All Deceased beginning with letters 'ZW'

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All names beginning ZW
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ZWAG HettieE3846927 Jul 193435XT29 36
ZWARTENBERG SarahE3847022 Jul 189473XA05 242
ZWEC ReubenE3847111 Mar 1910XE06 32
ZWEE FannyE3847224 Aug 1913XL06 49
ZWEE LouisE3847329 Oct 194063XU77 49
ZWEE YettaE3847405 Sep 195369XV87 9
ZWEIBAUM JuliusE3847502 Dec 196274XZ41 19
ZWEIBAUM NellieE3847625 Mar 195668XZ41 20
ZWEIG GertrudeE3847701 Jun 195156XW11 17
ZWEIG JosephE3847822 Sep 192375XN07 5
ZWEIG MaxE3847920 Jan 195360XW10 29
ZWEIG RachaelE3848027 Nov 191965XN07 4
ZWEIG RebeccaE3848113 Apr 192015 mthXM11 15
ZWEIG SamuelE3848231 Mar 193146XS26 74
ZWEIG SidneyE3848330 Aug 19299XS27 42
ZWEIGENBAUM AbrahamE3848416 Sep 192163XK14 43
ZWEIGENBAUM NaomiE3848508 Aug 193462XT29 29
ZWERLING EthelE3848610 Aug 194670XX10 28
ZWERLING MaxE3848710 Dec 193480XP25 2
ZWERLING ZeporahE3848824 Aug 193882XV36 24
ZWERMAN LeahE3848904 May 193459XT27 14
ZWIBELL IsaacE3849020 Nov 191847XN17 19
ZWIRLING IsaacE3849124 Dec 19058 mthXF01 34
ZWIRN Golda SarahE3849220 Mar 193617 mthXQ04 67
ZWIRTLING YettaE3849313 Oct 190552XF03 4

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