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Set out below are details of Brighton's early synagagues - the synagogues used, in succession, by the Brighton Hebrew Congregation and which were the predecessor congregations to the Middle Street Synagogue of the Brighton and Hove Hebrew Congregation, opened in 1874. Also included are detail of an alternative congregation.

Congregation Data


Brighton Hebrew Congregation (later the Brighton and Hove Hebrew Congregation)

Synagogue Addresses:

From about 1792 (other sources state 1800)
   First synagogue in Jew Street, Brighton (the Jew Street Congregation).

From at least 1808 to 1813
   Synagogue moved to Poune's Court, West Street, Brighton (the Poune's Court Congregation).

1813 - Congregation temporarily closed down (lack of numbers).

From 1821 to 1824
   Synagogue formally re-constituted in West Street, Brighton (the West Street Congregation).

From 1824 to 1874 -
   38/39 Devonshire Place, Brighton (the Devonshire Place Synagogue) - plot purchased and building erected in 1823, enlarged 1837 and/or 1867, designed by David Mocatta (now a Grade II listed building - see description from Appendix to Newman Papers).

(Thereafter the Congregation moved to the  Middle Street Synagogue. See Brighton & Hove Hebrew Congregation)

Alternative Congregation:

There was also for a long time a private synagogue in 26 Brunswick Terrace, Brunswick Square, Hove, in the house of Philip Salomons (who died in 1867).


Ashkenazi Orthodox

Membership Data:

1845 - 16 ba'ale batim and 32 seatholders  (Chief Rabbi's Questionnaire)
1851 - 10 appropriated seats and 150 individual members (ibid.)
1852 - 32 seatholders (Board of Deputies return)
1860 - 38 seatholders (Board of Deputies return)
1870 - 46 seatholders (Board of Deputies return)

Cemetery Information:

The old Jewish cemetery of the Brighton Jewish community is the Florence Place Old Jewish Burial Grounds, was opened in 1826. (For further details see Cemetery Information on the Brighton and Hove community page)


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