All Deceased beginning with letters 'ZU'

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All names beginning ZU
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ZUBICE MinnieE3840513 Apr 194282XU04 33
ZUBICE MorrisE3840618 Aug 193474XU04 32
ZUBRAK AbrahamE3840705 Feb 191944XN13 30
ZUBRASKY MorrisE3840826 Nov 193566XU41 8
ZUBROVITCH IsaacE3840902 Nov 192956XS27 58
ZUBROVITCH RachelE3841019 Feb 193052XS29 58
ZUBROWKSY AbrahamE3841115 Apr 196183XV88 11
ZUBROWSKY RachelE3841203 Jul 194668XX11 35
ZUCKAIRTCH MorrisE3841301 Oct 195062XY37 36
ZUCKEN PhillipE3841411 Jul 19193 mthXM10 45
ZUCKER BettyE3841529 Dec 193075XT03 36
ZUCKER EdaE3841607 Oct 191527XL19 36
ZUCKER HarrisE3841728 Mar 193374XU18 47
ZUCKER MatildaE3841821 Nov 190556XF05 3
ZUCKER RachelE3841929 Oct 192978XI10 46
ZUCKER SimonE3842008 Sep 191734XJ12 64
ZUCKERMAN LouisE3842125 Mar 189512 mthXA04 217
ZUCKERMAN Mordecai JosephE3842222 Mar 192359XI16 70A
ZUCKERMAN PE3842310 Aug 190316 mthXD07 61
ZUCKHAFT AnnieE3842431 Aug 194370XP34 9
ZUCKHAFT MarksE3842507 Dec 194876XP34 10
ZUCKHART DoraE3842622 Apr 192417XP34 8
ZUCKOVITCH RachelE3842712 Dec 195769XY37 35
ZUISKIND o/w SYMONS SimonE3842816 Feb 193891XD03 4
ZUKERWAS FannyE3842926 Mar 19012XB09 405
ZUKERWAS HymanE3843008 Mar 19019 mthXB10 483
ZULTAG PollyE3843103 Mar 194474XW28 32
ZULTER HarrisE3843214 Feb 192345XP06 15
ZUNDMAN John SolomonE3843304 Aug 197386XY32 5
ZUNDMAN KateE3843404 Feb 195064XY32 6
ZUNIN RachelE3843523 Dec 193467XT31 44
ZUNIN SolomonE3843631 Dec 192865XS21 44
ZURE AnnieE3843714 Apr 192630XR15 14
ZURE MarkE3843802 Feb 192627XR13 17
ZURICK AnnieE3843917 Jan 19248XQ02 13
ZUSMAN AdaE3844025 Apr 191972XI07 63
ZUSMAN DavisE3844111 Jul 196678XZ04 2
ZUSMAN MaryE3844216 Apr 195169XZ18 8
ZUSMAN RachelE3844309 Sep 19259XM18 37
ZUSMAN SamuelE3844419 Mar 1911XI04 43
ZUSSMAN AbrahamE3844523 Jul 192763XR35 37
ZUSSMAN AbrahamE3844617 Nov 196081XP76 27
ZUSSMAN AnnieE3844716 Feb 191737XJ17 70
ZUSSMAN AnnieE3844810 Jun 193669XT44 10
ZUSSMAN BarnettE3844906 Nov 192666XR23 43
ZUSSMAN DavidE3845007 Nov 193457XU03 16
ZUSSMAN DoraE3845118 Jun 194273XU68 53
ZUSSMAN FannyE3845222 Jan 193260XT14 63
ZUSSMAN FannyE3845330 Apr 193174XT03 11
ZUSSMAN GertrudeE3845409 Jan 190716XH02 13
ZUSSMAN JacobE3845521 Nov 192854XS20 58
ZUSSMAN KittyE3845624 Oct 198294XP76 28
ZUSSMAN MarksE3845715 Sep 193967XU68 43
ZUSSMAN RachelE3845820 Aug 1911XO20 5
ZUSSMAN SamuelE3845920 May 191819XJ15 38
ZUSSMAN SarahE3846022 Mar 192563XR02 50
ZUSSMAN Schneider AlexanderE3846127 Jul 195578XS01 3
ZUSSMAN SolomonE3846219 Aug 192671XR20 26
ZUSSMAN YettaE3846327 Sep 195970XZ04 3
ZUTNITSKY LeopoldE3846423 Jun 192564XR05 33
ZUTOFSKY KatieE3846514 Mar 192448XP32 25
ZUTOFSKY LewisE3846620 Dec 194980XY31 24
ZUTTERMAN FelixE3846715 Jun 195476XZ34 23
ZUTTERMAN LeahE3846819 Feb 195263XZ23 23

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