Alter M. Hurwitz of Halifax. In his address Hurwitz said ‘the Bradford community offered Halifax Jews the benefits of their congregational services’.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1960 page 17
Jewish residents of Halifax held a garden party at the home of Dr  and Mrs L. Glick and £75 was raised for the Anti-Tuberculosis League of Israel (Bradford Section).

Jewish Chronicle, 30 June 1961 page 7
Bar Mitzvah. Ian Bernard, son of Dr and Mrs Louis Glick, Fernside, Stafford Drive, Halifax, will read Maftir and Haftarah at the synagogue, Spring Gardens, Bradford.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 January 1962 page 3
Death of Isadora Leaman on 29 December 1961. Mourned by son Nathan and grandchildren Karen, Tony, and Pam, 2 Park Road, Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 December 1962 page 30
Advert. L. Harris (Marella) Ltd requires factory manager for their Halifax factory. Applications to Mr S. Leeman, Brunswick House, Rhodes Street, Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 January 1963 page 10
Engagement. Michael Mendoza BSc MPI, only son of Mr and Mrs Maurice Mendoza of 41 Westborough Drive, Halifax to Estelle Valerie, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Abe Levin of Southend-on-Sea.
[Marriage. Anthony M. Mendoza September 1964 London City 5d 369//Estelle V. Levin]
[31 July 1964 page 10. This marriage took place at Bevis Marks Synagogue on 26 July]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 September 1967 page 3
Death on September 16, Michael aged 18 son of Dr and Mrs Bertram Mann, brother of Jackie, East Lea, Lea Avenue. Halifax.
[Death. Michael L. Mann September 1967 aged 18 Wakefield 2d 540]  Death of Leah Bellow, Leeds. Sister of Louis (Halifax).

Jewish Chronicle, 21 June 1968 page 1
Ian Glick of Halifax elected President of the Oxford Union. Son of Dr and Mrs Louis Glick who are members of Bradford Hebrew congregation.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 July 1969 page 10
Engagement. Adrian Naftalin FRCS, son of Dr and Mrs J. E. Naftalin of Regent’s Park NW1 and Jacqueline Mann BDS daughter of Dr and Mrs B. T. Mann of East Lea, Lea Avenue, Halifax
[No marriage found]

Jewish Chronicle, 21 November 1969 page 10
Engagement. Richard Brian only son of Mr and Mrs L. S. (Chippy) Stross of Leeds, and Susan, eldest daughter of Mr J. A. Barton of Heath Crescent, Halifax, and Mrs G. F. Wray of Heath Crescent, Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 May 1970 page 17
Guests from Manchester, Leeds and Halifax were among the 70 women who attended the Independence Day luncheon held by Bradford WIZO.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 December 1970 page 14
The marriage took place at the Synagogue, Bradford, on 29 November between Richard Brian Stross, only son of Mr and Mrs L. S. Stross of Leeds, and Miss Susan Barton, eldest daughter of Mrs G. F. Wray and the late Mr John A. Barton of Halifax.
[Marriage. Richard B. Stross December 1970 Hendon 5a 540//Pauline S. Barton]

Jewish Chronicle, 17 March 1972 page 20
The Halifax County Borough Council has turned down the request of Stafford Borough Council to support its campaign against the ritual slaughter of animals for human consumption.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 April 1972 page 10
A branch of the Labour Friends of Israel set up in Halifax. Inaugural meeting addressed by Gerald Kaufman MP and Alan Yates, chairman of Halifax Labour Party.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 August 1972 page 7
Councillor Stuart R. Lyons of Leeds selected as prospective Parliamentary candidate by Halifax Conservative Party.

Jewish Chronicle, 3 November 1972 page 35
Death. Henry Segal on 20 October, late of Dublin, at Linden Lodge, Halifax. Mourned by wife Leah.
[Death. Henry Segal December 1972 Halifax 2b 1774. Born 17 October 1912]

Jewish Chronicle, 11 January 1974 page 33
Leah Segal late of Dublin. Died 9 January. Shortly after losing husband Henry. Sapling Cross, Scarrbottom. Halifax.
[Death. Leah Segal March 1974 Halifax 2b 1706 Born 24 September 1915.]

