All Deceased beginning with letters 'ZI'

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All names beginning ZI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ZIANTS MarksE3823513 Dec 193369XU25 50
ZICHLINSKY AbrahamE3823629 Mar 193360XU19 50
ZICHLINSKY DeborahE3823702 Mar 196688XU19 51
ZICHLINSKY GedaliahE3823810 Jan 192583XL02 40
ZICHLINSKY SimchaE3823916 Oct 1912XL02 41
ZICKROW HarrisE3824016 Mar 194266XV18 7
ZICKROW SarahE3824110 Jul 196182XV18 8
ZIDENBERG BetsyE3824218 Feb 190634XF03 19
ZIDERMAN AnnieE3824318 Nov 194167XV20 20
ZIDERMAN MorrisE3824429 Jun 196284XV20 21
ZIDERMAN PhilipE3824507 Dec 194077XV68 16
ZIDMAN David LazarusE3824630 May 192958XS25 17
ZIDMAN RebeccaE3824711 Mar 194677XX21 22
ZIDMAN SimonE3824822 Dec 193314XU30 10
ZIEDMAN AnnieE3824912 Feb 194360XV86 12
ZIEGENBAUM JacobE3825007 Jun 194973XY28 28
ZIEGERMACHER RosaE3825101 Oct 193657XV43 30
ZIELONKA MarksE3825211 Mar 192970XS23 54
ZIEN (Lyons) HarrisE3825309 Apr 191560XL18 25
ZIESHOLZ RachelE3825402 Dec 194074XV28 30
ZIESS IsaacE3825509 Sep 192180XK13 10
ZIETMAN EstherE3825629 Jul 194162XS34 30
ZIETMAN Samuel DanielE3825725 Nov 197193XS34 31
ZIETMAN SarahE3825802 Sep 193924XV34 32
ZIFF FayE3825917 Jan 199590XI21 52
ZIFF GoldaE3826016 Jan 194064XV38 32
ZIFF Hannah FannyE3826111 Jan 194160XQ36 14
ZIFF HarryE3826228 Feb 195979XP67 9
ZIFF IsraelE3826319 Nov 197567XQ34 41
ZIFF MarkE3826401 Oct 197976XI21 51
ZIFF NathanE3826527 May 194667XQ33 14
ZIFF PhilipE3826627 Jun 192144XG10 41
ZIFF RoseE3826731 Aug 1913XO27 7
ZIFF SamuelE3826818 Nov 192854XS20 54
ZIFF SolomonE3826905 Aug 192619XR19 11
ZIGMAN FannyE3827016 Apr 197481XP76 6
ZIGMAN IsraelE3827106 Jul 195273XW19 32
ZIGMAN RoseE3827209 May 196469XW19 33
ZIGMAN SolomonE3827302 Aug 196166XP76 5
ZIGMOND CissieE3827406 Sep 192669XR21 32
ZIGMOND Judis (Edith)E3827525 Dec 193975XQ01 43
ZIGMOND PecyE3827606 Sep 191565XL20 30
ZIGMUND MyerE3827725 Apr 192470XQ06 9
ZIMBACH LeahE3827819 Feb 19225XO03 26
ZIMBELIST RaphaelE3827903 Mar 191880XJ07 57
ZIMBLER DavisE3828016 Oct 194276XT24 11
ZIMBLER HarrisE3828130 Jan 18938 mthXA03 156
ZIMBLER HarrisE3828207 Nov 192367XQ27 7
ZIMBLER LeahE3828326 Aug 192153XK11 6
ZIMBLER ReginaE3828427 Oct 193361XT24 12
ZIMBROVITCH LeahE3828524 Jan 190562XC07 35
ZIMECK GertieE3828606 Nov 191830XN18 6
ZIMET IsaacE3828712 Feb 194764XX05 12
ZIMET SarahE3828821 May 197380XX05 11
ZIMMACK AlexanderE3828918 Apr 193675XT32 48
ZIMMACK DeborahE3829010 Mar 193570XT32 47
ZIMMER FannyE3829107 Jul 195067XK08 16
ZIMMER KalmanE3829210 Nov 195577XK08 17
ZIMMER MichaelE3829317 Nov 18921 mthXA03 142
ZIMMERING RebeccaE3829426 May 192836XS10 27
ZIMMERMAN AaronE3829526 May 1912XL03 22
ZIMMERMAN AaronE3829627 Apr 195459XQ16 32
ZIMMERMAN AbrahamE3829727 Jul 192962XS26 17
ZIMMERMAN AmeliaE3829805 Jun 194468XX27 29
ZIMMERMAN AnnieE3829928 Dec 194964XZ13 12
ZIMMERMAN AnnieE3830002 Jul 197980XT46 25
ZIMMERMAN AnnieE3830107 Nov 198089XP73 15
