All Deceased beginning with letters 'YA'

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All names beginning YA
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
YABLAN IsraelE3777412 Oct 1910XO15 17
YABLOFSKY EstherE3777518 Jul 193441XT29 6
YABLONSKEINE ChayaE3777628 Feb 193392XT22 45
YABLONSKY SolomonE3777712 Apr 193076XS29 32
YABONSKY EstherE3777824 Mar 193574XS29 31
YABOVITSKY LeahE3777925 Apr 1911XO18 1
YACHIMOVITZ LeahE3778017 Oct 1911XI05 31
YADLOWER KatieE3778102 Aug 1912XO02 11
YADVOBNER SelinaE3778205 Mar 19165XO12 24
YADWABNE PhilipE3778308 Jun 192565XR05 27
YAFFA MorrisE3778409 Oct 1912XL07 6
YAFFA MorrisE3778501 Jul 193651XU46 8
YAFFE FannyE3778609 Mar 193673XI20 60
YAFFE Hyman IsaacE3778703 Oct 192158XI20 59
YAFFE MorrisE3778805 Jul 194072XU75 41
YAGER AbrahamE3778920 May 192572XP10 26
YAGER BarnetE3779009 Aug 194965XV47 15
YAGER BetsyE3779126 Aug 195884XP63 8
YAGER Esther RifkaE3779221 Jun 192478XJ07 7
YAGER HarryE3779311 Apr 194668XK18 1
YAGER HindaE3779415 Jan 192370XP10 27
YAGER HymanE3779524 Dec 192762XS03 44
YAGER JaneE3779617 Jan 195271XV38 2
YAGER LewisE3779704 Nov 192858XP21 6
YAGER LottieE3779813 Nov 192844XK18 2
YAGER MaxE3779902 Jul 195772XV38 1
YAGER MillyE3780023 Jan 193751XV47 16
YAGER PessyE3780103 Jan 192860XS03 70
YAGER RachelE3780210 Dec 196069XV47 2
YAGER SarahE3780324 Apr 193084XS17 3
YAGONES HarrisE3780409 Feb 192951XS23 26
YAKALSKY AaronE3780509 Sep 1914XL16 20
YAKER AnnieE3780616 Mar 193465XT26 56
YAKER Horace SamuelE3780710 Jun 194549XX23 35
YAKER LewisE3780828 Apr 193675XU44 44
YAKER LottieE3780931 Oct 195968XQ18 39
YAKIR IsaacE3781009 Jul 192134XH10 15
YAKOBOVITCH FannyE3781121 Sep 191641XJ19 64
YALKOFF FannyE3781230 Mar 1909XG08 14
YALKOFF SimonE3781306 Dec 1912XL07 17
YALOVITZ BetsyE3781409 Jun 1913XL06 34
YALOWITCH JudithE3781524 Oct 192056XK09 40
YANBER SolomonE3781604 Oct 1912XL01 39
YANCOVER SimonE3781706 Aug 1911XI08 53
YANKELEVITCH FannyE3781813 Nov 192877XS14 58
YANKELEVITCH HarrisE3781907 Feb 194064XW03 22
YANKELOVITCH AbrahamE3782006 Feb 194651XX16 44
YANKELOVITCH HannahE3782115 Dec 192772XS11 32
YANKELOVITCH MorrisE3782217 Oct 195678XY11 24
YANKELOVITCH PhilipE3782328 Dec 193169XU20 38
YANKELOVITCH RachelE3782413 Jan 194851XY11 25
YANKELOVITCH RachelE3782506 Jul 196996XW03 23
YANKLEOVITCH VigdaE3782613 Mar 192980XS23 64
YANKLOVITCH BessieE3782704 Jan 195666XQ76 13
YANKOVITCH SarahE3782831 Mar 194973XU18 26
YANKOWICH FayE3782920 Aug 19358XQ02 66
YANKOWITCH RoseE3783015 Jan 19286 mthXM34 12
YANOFSKY BarnettE3783102 Sep 192772XR28 55
YANOFSKY BloomahE3783203 Oct 194084XR39 56
YANOFSKY DeborahE3783303 Feb 192771XR28 54
YANOFSKY DoraE3783423 Mar 1912XO01 16
YANOFSKY JacobE3783525 Dec 193616XU49 23
YANOFSKY JosephE3783608 Nov 194066XU79 48
YANOFSKY JosephE3783704 Sep 192772XR39 57
YANOFSKY LeahE3783812 Oct 193247XT17 29
YANOFSKY LewisE3783920 Jan 193757XU50 23
YANOFSKY MarkE3784025 Nov 193731XU57 12
YANOFSKY RebeccaE3784109 Aug 192161XK13 50
YANOFSKY SolomonE3784217 Aug 192653XR20 38
YANOFSKY YettaE3784323 Dec 195876XU51 23
YANOVER HymanE3784407 Aug 192823XS07 62
YANOVER MarksE3784512 Sep 192252XN06 1
YANOVSKY MyerE3784614 Aug 192066XJ02 46
YANOVSKY SarahE3784708 May 192068XJ02 47
YANPOLSKY IsadoreE3784811 Sep 193460XU33 36
YANTANSKY FannyE3784908 Aug 1910XO14 3
YANTTIN JanmieE3785013 Sep 1911XI05 23
YAPNICK FannyE3785119 Jul 193959XV62 22
YAPNICK o/w YOUNG IsraelE3785203 Aug 194878XV62 23
YARDLEY JohnE3785329 Jun 193233XU23 24
YARDMAN GeraldE3785423 Nov 19258 mthXM20 20
YARKOVITCH MarkE3785531 May 195783XY22 17
YARMALINSKY RoseE3785611 Jul 194879XW05 28
YAROS HymanE3785704 Jan 195872XY02 18
YAROS MillieE3785809 Nov 198499XY02 19
YARROW AnnieE3785926 Nov 194859XV40 2
YARROW JacobE3786003 Apr 194553XX23 7
YARROW JaneE3786109 Mar 191732XJ16 57
YARROW JudahE3786210 Mar 194077XV65 22
YARROW KateE3786320 Mar 196284XP58 17
YARROW LeahE3786405 Jan 194076XV65 23
YARROW MaxE3786516 Jul 194457XW31 49
YARROW MillyE3786602 Mar 19205 mthXM11 53
YARROW RebeccaE3786717 Nov 192336XP27 17
YARROW RoseE3786819 May 193345XT22 31
YARROW SamuelE3786925 Nov 195675XP58 16
YARROW SarahE3787017 Aug 195976XX24 49
YARROW WoolfE3787112 Aug 1989101XV40 1
YARSHON o/w YARZIN FannyE3787231 Dec 193873XP49 26
YARSHON o/w YARZIN HymanE3787317 Dec 193876XP49 25
YARZEMBECK HymanE3787410 Aug 192957XK05 1A
YARZOMBECK BetsyE3787524 Dec 192245XK05 1
YASGUR IsaacE3787607 Apr 194766XX19 3
YASNICK RebeccaE3787721 Sep 192868XS14 10
YASS SamuelE3787820 Feb 192963XS24 23
YAUNER BarnettE3787907 Dec 194354XX32 46
YAVERBAUM AnnieE3788016 Mar 193348XT19 13
YAVERBAUM Ivor StanleyE3788117 Nov 193112 mthXR48 10
YAVERBAUM SamuelE3788201 May 193762XU52 36
YAVOGIS YettaE3788305 Jun 1913XL06 32
YAVORSKY JaneE3788421 Dec 193958XV31 2
YAVORSKY MorrisE3788501 May 194667XV31 1
YAX SamuelE3788630 Jan 1913XI09 66

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