All Deceased beginning with letters 'ZE'

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All names beginning ZE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
ZEBROWICZ AnnaE3810718 Sep 195561XQ83 8
ZEDERBAUM RachelE3810803 Dec 19153XO05 5
ZEEDMAN KateE3810926 Jan 195069XY07 17
ZEEDMAN MauriceE3811016 Oct 194769XY07 18
ZEELIG AlexanderE3811107 Mar 190164XD02 19
ZEELIVIANSKI MillieE3811211 Jul 196678XV02 21
ZEEMAN AbrahamE3811304 Sep 193476XU23 9
ZEFF AbrahamE3811422 Sep 194870XY18 25
ZEFF AdaE3811506 Nov 197695XP67 10
ZEFF AnnieE3811606 Jan 193852XV52 26
ZEFF EstherE3811707 Jul 196785XW08 33
ZEFF JohnE3811818 Jan 193778XU50 29
ZEFF MillieE3811916 Nov 195080XU61 52
ZEFF NellieE3812008 Sep 192557XR07 53
ZEFF SolomonE3812125 Jul 194158XV22 6
ZEFF SolomonE3812224 Mar 192870XS05 29
ZEFF SophieE3812312 Jan 190725XF08 27
ZEFFERBERG JudahE3812422 Nov 193071XS33 8
ZEFFERT EstherE3812509 Jan 192875XS03 59
ZEFFERT HarrisE3812615 Jun 193284XK18 6A
ZEFFERT HarryE3812718 Feb 192855XS04 48
ZEFFERT JacobE3812817 Apr 192631XJ13 12
ZEFFERT MorrisE3812922 Nov 191766XJ12 12
ZEFFERT PhilipE3813020 Jan 192870XS04 56
ZEFFERT RachelE3813104 Mar 192977XJ12 11
ZEFFERT RachelE3813231 May 192880XK18 7
ZEFFERT RachelE3813312 Oct 195883XS04 49
ZEFFERT WoolfE3813403 Dec 190120XD03 29
ZEID IsaacE3813509 Jan 193778XU50 15
ZEID JackE3813607 Nov 196072XQ118 9
ZEID Jessie SarahE3813727 Jun 193332XT21 28
ZEID PhoebeE3813806 Oct 191734XJ13 11
ZEID RebeccaE3813924 Mar 195777XQ65 1
ZEID RebeccaE3814018 Aug 199096XQ118 10
ZEID WalterE3814120 Mar 19341XQ04 45
ZEIDEN FannyE3814217 Nov 193550XT11 2
ZEIDENBERG JosephE3814304 Jun 195075XY36 8
ZEIDENBERG LoiseE3814424 Dec 196590XY36 7
ZEIDENBERG RachelE3814516 May 195971XU54 53
ZEIDENBERG SamuelE3814602 Sep 193354XU27 36
ZEIDENBITEL or WOOLF KateE3814718 Jul 193759XV51 10
ZEIDENFELD AbrahamE3814815 May 194552XW01 8
ZEIDER PhilipE3814929 Jun 194872XV14 27
ZEIDER RebeccaE3815012 Aug 194264XV14 26
ZEIDERMAN AaronE3815115 Aug 195567XZ39 12
ZEIDERMAN IsaacE3815227 May 194556XX22 24
ZEIDERMAN LeahE3815330 Jan 194469XW29 42
ZEIDERMAN LilyE3815420 Jun 193918XV62 9
ZEIDERMAN RebeccaE3815522 Apr 197382XZ39 11
ZEIDMAN MillieE3815626 Mar 195669XX22 23
ZEIDMAN ReubenE3815709 Mar 195569XV87 16
ZEIGENBAUM EstherE3815801 Dec 195775XY28 27
ZEIGMAN MauriceE3815931 Mar 19242XQ04 18
ZEISEL AudreyE3816024 Dec 201283XW34 48
ZEITAL DeborahE3816128 May 194473XW27 42
ZEITEL SolomonE3816218 Apr 192254XK16 30
ZEITLIN AbrahamE3816302 Jul 192444XP37 19
ZEITLIN JosephE3816426 Dec 192846XS21 48
ZEITLIN JoshuaE3816521 Aug 197366XQ100 1
ZEITLIN LouiseE3816621 Nov 191613XO03 24
ZEITLIN PaulineE3816725 Jun 1910XE07 16
ZEITLIN RachelE3816831 Mar 192068XJ02 1
ZEITLIN SarahE3816903 Nov 199379XQ100 2
