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Great Grimsby Hebrew Burial Board
Rules 1896

GREAT GRIMSBY Hebrew Burial Board
Chevra Kadisha Society 1896

1 - Every paying Member of this Congregation shall be eligible and may become a Member of this Society.

2 - Membership of this Society shall constitute by the payment of 4d. per every 4 weeks, or 4s. 4d , per year, payable in advance.

3 - Any person desirous of becoming a Member of this Society after the formation of this Chevra shall pay 2s. 6d. as Entrance Fee. 

4 - Everyone joining must be a Member of this Chevra or Society 12 months before he is eligible for a Shammos. 

5 - A Shammos to remain so for 3 years when he becomes a Chevra Kadisha man. 

6 - Any Member who is capable and wishing to become a Chevra Kadisha man at once without serving as Shammos must pay 10s. 6d. as well as Membership Fees. 

7 - No Member can become Shammos, or Chevra Kadisha man before the 15th day Kislev, which is the recognised initiation day. 

8 - Any Member, Shammos, or Chevra Kadisha joining an opposition Minian shall be disqualified, and ceases to belong to this Society. 

9 - Any Member, Shammos, or Chevra Kadisha joining any other Minian, Congregation, Shool or Chevra Kadisha Society in Grimsby ceases to be a Member of this Society and forfeits all privileges therein. 

10 - Every Shammos must take his instructions from the Gabbi or Chairman of this Society, or from any Chevra Kadisha man in lieu of the Gabbi according to seniority should the Gabbi be absent, but all those instructions whether given by one or the other must be given in rotation. 

11 - The Gabbi or Chairman shall see that a Minian shall take place Morning and Evening at the house of the Shiva.

12 - The President and Treasurer of the Congregation for the time being shall be ex-officio Members of this Society or Board.

13 - The duties of the Chevra Kadisha man is to be confined to the Thara only.

14 - Failure of duty on the part of Shammos when called upon, in the absence of a reasonable excuse, the penalty shall be 2s. 6d. each time 

15 - Refusal to pay the fine membership ceases. 

16 - No Member of the Cheyra Kadisha shall be eligible for Gabbi or Chairmanship until he has been a Shammos for 3 years. 

17 - Any monetary or legal dispute arising between Members recognised as Chevra Kadisha men or Shammosim whereby it may cause a chilul hasem must be relegated to the decision of this Board or Chevra and their decision shall be final. 

18 - Should either of the disputants take the matter to a Law Court and cause it chilul hasem that Member shall be expelled from this Society. 

19 - Any Member desiring to have a corpse removed to any other town, the charges thereof shall be from One to Five Guineas, and all incidental expenses. 

20 - All charges in reference to non-members for burial here or to be removed to any other town shall be left to the discretion of this Board.

21 - The charges for interments and graves for Members shall be left entirely to the discretion of this Board. 

22 - All Maskir Nesomas offerings, which shall not be less than 3d., shall belong to the funds of this Society 

23 - The Board of Management of this Society shall constitute the Members named therein, being the Trustees of the Burial Ground and Members assisting to frame these rules; and the above Board shall have the power to elect annually its Honorary Officers.

24 - In the event of any Member of this Board resigning or leaving the town, or causing a vacancy by death, the Board shall at its earliest opportunity have the power to elect a Member to fill this place.

25 - The following Members constitute the First Burial Board or Committee of Management of the same Board 

S. Bloom, Esq - Gabbi or Chairman
Mr Councillor M. Abrahams, J.P. 
S. J. Bernstein
L. Bennett 
S. Bennett
Jacob Berman 
L. Bloom
B. Cohen 
Joseph Hitner
M. Isaacs 
L. Klein
M Moscow 
I. Wood
M. Woolfe 
Lynos Rabinovitch, Hon Secretary and Treasurer


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