All Deceased beginning with letters 'YA'

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All names beginning YA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
YABLOFSKY EstherC1125218 Jul 193441T129 06
YABLONSKEINE ChayaC1011328 Feb 193392T122 45
YABLONSKY SolomonC753912 Apr 193076S29 32
YABONSKY EstherD050124 Mar 193574S29 31
YADWABNE PhilipC333808 Jun 192565R105 27
YAFFA MorrisD152701 Jul 193651U246 08
YAFFE FannyD127309 Mar 193673I20 60
YAFFE Hyman IsaacC031703 Oct 192158I20 59
YAFFE MorrisD414705 Jul 194072U275 41
YAGER AbrahamC330620 May 192572P110 26
YAGER BarnetD934609 Aug 194965V247 15
YAGER BetsyE360326 Aug 195884P263 08
YAGER Esther RifkaC258321 Jun 192478J07 07
YAGER HarryD751811 Apr 194668K18 01
YAGER HindaC137715 Jan 192370P110 27
YAGER HymanC541624 Dec 192762S03 44
YAGER JaneE060517 Jan 195271V138 02
YAGER LewisC618204 Nov 192858P121 06
YAGER LottieC620413 Nov 192844K18 02
YAGER MaxE312702 Jul 195772V138 01
YAGER MillyD199023 Jan 193751V247 16
YAGER NathanP2093122 Dec 191674J7
YAGER PessyC546103 Jan 192860S03 70
YAGER RachelE455110 Dec 196069V247 02
YAGER SarahC757524 Apr 193084S17 03
YAGONES HarrisC649509 Feb 192951S23 26
YAKER AnnieC1099516 Mar 193465T126 56
YAKER Horace SamuelD706810 Jun 194549X23 35
YAKER LewisD139628 Apr 193675U244 44
YAKER LottieE411131 Oct 195968Q118 39
YAKIR IsaacC016609 Jul 192134H10 15
YALOWITCH JudithB669524 Oct 192056K09 40
YANKELEVITCH FannyC620613 Nov 192877S14 58
YANKELEVITCH HarrisD389007 Feb 194064W03 22
YANKELOVITCH AbrahamD744106 Feb 194651X16 44
YANKELOVITCH HannahC539215 Dec 192772S11 32
YANKELOVITCH MorrisE281217 Oct 195678Y111 24
YANKELOVITCH PhilipC902428 Dec 193169U120 38
YANKELOVITCH RachelD851913 Jan 194851Y111 25
YANKELOVITCH RachelE625406 Jul 196996W03 23
YANKLEOVITCH VigdaC662713 Mar 192980S23 64
YANKLOVITCH BessieE244904 Jan 195666Q276 13
YANKOVITCH SarahD918531 Mar 194973U118 26
YANKOWICH FayD075020 Aug 19358Q102 66
YANKOWITCH RoseC549615 Jan 19286M134 12
YANOFSKY AnnieP2094529 Dec 191648J16
YANOFSKY BarnettC516802 Sep 192772R128 55
YANOFSKY BloomahD430603 Oct 194084R139 56
YANOFSKY DeborahC473703 Feb 192771R128 54
YANOFSKY JacobD187725 Dec 193616U249 23
YANOFSKY JosephC517204 Sep 192772R139 57
YANOFSKY JosephD440008 Nov 194066U279 48
YANOFSKY LeahC970912 Oct 193247T117 29
YANOFSKY LewisD197120 Jan 193757U250 23
YANOFSKY MarkD265225 Nov 193731U257 12
YANOFSKY RebeccaC022009 Aug 192161K13 50
YANOFSKY SolomonC434017 Aug 192653R120 38
YANOFSKY YettaE372423 Dec 195876U251 23
YANOVER HymanC597107 Aug 192823S07 62
YANOVER MarksC110512 Sep 192252N06 01
YANOVSKY MyerB658114 Aug 192066J02 46
YANOVSKY SarahB641308 May 192068J02 47
YANPOLSKY IsadoreD008911 Sep 193460U133 36
YAPNICK FannyD359519 Jul 193959V262 22
YAPNICK o/w YOUNG IsraelD878403 Aug 194878V262 23
YARDLEY JohnC950929 Jun 193233U123 24
YARDMAN GeraldC369223 Nov 19258M120 20
YARKOVITCH MarkE309231 May 195783Y122 17
YARMALINSKY RoseD876411 Jul 194879W05 28
YARMOLINSKY AnnieP2095823 Jun 191159I1
YAROS HymanE335204 Jan 195872Y102 18
YAROS MillieE760109 Nov 198499Y102 19
YARROW AnnieD893426 Nov 194859V140 02
YARROW JacobD698403 Apr 194553X23 07
YARROW JaneP2095910 Mar 191732J16
YARROW JudahD395910 Mar 194077V265 22
YARROW KateE492920 Mar 196284P258 17
YARROW LeahD382505 Jan 194076V265 23
YARROW MaxD652916 Jul 194457W31 49
YARROW MillyB623002 Mar 19205M111 53
YARROW RebeccaC202217 Nov 192336P127 17
YARROW RoseC1030419 May 193345T122 31
YARROW SamuelE287325 Nov 195675P258 16
YARROW SarahE404117 Aug 195976X24 49
YARROW WoolfE777712 Aug 1989101V140 01
YARSHON o/w YARZIN FannyD327931 Dec 193873P249 26
YARSHON o/w YARZIN HymanD325117 Dec 193876P249 25
YARZEMBECK HymanC696310 Aug 192957K05 01A
YARZOMBECK BetsyC132224 Dec 192245K05 01
YASGUR IsaacD812907 Apr 194766X19 03
YASNICK RebeccaC607121 Sep 192868S14 10
YASS SamuelC654320 Feb 192963S24 23
YAUNER BarnettD616607 Dec 194354X32 46
YAVERBAUM AnnieC1016316 Mar 193348T119 13
YAVERBAUM Ivor StanleyC891517 Nov 193112R248 10
YAVERBAUM SamuelD222401 May 193762U252 36
YAVORSKY JaneD379621 Dec 193958V131 02
YAVORSKY MorrisD755001 May 194667V131 01

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