All Deceased beginning with letters 'YE'

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All names beginning YE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
YEAS JamieE3788717 Dec 1912XO23 13
YEDVOP AnnieE3788803 Feb 192865XS11 29
YEGLIN RebeccaE3788923 Sep 193273XT17 7
YEGLOVSKY DavisE3789022 Feb 192249XK15 54
YEHIPICK MorrisE3789100 0XL09 36
YEISLER IsaacE3789217 Jun 1912XL03 27
YELLABRODER David KennethE3789319 Mar 193111 mthXR47 6
YELLIN BenjaminE3789414 Mar 19265 mthXM28 12
YELLIN DavidE3789514 Mar 19263XM28 11
YELLIN DeborahE3789629 Jan 194667XT19 2
YELLIN IsaacE3789715 Nov 194062XT19 1
YELLIN LewisE3789804 Feb 19204XM05 38
YELLIN RebeccaE3789904 Feb 19203XM05 39
YELNER LewisE3790008 Oct 1911XO19 16
YELOFSKY HarrisE3790125 May 194667XX12 24
YELOFSKY RebeccaE3790210 May 195571XX12 23
YELOSKY IsraelE3790306 Jun 193159XU14 37
YELOSKY RebeccaE3790411 Apr 193662XU14 38
YELTRAM RoseE3790520 Nov 192833XS14 63
YEMUSH HymanE3790618 Mar 194773XX22 1
YENDICHEFSKY SolomonE3790723 Aug 191543XL18 47
YENSER SarahE3790810 Jan 1910XE06 40
YENTCHMEN Isaac SimonE3790909 Jan 193052XS19 59
YENTEEN KateE3791007 Mar 192358XP15 23
YENTIS AnneE3791126 Aug 198386XW03 46
YENTIS AnnieE3791206 Jun 192921XS07 45
YENTIS BenedictE3791323 Sep 19182 mthXM09 53
YENTIS BenjaminE3791420 Jun 193133XU15 18
YENTIS EdnaE3791505 Nov 200072XW04 40
YENTIS FannyE3791629 Oct 194847XY19 12
YENTIS HymanE3791728 Jul 193369XU08 42
YENTIS IsraelE3791801 May 193843XU60 26
YENTIS MillieE3791923 Mar 1908XH06 17
YENUSH RebeccaE3792001 Feb 194769XX22 2
YERCOVITCH EdithE3792117 Mar 193254XT15 62
YERKOVITCH PollyE3792230 Dec 192817XS15 64
YERKOVITCH SophieE3792327 Dec 194873XY22 16
YERSAKOVITCH JacobE3792426 Feb 192349XP06 10
YERSAKOWITCH SarahE3792522 Nov 192546XR10 47
YESELEVSKY HarryE3792605 Jan 195571XZ35 20
YESOLOVITCH AnnieE3792705 May 190456XC03 30
YESOWITCH AnnieE3792811 Mar 193765XV39 11
YESSELOVITCH AnnieE3792922 Sep 193949XV34 33
YETHAM LewisE3793030 Aug 1913XL05 30
YETTRAM RachelE3793108 Feb 194278XV79 14
YETZES BenjaminE3793228 Jul 193853XU61 20

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