All Deceased beginning with letters 'WR'

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All names beginning WR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WREN FrancisE3773207 Apr 19289 mthXM34 5
WRESTLER MaryE3773330 Oct 194351XX32 19
WRIGHT AbrahamE3773415 Mar 195480XZ25 27
WRIGHT AliceE3773524 Jul 194471XE09 1A
WRIGHT David SimonE3773618 Feb 192041XN06 43
WRIGHT DeborahE3773707 Oct 196782XY23 14
WRIGHT DoraE3773807 Dec 196589XZ25 28
WRIGHT EstherE3773922 Jan 192061XK05 36
WRIGHT HarrisE3774005 Feb 194973XY23 13
WRIGHT JackE3774129 Jul 192730XR36 38
WRIGHT LewisE3774228 Jun 190213 mthXD06 25
WRIGHT LouisE3774320 Apr 19284XM34 20
WRIGHT MarieE3774418 Mar 194746XP54 14
WRIGHT MorrisE3774514 Dec 192147XE09 3
WRIGHT MorrisE3774607 Mar 192580XR02 21
WRIGHT o/w REICH RachelE3774730 Nov 193241XT18 21
WRIGHTMAN BessieE3774802 Apr 192460XP33 26
WROBLEWSKI IsaacE3774916 Nov 194672XX01 21
WROBLEWSKY DoraE3775029 Feb 194875XX01 22
WROBLEWSKY ReneE3775130 Dec 19295XR42 3

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