ZIMMERMAN BarnettE3830211 Feb 193758XN04 43
ZIMMERMAN BellaE3830317 Sep 1914XO08 27
ZIMMERMAN CarolineE3830404 Mar 193165XQ37 2
ZIMMERMAN Esther DorothyE3830519 Nov 193462XT31 40
ZIMMERMAN EstherE3830615 Mar 19029 mthXD01 65
ZIMMERMAN EstherE3830719 Apr 192454XP34 16
ZIMMERMAN FloraE3830831 Mar 192364XN17 46
ZIMMERMAN GertieE3830920 Dec 194484XS20 2
ZIMMERMAN HarrisE3831003 Jan 191887XH05 1
ZIMMERMAN Israel IsaacE3831107 Apr 192960XS20 1
ZIMMERMAN IsraelE3831217 Sep 199785XW32 52
ZIMMERMAN JackE3831301 Apr 192322XP05 19
ZIMMERMAN JaneE3831412 Mar 1914XI12 22
ZIMMERMAN LeahE3831522 May 192170XK12 51
ZIMMERMAN LewisE3831621 Apr 192829XS06 41
ZIMMERMAN MichaelE3831713 Sep 192118XK12 11
ZIMMERMAN MiriamE3831823 Aug 2003105XW17 2
ZIMMERMAN Morris J.E3831927 Jun 192164XN17 47
ZIMMERMAN MorrisE3832014 Jun 193154XS19 10
ZIMMERMAN MorrisE3832105 Aug 194778XX27 28
ZIMMERMAN MyerE3832217 Nov 193335XU29 34
ZIMMERMAN NathanE3832325 Nov 192118XH04 1
ZIMMERMAN PhilipE3832429 Jul 193162XQ37 3
ZIMMERMAN PriscillaE3832514 Jul 191944XI16 45
ZIMMERMAN Rabbi MayerE3832603 Nov 193661XW02 2
ZIMMERMAN RachelE3832727 Oct 198288XQ16 33
ZIMMERMAN SamuelE3832815 Apr 196168XP73 16
ZIMMERMAN SarahE3832928 Oct 1909XH05 2
ZINDER Sarah-FannyE3833021 Oct 1912XL02 42
ZINIMER PollyE3833109 May 194166XV23 32
ZINKIN BennettE3833204 Jan 194760XS01 27
ZINKIN CeliaE3833307 Jul 198585XS01 28
ZINKIN GertrudeE3833414 Jan 195466XS01 40
ZINKIN JacobE3833529 Jul 191572XF09 35
ZINKIN JosephE3833604 May 195372XS01 39
ZINKIN NechomaE3833708 Oct 190657XF09 34A
ZINKIND LouisE3833830 Sep 192442XE09 1B
ZINN AnnieE3833929 May 198883XW17 41
ZINN DoraE3834010 Oct 193050XT08 26
ZINN HankE3834102 Dec 191847XN15 29
ZINN MichaelE3834222 Apr 196564XW17 40
ZINN MorrisE3834325 Dec 194165XV80 13
ZINN PercyE3834428 Jul 198155XW12 52
ZIONS LeahE3834527 Apr 191672XJ21 36
ZIPPERSTEIN Rebecca EvaE3834616 Mar 192471XP32 29
ZISKIN BassE3834719 Jan 192267XM15 16
ZISKIN GittelE3834803 Dec 193265XT18 23
ZISKIND EstherE3834912 Dec 193472XW06 5
ZISKIND MaryE3835021 Dec 191454XI17 6
ZISKIND ow SIMONS FannyE3835126 Jul 192067XC08 51
ZISSICK LeahE3835228 May 1912XL04 17
ZISSICK SimonE3835301 May 192267XL04 18
ZISSMAN IsaacE3835424 Jan 1914XI07 62
ZISSMAN IsidoreE3835506 Oct 191612 mthXJ21 6
ZISSMAN JacobE3835616 Dec 193363XU28 49
ZISSMAN JosephE3835719 Jun 1912XI06 63
ZISSMAN SarahE3835816 Oct 194064XQ38 28
ZISSMAN SophieE3835926 Feb 194992XI06 64
ZISSMAN WoolfE3836010 Aug 1912XI06 62
ZISWINSKY SophieE3836123 Apr 195166XU44 1
ZITNICK MorrisE3836225 Feb 194163XV69 4
ZITNICK Stanley DavisE3836327 Jun 192622XR18 44
ZITRON KatieE3836404 Jan 193486XT25 32
ZITVER BettyE3836521 May 194061XU67 25
ZITVER IsaacE3836628 May 193958XU66 25
ZIVERMAN MorrisE3836723 Dec 193326XU30 8
ZIVOTINSKY LilyE3836823 May 193260XT16 9
ZIVOTINSKY SolomonE3836921 Mar 192968XS24 41

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