All Deceased beginning with letters 'ZO'

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All names beginning ZO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ZOBLODOVSKY JaneE3837906 Jan 190630XF03 14
ZOBOROWSKI RachelE3838009 Oct 193967XV61 21
ZOCKLOSHOVER MorrisE3838117 Jun 191564XI14 61
ZOEST Louis VictorE3838217 Nov 192637XR23 35
ZOEST PhillipusE3838308 Dec 193069XR29 59
ZOEST SarahE3838408 Apr 193774XR29 58
ZOLIN FannyE3838512 Nov 196382XX04 24
ZOLIN NathanE3838618 Feb 194763XX04 25
ZOLINCH Jacob SolomonE3838715 Jan 192953XS22 58
ZOLLETT MyerE3838818 May 192472XP35 18
ZOLNICH SarahE3838920 Sep 195173XW14 26
ZOLOFSKY Lewis - son ofE3839010 Jan 19253 mthXM19 26
ZOLONDZ GoldaE3839123 Jun 192772XM26 5
ZOLONDZ HymanE3839223 Oct 192873XM26 6
ZOLOWSKI AdaE3839301 Sep 197691XY32 2
ZOLOWSKI AnnieE3839414 Feb 192575XP45 30
ZOLOWSKI LouisE3839529 Jun 195073XY32 1
ZOLOWSKY MarkE3839612 Oct 193862XU62 31
ZOLOWSKY MillieE3839706 Apr 194972XU62 30
ZOLOWSKY SolomonE3839803 Aug 191628XJ21 63
ZOLSBERG AnnieE3839926 Dec 195570XW18 21
ZOLTY RoseE3840013 Jul 190337XD08 20
ZONKOWITCH SoraE3840102 May 1914XI14 23
ZOONCLAP LewisE3840201 Apr 192452XP33 32
ZOONCLAP MillieE3840327 Jul 195274XP33 33
ZOROCOVITCH SimonE3840401 Jun 1911XO18 7

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