All Deceased beginning with letters 'ZO'

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All names beginning ZO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ZOBLODOVSKY JaneA214606 Jan 190630F03 14
ZOBOROWSKI RachelD369409 Oct 193967V261 21
ZOCKLISHOVER Israel MorrisP2122217 Jun 191565I14
ZOEST Louis VictorC452117 Nov 192637R123 35
ZOEST PhillipusC803908 Dec 193069R129 59
ZOEST SarahD217008 Apr 193774R129 58
ZOLIN FannyE526412 Nov 196382X04 24
ZOLIN NathanD802218 Feb 194763X04 25
ZOLINCH Jacob SolomonC637515 Jan 192953S22 58
ZOLLETT MyerC252018 May 192472P135 18
ZOLNICH SarahE044720 Sep 195173W14 26
ZOLOFSKY Lewis - son ofC299410 Jan 192510M119 26
ZOLONDZ GoldaC502523 Jun 192772M126 05
ZOLONDZ HymanC615123 Oct 192873M126 06
ZOLOSHINSKY ManeC066105 Feb 192218O04 46
ZOLOWSKI AdaE706601 Sep 197691Y132 02
ZOLOWSKI AnnieC308614 Feb 192575P245 30
ZOLOWSKI LouisD980829 Jun 195073Y132 01
ZOLOWSKI SolomonP2122902 Aug 191632J21
ZOLOWSKY MarkD315612 Oct 193862U262 31
ZOLOWSKY MillieD919706 Apr 194972U262 30
ZOLSBERG AnnieE243526 Dec 195570W18 21
ZOLTY RoseA151013 Jul 190337D08 20
ZOOBRIS AbrahamP2123305 Feb 191944N13
ZOONCLAP LewisC243101 Apr 192452P133 32
ZOONCLAP MillieE084727 Jul 195274P133 33
ZOROKOVITCH SonaP2123402 May 191436I14

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