All Deceased beginning with letters 'WR'

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All names beginning WR
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WREN FrancisC571007 Apr 19289M134 05
WRESTLER MaryD608130 Oct 194351X32 19
WRIGHT AbrahamE167215 Mar 195480Z125 27
WRIGHT AliceD654624 Jul 194471E09 01A
WRIGHT David SimonB619118 Feb 192041N06 43
WRIGHT DeborahE599907 Oct 196782Y123 14
WRIGHT DoraE565207 Dec 196589Z125 28
WRIGHT EstherB614122 Jan 192061K05 36
WRIGHT HarrisD906105 Feb 194973Y123 13
WRIGHT JackC509829 Jul 192730R136 38
WRIGHT LewisA127628 Jun 190213D06 25
WRIGHT LouisC575920 Apr 19284M134 20
WRIGHT MarieD809518 Mar 194746P254 14
WRIGHT MorrisC047914 Dec 192147E09 03
WRIGHT MorrisC313107 Mar 192580R102 21
WRIGHT o/w REICH RachelC981330 Nov 193241T118 21
WRIGHTMAN BessieC243202 Apr 192460P133 26
WRIGHTMAN BetsyP2090629 Aug 191645J21
WROBLEWSKI IsaacD781716 Nov 194672X01 21
WROBLEWSKY DoraD858829 Feb 194875X01 22
WROBLEWSKY ReneC726730 Dec 19295R242 03

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