All Deceased beginning with letters 'YO'

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All names beginning YO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
YOFFE AnnieE313413 Jul 195770Q390 06
YOFFE WoolfE472628 May 196174Q390 05
YONTEFF (HARRIS) MaryC430401 Aug 192678R119 27
YOSCOVITCH AnnieE519626 Jun 196382V130 12
YOSELEFSKY JaneD076125 Aug 193539S34 33
YOSELOVITCH MinnieE202602 Jan 195571X05 28
YOSELOVITCH MorrisD797730 Jan 194772X05 29
YOSKERVITZ ColemanD571610 Feb 194358V386 10
YOSKOVITCH IsraelD387529 Jan 194062V130 11
YOSPA Gerald LewisC037201 Nov 19215M106 64
YOSPA HarryC402724 Mar 192639R114 43
YOSSELOVITCH MorrisC1027805 May 193347U104 07
YOUDKOVITCH MarksC444614 Oct 192655R120 57
YOUKEROVITCH RebeccaC930129 Mar 193257T115 59
YOUNER RoseD802719 Feb 194758X05 17
YOUNG AnnieC675826 Apr 192966S18 26
YOUNG Anthony DavidD328701 Jan 193910T248 03
YOUNG BernardE365923 Oct 195871P265 19
YOUNG GabrielE646018 Dec 197069F10 23
YOUNG JaneE576628 May 196658P270 17
YOUNG JohnE329703 Dec 195776V276 24
YOUNG MaryD953021 Dec 194948X07 02
YOUNG MaxE424313 Feb 196059P270 16
YOUNG Morris ReubenD854910 Feb 194848Y104 25
YOUNG MorrisC499904 May 192752R134 39
YOUNG MorrisC860024 Jun 193175U115 20
YOUNG SarahE379501 Feb 195968P265 20
YOUNGER EstherD199424 Jan 193786V247 26
YOUNGER PincusC313007 Mar 192565R102 24
YOUNGER YettaE510416 Jan 196392V101 07
YOURES EstherE527122 Nov 196365W10 34
YOURES MendelE087905 Sep 195264W10 35
YOUSOLOFSKY MinnieD563726 Dec 194264U110 37
YOUSOLOVSKY JosephC920223 Feb 193255U110 36

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