ZEITLIN VictorE3817025 Nov 192358XQ30 2
ZEITLYN GeorgeE3817120 Jun 195071XJ09 1B
ZEITLYN Rabbi-BernardE3817213 May 1913XJ02 2
ZELAZNER SophieE3817305 Jan 191516 mthXO08 39
ZELCOWICZ ShlomoE3817406 Aug 200081XQ108 4
ZELDIN FannyE3817524 Dec 196276XU42 8
ZELDIN Godel IsraelE3817626 Dec 193559XU42 7
ZELECHIN MaryE3817703 Jun 193275XT16 5
ZELICHONESKY PessiaE3817827 Mar 195987XW30 3
ZELICHOWSKY IsraelE3817905 Nov 194591XW05 8
ZELICHOWSKY SamuelE3818018 Feb 194569XR25 41
ZELICHOWSKY SophiaE3818101 Nov 194085XW05 7
ZELICHOWSKY ZiselE3818214 Dec 192651XR25 40
ZELIGMAN JacobE3818309 Oct 193272XU24 31
ZELIGMAN ME3818429 Jul 18985 mthXA08 434
ZELIGMAN NathanE3818529 Dec 18942 mthXA04 214
ZELIKOFF KateE3818618 Jan 194472XW30 41
ZELINSKY AnnieE3818725 Apr 195778XU31 4
ZELINSKY BetsyE3818816 Sep 190630XF08 10
ZELINSKY ChairerE3818926 Jun 192577XR05 40
ZELINSKY DavidE3819025 Jan 1911XI02 29
ZELINSKY EvaE3819129 Feb 194052XV30 31
ZELINSKY FannyE3819208 Jan 190550XC04 36
ZELINSKY HymanE3819323 Jan 193454XU31 3
ZELINSKY HymanE3819429 Aug 195767XT56 3
ZELINSKY IsraelE3819520 Mar 194172XV30 32
ZELINSKY JacobE3819617 Mar 190510 mthXE02 26
ZELINSKY LeahE3819710 Jul 196884XZ31 19
ZELINSKY MaryE3819818 Jun 195867XT56 4
ZELINSKY MorrisE3819913 Nov 197096XW29 50
ZELINSKY RoseE3820023 Feb 194465XW29 51
ZELINSKY SamuelE3820122 Dec 195374XZ31 20
ZELITSKY SolomonE3820202 Mar 193339XU26 25
ZELIVIANSKY EmmanuelE3820306 Feb 193414XR35 32
ZELIVIANSKY IsaacE3820418 Jun 194361XV02 20
ZELKER SarahE3820501 Feb 195675XU33 52
ZELKIN FannyE3820609 Dec 193056XT09 43
ZELKIN SamuelE3820703 Oct 193531XU40 18
ZELKIN SamuelE3820816 Jan 195879XU33 53
ZELKOVITCH EstherE3820917 Dec 194160XV20 33
ZELKOVITCH JamesE3821022 Jul 194666XW21 50
ZELLER R.E3821113 Feb 18972XC01 6
ZELMANOVITCH SolomonE3821228 May 192549XP32 35
ZELTZER ClaraE3821321 Dec 193430XT31 18
ZELVIN IsaacE3821404 Mar 192057XN06 39
ZELVIN LebaE3821510 Feb 192759XN06 40
ZEMBA BarnetE3821609 Sep 194456XX25 12
ZEMBER AlexanderE3821726 Oct 192965XP49 11
ZEMBER RoseE3821824 Oct 192657XP49 12
ZEMEL BessieE3821927 Nov 194373XV21 26
ZEMEL JosephE3822008 Oct 194167XV21 27
ZEMEL MorrisE3822118 Dec 1913XO09 4
ZEMMEL MaryE3822206 Mar 193170XT09 18
ZEMMEL Samuel MichaelE3822304 Feb 192455XP19 18
ZENDER RoseE3822431 Jul 1913XO27 4
ZENDERE3822506 Sep 189612XB01 10
ZENDNOFSKY PhillipE3822606 Aug 1913XO01 33
ZENFTMAN SamuelE3822709 Aug 193145XU15 3
ZENTFMAN GeorgeE3822810 Apr 192464XP33 9
ZERDMAN SimonE3822901 Sep 192113XM04 51
ZERMAN SarahE3823002 Dec 197886XX26 2
ZETLAND MartinE3823121 Jun 194310XU16 53
ZETOLOFSKY AnnieE3823228 Apr 193455XT27 25
ZETOLOFSKY IsaacE3823318 Dec 195986XP70 10
ZEUFTMAN RachelE3823416 Dec 193372XP32 26

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