All Deceased beginning with letters 'WO'

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All names beginning WO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WOCHMAN HannahA225207 May 19067F06 10
WOCLOWSKY FannyA158504 Nov 190362C07 10
WODA AnnieE431311 Apr 196055P272 17
WODA LewisE530011 Jan 196456P272 18
WODA Michael PhilipD159418 Aug 19367T247 07
WODDIS DeborahE584807 Nov 196677Y103 06
WODDIS ElkanD875907 Jul 194859Y103 05
WODISLAWSKY EstherC954316 Jul 193276W02 04
WODISLAWSKY JosephD316014 Oct 193881W01 04
WODISLAWSKY SarahP2074616 Dec 191827L20
WODOFSKY RebeccaP2074727 Jul 191493I5
WOHL MauriceE377421 Jan 195975P266 13
WOHL Morris AaronE701422 Feb 197683Q113 45
WOHL Paiva YettaE688231 Dec 197486P266 14
WOHL Rose MaryD901308 Jan 194959Q114 36
WOHL RoseD367525 Sep 193984V132 20
WOHL SarahE626121 Jul 196977Q113 46
WOIDESLOFSKI TinaP2075423 Nov 191159L2
WOLADOFSKY ReubenD534602 Jun 194261V116 17
WOLBERG CharlesP2075520 Dec 191814O4
WOLBERG DanielD667710 Oct 194436W24 43
WOLBERG LewisD622403 Jan 194471S01 30
WOLBEY RebeccaD906005 Feb 194974S01 31
WOLCHAK IsraelD396814 Mar 194060U272 50
WOLCHAK LeahE095205 Nov 195269U272 53
WOLCHOVER Esther EvaD608707 Nov 194357X33 03
WOLCHOVER SamuelE267713 Jun 195677X33 04
WOLF EstherC279118 Oct 192452P242 06
WOLF HarryA010811 Feb 18923A301 114
WOLFE RebeccaD490021 Jul 194177V122 34
WOLFE ReubenC496216 May 192763R133 54
WOLFF AgnesP2075907 Feb 191558I16
WOLFF YettaC373507 Dec 192591R110 19
WOLFFE Helen YettaC473101 Feb 19276M132 23
WOLFGANG BaruchP2076122 Oct 191827M3
WOLFIN GoldaD153004 Jul 193676I12 66
WOLFIN HarryD870221 May 194861Y114 12
WOLFIN NathanE088914 Sep 195262Q133 34
WOLFIN RoseE621120 Feb 196972Q133 35
WOLFIN VeraE637630 Apr 197082Y114 11
WOLFISH EmmaD197821 Jan 193764V247 18
WOLFISH SolomonD728010 Nov 194581V247 19
WOLFOWITZ GitelA185210 Nov 190480C04 30
WOLFOWITZ HymanD181601 Dec 193682U248 43
WOLFSHAUT AdaD180025 Nov 193619V245 17
WOLFSHAUT SolomonC896605 Dec 193156U119 39
WOLFSON KateD233125 Jun 193778V250 29
WOLFSON PhilipE0817214 Apr 201388Q3C0 08
WOLFSON Reuben LewisC253422 May 192477E09 02A
WOLFSON SophiaC056811 Jan 192272K16 54
WOLFSON StellaE129708 May 195324X06 03
WOLFSTEIN LewisA019323 Oct 18938A401 178
WOLFSTHAL RoseP2076920 Aug 190954F8
WOLINSKI RebeccaD782420 Nov 194672Q125 01
WOLINSKY AnnieC969807 Oct 193249T117 23
WOLINSKY IsaacE409825 Oct 195978T117 22
WOLKOVITCH AnnieE722120 Sep 197892W17 52
WOLKOVITCH BarnettE152323 Nov 195370W17 53