Jewish Chronicle, 5 September 1975 page 14
Will of Mrs Johanna Grotte of Halifax who died last May and left £28,519 (net £27,364). She left £2,000 to the Leeds Jewish Old Age Home.
[Death. Johanna Grotte June 1975 Leeds 5 343. Born 2 November 1911]

Jewish Chronicle, 10 March 1978 page 19
Mrs Betty Mann is chairman of the Halifax juvenile court. Her sister Baroness Birk is Under-Secretary of State for the Environment and a JP, and her daughter Mrs Angela Camber recently sworn in as a JP for the Edmonton Division.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 March 1979 page 18
Dr Montague Segal, senior Consultant in Psychological Medicine at the Calderdale (Halifax) Hospital, has been elected Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 January 1982 page 8
A march through Halifax planned by the right-wing British Movement has been banned by the local council.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 September 1986 page 22
Engagement. Ian, son of Dr and Mrs Louis Glick of Halifax, and Roxane, daughter of Raphael Eban of Goosey, Oxfordshire, and Mrs Arthur Levin of St John’s Wood.
[Marriage. Ian B. Glick December 1986 Westminster 15 1031//Roxane O.S. Eban]

Jewish Chronicle, 9 June 1989 page 2
Death on 4 June of Dr Louis Glick of Halifax. Husband, father, grandfather.Phyllis Ian and Ruth(sic).
[Death. Louis Glick June 1989 aged 82 Halifax 4 844. Born 10.1.1907.]

Jewish Chronicle, 29 November 1991 page 14
Mrs Nancy Solomons of Halifax has been installed as President of the B’nai B’rith Shalom Lodge in the West Riding. The ceremony took place in the Orthodox Synagogue in Shipley

Jewish Chronicle, 30 October 1992 page 9
David Aronson is a member of the English bar working in Halifax. His mother is Sheriff Hazel Aronson, who is Scotland’s first woman judge.)

Jewish Chronicle, 5 November 1993 page 30
Profile of Vivien Duffield. Philanthropist. £7 million grant to establish Eureka, the inter-active museum for children at Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 December 1994 page 43
Graerela Kaplan, born Argentina, ballet dancer, lives at Holmfirth, outside Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 January 1995 page 19
Obituary of Lord Kagan. 6.6.1919-18.1.1995. Came to England 1996 and settled near Halifax. Started a textile company. Made Gannex raincoats. Friend of Harold Wilson.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 January 2003 page 9
By-election victory for the British National Party at Halifax (Calderdale Council)

Jewish Chronicle, 15 August 2003 page 14
Katy Clarke of Halifax established ‘I Voice – community together’ for children who cannot communicate verbally. Family moved to Halifax several years ago so that daughter Nadia (who has cerebral palsy) could join a mainstream school which was willing to take her. Brother Sean is preparing for his bar mitzvah.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 March 2004 page 32
Obituary. Bertram Mann, born Edinburgh 17.1.1914, died London 6.2.2004 aged 90. Doctor. At Ilkley. Tuberculosis Sanitorium, Yorkshire, met Betty Wilson, married 1941, RAMC 1942, mentioned in despatches. Lived for 35 years in Halifax. Elected Councillor. He and his wife were long-serving executive members of Bradford Synagogue. Moved to London 1982.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 September 2008 page 36
Death of Phyllis Glick nee Barnett formerly of Halifax at Hammerson House, London, on September 3 aged 92. Wife of late Dr Louis Glick.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 December 2008 page 30
Obituary of Phyllis Glick. Born Bargoed 30.12.1915. Died London 3.9.2008 aged 92. Became PE teacher in 1939 at Wakefield. Tennis player. Bridge player. Married Dr Louis Glick at the New Synagogue, Leeds, in 1947 and lived in Halifax. Played golf and was captain of the Highcliffe Golf Club, Halifax.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 January 2009 page 35
Large crowd of 1,200 expected at Calderdale Holocaust Memorial Day.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 May 2010 page 22
Obituary of Ibi Ginsburg (female). Born Hungary 7.1.1924. Died Elland Yorkshire aged 85. Married Val, another Holocaust survivor. 1948 to England and settled at Elland. Worked in textile mill before joining Kagan Textiles. Long-term members of Bradford Reform Synagogue.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 June 2010 page C4
Death of Stuart Hilton, Director of Manchester Jewish Museum. Died 2 months after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, at Calderdale Royal Hospital Halifax, near his home.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 May 2011 page 9
Reference to RachelAndurer, 44 year-old teaching assistant at Halifax. Member of Bradford Synagogue.

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