All Deceased beginning with letters 'WY'

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All names beginning WY
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WYCER Joseph BeyerE3775602 Feb 194959XY23 31
WYMAN HenryE3775726 Mar 192754XR31 50
WYMAN RachelE3775815 Jul 192334XP22 12
WYMAN RachelE3775910 Dec 197378XY09 11
WYMAN RebeccaE3776026 Jun 194170XR31 51
WYNICK BernardE3776110 Sep 192871XJ15 81
WYNICK HannahE3776203 Dec 192666XJ15 80
WYSCHNA MarkE3776329 Jul 195377XQ19 42
WYSCHNA RoseE3776411 Mar 196788XQ19 41
WYSS AlecE3776520 Nov 1909XE07 6
WYSZYNSKI GerdilaE3776630 Jan 194060XV30 7
WYVIETSKY RebeccaE3776702 Jan 192268XK18 45
WYWCICKI BetsyE3776824 Oct 1911XO01 11
WYWIECKI IsaacE3776908 May 1908XG06 15
WYWIECKI RebeccaE3777024 Nov 195370XZ30 26
WYWIECKI SamuelE3777121 Mar 195178XX31 10
WYWIESKY HildaE3777225 Feb 192453XP31 12
WYZER HymanE3777305 Dec 195669XV86 20

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