WOLKOVITCH DavidD615003 Dec 194346X28 14
WOLKOVITCH LeslieD172524 Oct 19362Q103 01A
WOLKOVITCH LottieE783817 Aug 199185X01A02
WOLKOVITCH MyerE750716 Jan 198374X01A01
WOLKOWITCH MarksP2077615 Feb 191557I15
WOLLENBERG DeborahE058904 Jan 195273W16 24
WOLLENBERG LouisC980225 Nov 193252U106 13
WOLLENSTEIN YettieA206209 Sep 190550C08 48
WOLLER LeahA075721 Jan 190055B601 298
WOLMAN Chana KajlaD264021 Nov 193776V254 15
WOLMAN DanielE166911 Mar 195460Q117 41
WOLMAN GoldaB678915 Dec 192080I09 06
WOLMAN HarrisD215301 Apr 193777T103 74
WOLMAN HymanP2078403 Jan 191374I9
WOLMAN JessieC783106 Sep 193067T103 73
WOLMAN RachelC511709 Aug 192748R137 55
WOLMAN SarahE665313 Oct 197279Q117 40
WOLMARK AbrahamD418906 Aug 194067U276 47
WOLMARK HelenaP2078903 Mar 191364L6
WOLMARK Henry CharlesD491227 Jul 194157V122 07
WOLMARK MinnieC188813 Sep 192346P126 10
WOLMARK Solomon LevyC810426 Dec 193075S33 54
WOLODOFSKY KateD883010 Sep 194865Y117 24
WOLODOVSKY FannyD657609 Aug 194481S26 06
WOLODOVSKY LewisC692521 Jul 192972S26 05
WOLOSEEN IsaacP2079516 May 19191N19
WOLOSEN IsraelE735123 Mar 198072V101 34
WOLOSEN RoseE799618 Feb 199785U104 54
WOLOSEN SolomonD005326 Aug 193456U105 49
WOLOSEN YettaE711813 Apr 197789V101 31
WOLOSHINSKY AbrahamP2079615 May 191864J10
WOLOSHINSKY BessieE166408 Mar 195463Z132 21
WOLOSHINSKY FannyC824309 Feb 193171T102 24
WOLOSHINSKY SamuelE260312 Apr 195671Z139 38
WOLOSKY Annie FeigaB628321 Mar 192046J02 61
WOLOVITZ EvaE642920 Oct 197078Q129 32
WOLOVITZ MarksE101208 Dec 195276Q129 33
WOLPIANSKI JackD375517 Nov 193977V132 24
WOLPINSKY AbrahamC834313 Mar 193163U112 34
WOLPINSKY LeahE083414 Jul 195274W20 27
WOLSON AnnaP2080124 Dec 191263L4
WOOD AdaC495613 May 192756R133 37
WOOD EstherC1118104 Jun 193465T128 32
WOOD EstherC289801 Dec 192468M122 08
WOOD MarkP2080612 Jul 191358L9
WOOD SamuelD018811 Nov 193465U134 07
WOODNICK Abraham IsaacC056610 Jan 192220M113 05
WOODNICK Annie MurielC570104 Apr 192857S10 19
WOODNICK BetsyC425001 Jul 192666R118 42
WOOL SamuelC598716 Aug 192841S07 61
WOOLE AnnieP2081022 Apr 191950N14
WOOLENBERG NancyC989303 Jan 193350T118 50
WOOLER LeahB631731 Mar 192060I20 29
WOOLF AaronC946610 Jun 193268U109 35
WOOLF AbelC802705 Dec 193072S16 72
WOOLF Abraham IsaacD144220 May 193664Q105 30
WOOLF AbrahamC293718 Dec 192438M123 19
WOOLF AbrahamD066323 Jun 193531U135 01
WOOLF AbrahamD651607 Jul 194449X27 40
WOOLF AbrahamE250005 Feb 195685Q107 44
WOOLF AbrahamP2081112 Sep 191037I4
WOOLF AlbertE411201 Nov 195984U135 03
WOOLF Andrew HowardE560319 Aug 19651Z129 17
