All Deceased beginning with letters 'YO'

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All names beginning YO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
YOBENHAMS SarahE3794003 Sep 1914XI12 35
YOBLOWSKY FannyE3794105 Oct 1909XG02 48
YOCKER BetsyE3794215 Aug 1912XI07 50
YOFFE AnnieE3794313 Jul 195770XQ90 6
YOFFE WoolfE3794428 May 196174XQ90 5
YOFLEN HenriettaE3794503 Sep 1914XL05 3
YOLANSKY BetsyE3794613 Aug 1912XL02 31
YOLENBERG GershonE3794729 May 1913XI06 67
YOLOTOSKY FannyE3794825 Apr 1911XI03 46
YONTEFF (HARRIS) MaryE3794901 Aug 192678XR19 27
YORKOVITCH MorrisE3795027 Mar 191585XL14 43
YOSCOVITCH AnnieE3795126 Jun 196382XV30 12
YOSELEFSKY JaneE3795225 Aug 193539XS34 33
YOSELOVITCH MinnieE3795302 Jan 195571XX05 28
YOSELOVITCH MorrisE3795430 Jan 194772XX05 29
YOSKERVITZ ColemanE3795510 Feb 194358XV86 10
YOSKOVITCH IsraelE3795629 Jan 194062XV30 11
YOSPA Gerald LewisE3795701 Nov 19215XM06 64
YOSPA HarryE3795824 Mar 192639XR14 43
YOSSELOVITCH MorrisE3795905 May 193347XU04 7
YOUDKOVITCH MarksE3796014 Oct 192655XR20 57
YOUKEROVITCH RebeccaE3796129 Mar 193257XT15 59
YOUNER RoseE3796219 Feb 194758XX05 17
YOUNG AnnieE3796326 Apr 192966XS18 26
YOUNG Anthony DavidE3796401 Jan 193910 mthXT48 3
YOUNG BernardE3796523 Oct 195871XP65 19
YOUNG GabrielE3796618 Dec 197069XF10 23
YOUNG JaneE3796728 May 196658XP70 17
YOUNG JohnE3796803 Dec 195776XV76 24
YOUNG MaryE3796921 Dec 194948XX07 2
YOUNG MaxE3797013 Feb 196059XP70 16
YOUNG Morris ReubenE3797110 Feb 194848XY04 25
YOUNG MorrisE3797204 May 192752XR34 39
YOUNG MorrisE3797324 Jun 193175XU15 20
YOUNG SarahE3797401 Feb 195968XP65 20
YOUNGER EstherE3797524 Jan 193786XV47 26
YOUNGER PincusE3797607 Mar 192565XR02 24
YOUNGER YettaE3797716 Jan 196392XV01 7
YOURES EstherE3797822 Nov 196365XW10 34
YOURES MendelE3797905 Sep 195264XW10 35
YOUSOLOFSKY MinnieE3798026 Dec 194264XU10 37
YOUSOLOVSKY JosephE3798123 Feb 193255XU10 36

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