All Deceased beginning with letters 'YE'

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All names beginning YE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
YEDVOP AnnieC554703 Feb 192865S11 29
YEGLIN RebeccaC966723 Sep 193273T117 07
YEGLOVSKY DavisC070822 Feb 192249K15 54
YELLABRODER David KennethC836619 Mar 193111R247 06
YELLIN BenjaminC399314 Mar 19265M128 12
YELLIN DavidC400014 Mar 19263M128 11
YELLIN DeborahD742029 Jan 194667T119 02
YELLIN IsaacD442515 Nov 194062T119 01
YELLIN LewisB616204 Feb 19204M105 38
YELLIN RebeccaB616304 Feb 19203M105 39
YELOFSKY HarrisD758825 May 194667X12 24
YELOFSKY RebeccaE219610 May 195571X12 23
YELOSKY IsraelC855506 Jun 193159U114 37
YELOSKY RebeccaD134611 Apr 193662U114 38
YELTRAM RoseC621920 Nov 192833S14 63
YEMUSH HymanD809118 Mar 194773X22 01
YENTCHMEN Isaac SimonC729509 Jan 193052S19 59
YENTEEN KateC149207 Mar 192358P115 23
YENTIS AnneE753826 Aug 198386W03 46
YENTIS AnnieC685106 Jun 192921S07 45
YENTIS BenjaminC859320 Jun 193133U115 18
YENTIS EdnaE805505 Nov 200072W04 40
YENTIS FannyD888829 Oct 194847Y119 12
YENTIS HymanC1043128 Jul 193369U108 42
YENTIS IsraelD294801 May 193843U260 26
YENUSH RebeccaD798101 Feb 194769X22 02
YERCOVITCH EdithC926217 Mar 193254T115 62
YERKOVITCH PollyC632830 Dec 192817S15 64
YERKOVITCH SophieD899127 Dec 194873Y122 16
YERSAKOVITCH JacobC147626 Feb 192349P106 10
YERSAKOWITCH SarahC368322 Nov 192546R110 47
YESELEVSKY HarryE203205 Jan 195571Z135 20
YESOLOVITCH AnnieA172505 May 190456C03 30
YESOWITCH AnnieD209611 Mar 193765V139 11
YESSELOVITCH AnnieD366722 Sep 193949V134 33
YETTRAM LewisP2098430 Aug 191368L5
YETTRAM RachelD516808 Feb 194278V279 14
YETZES BenjaminD306428 Jul 193853U261 20

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