WOOLF AnnieC079026 Mar 192259M117 22B
WOOLF AnnieC929326 Mar 193278T115 44
WOOLF AnnieC958311 Aug 193271T116 03
WOOLF AnnieD598814 Aug 194377U137 43
WOOLF AnnieE058229 Dec 195170V107 13
WOOLF BeatriceC892822 Nov 193119T113 63
WOOLF BenjaminA024218 Jan 189555C01 05
WOOLF BerthaP2081807 May 191975J3
WOOLF CharlesD055623 Apr 193568U137 44
WOOLF ClaraC175725 Jun 192338P122 16
WOOLF DeborahE752809 May 198369Q115 45
WOOLF EliasC154623 Mar 192354P116 20
WOOLF EmanuelD022530 Nov 193420U134 27
WOOLF EvaB688120 Jan 192162K10 26
WOOLF FannyA186803 Dec 190484C03 38
WOOLF FannyD816617 May 194775V129 02
WOOLF FannyE700815 Feb 197690X08 16
WOOLF FrankD054717 Apr 193551U137 24
WOOLF GA048807 Feb 189854A901 448
WOOLF GoldaC957909 Aug 193264T116 04
WOOLF GudelC243703 Apr 192477P133 19
WOOLF HaroldD714415 Aug 194566P252 13
WOOLF HarryC093330 May 192236N01A43
WOOLF HenryC595031 Jul 192858S07 67
WOOLF HermanD457020 Jan 194176Q136 17
WOOLF HymanC579910 May 192870S05 04
WOOLF HymanD141709 May 193671U245 14
WOOLF IsaacD782821 Nov 194663X08 17
WOOLF IsraelC630122 Dec 192872Q117 01
WOOLF JackE239203 Dec 195549Q115 44
WOOLF JackE780523 Jul 199079Q396 03
WOOLF JacobA138913 Dec 190210D06 40
WOOLF JacobP2083414 Jul 191752J13
WOOLF JaneE039304 Aug 195168W02 29
WOOLF Joseph AA141431 Jan 190315D07 41
WOOLF JosephP2083505 Apr 191969I12
WOOLF JuliaA132604 Sep 19029D07 20
WOOLF KateE483013 Nov 196184P252 14
WOOLF KatieC650312 Feb 192971S16 53
WOOLF LazarusE535711 Apr 196487W21 23
WOOLF LewisB609131 Dec 191945N06 24
WOOLF LilyE809410 Aug 200392Q396 04
WOOLF LouisD726804 Nov 194564V251 01
WOOLF LouisaC033611 Oct 192164K14 03
WOOLF MarieD703916 May 194560X22 16
WOOLF MarksD975113 May 195074V123 16
WOOLF MaryC1108116 Apr 193428T127 30
WOOLF MauriceD235809 Jul 193725V251 02
WOOLF MiriamC037505 Nov 192170I15 66
WOOLF MorrisA140510 Jan 190313D06 43
WOOLF MorrisC1101825 Mar 193487J03 48
WOOLF MorrisC995619 Jan 193357U125 30
WOOLF MyerD302927 Jun 193859V248 26
WOOLF NancyD150619 Jun 193668N01A44
WOOLF PearlB640202 May 192010K01 28
WOOLF PearlB641607 May 192077K07 23
WOOLF PheligP2084721 Jun 191462L14
WOOLF PhilipC1079804 Jan 193463U130 37
WOOLF PollyD688503 Feb 194562W21 24
WOOLF Rachel MachlerE766515 Apr 198678P275 10
WOOLF RachelA000908 Jul 18904A101 08
WOOLF RachelC602703 Sep 192871S05 03
WOOLF RachelD539415 Jul 194287Q117 02
WOOLF RayD266026 Nov 193766L15 53
WOOLF RebeccaC093030 May 192228G08 01A
WOOLF ReubenC315116 Mar 192542R102 37
WOOLF RosaE032003 Jun 195183W12 24
WOOLF RoseD205721 Feb 193754V248 27
WOOLF RoseE301920 Mar 195762P256 33
WOOLF SamuelA012820 Jun 189215A301 125
WOOLF SamuelE444721 Aug 196070P274 26
WOOLF SarahA177722 Jul 19049E01 31
WOOLF SarahA201529 Jun 190579D09 37
WOOLF SarahC423626 Jun 192614R118 30
WOOLF SarahD718411 Sep 194578Q136 16
WOOLF SarahP2085620 Jun 191718J13
WOOLF SimonA159419 Nov 190375D09 38
WOOLF SimonC891918 Nov 193167U119 14
WOOLF SimonP2086008 Jan 191736I12
WOOLF SophieB604006 Dec 191966K04 33
WOOLF SophieD988706 Sep 195068U135 02
WOOLF SylviaC132424 Dec 192218O23 25
WOOLFE AnnieC429125 Jul 192626R119 24
WOOLFE MaryA080111 May 190076B601 311
WOOLFE SarahD022901 Dec 193450T131 08
WOOLFOVICH HarrisE328423 Nov 195777Z124 11
WOOLFOVITCH AnnieC815011 Jan 193172T103 69
WOOLFOVITCH AnnieE080514 Jun 195278Z124 10
WOOLFOVITCH BerthaD819405 Jun 194791U248 44
WOOLFOVITCH BloomahC1026629 Apr 193352T121 32
WOOLFOVITCH DavisE257210 Mar 195684T252 10
WOOLFOVITCH RebeccaD004119 Aug 193464T129 21
WOOLFOVITZ BessieC477714 Feb 192752R127 21
WOOLFSHAUT SophieD443017 Nov 194066Q138 29
WOOLFSOHN BessieA156513 Oct 190318C06 11
WOOLFSON BellaA167407 Mar 190412C06 33
WOOLFSON DavisD811428 Mar 194776P254 11
WOOLFSON IsaacP2087504 May 191615O3
WOOLFSON JaneC998624 Jan 193347T121 47
WOOLFSON JaneD765814 Jul 194685X11 46
WOOLFSON JosephP2087613 May 191970N9
WOOLFSON KraneC885627 Oct 193178J01 13
WOOLFSON Levy IsaacP2087820 Dec 191265L9
WOOLFSON PaseP2087907 Dec 191370I11
WOOLFSON PhilipC530308 Nov 192767S02 47
WOOLFSON RebeccaC151213 Mar 192350P114 06
WOOLFSON RobertD784705 Dec 194661X07 24
WOOLFSON Ruben LouisP2088318 Feb 191969I10
WOOLFSON SarahA126610 Jun 190260D04 46
WOOLFSON SarahC155326 Mar 192358P115 09
WOOLFSON TobaD553120 Oct 194293V112 10
WOOLFSON WoolfC593523 Jul 192852P119 35
WOOLFSTEIN JackC354117 Sep 192517R107 24
WOOLFSTEIN SimonC916513 Feb 193249U121 29
WOOLICH LeonardC450609 Nov 192616R123 19
WOOLMAN HarrisC281630 Oct 192454P241 03
WOOLNER IsaacP2088801 Dec 191553I20
WOOLOVITCH HarryC391104 Feb 192615R111 57
WOOLRANCH William CharlesC549312 Jan 192872S04 60
WORHITE AbrahamC485622 Mar 192753R130 46
WORHITE SarahD636919 Mar 194471W31 37
WORMAN MorrisC143710 Feb 192368P107 03
WORONVOTER A050328 Feb 189814A801 403
WORTMAN LeonardC897408 Dec 193112U115 34
WOSNITZER EvaC406706 Apr 192653R115 40
WOSNITZER LewisC615222 Oct 192857S20 50
WOZNICA IsraelE192627 Oct 195459Z135 32
WOZNICA MillieE652219 Jun 197175Z135 31

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