All Deceased beginning with letters 'WH'

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All names beginning WH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WHIPMAN AnneE728925 May 197991T253 15
WHIPMAN IsraelP2055212 Jan 191659J4
WHIPMAN SolomonE508110 Dec 196279T253 14
WHITE Anita AudreyC830628 Feb 19316R247 03
WHITE AnnieC753209 Apr 193060T104 34
WHITE AnnieD848924 Dec 194768V126 21
WHITE BessieC708411 Oct 192926T106 51
WHITE BessieD224110 May 193734V250 25
WHITE BloomahE165502 Mar 195460Z123 25
WHITE DeborahD614504 Dec 194371X27 05
WHITE EstherD799404 Feb 194750W26 51
WHITE FannyC549916 Jan 192846S04 62
WHITE FannyC574117 Apr 192854S11 59
WHITE FrederickP2055809 Oct 1909E5
WHITE GoldaD233226 Jun 193744V140 31
WHITE HarrisD131525 Mar 193678U244 29
WHITE HarrisP2055917 Dec 191852M1
WHITE HarryE136001 Jul 195348Z127 10
WHITE HymanC1020003 Apr 193347U118 48
WHITE JosephP2056127 Jan 191944I15
WHITE JudahC911929 Jan 193223U110 17
WHITE KatieD024813 Dec 193425T131 29
WHITE LeahD086508 Oct 193573T138 07
WHITE Leonard LeslieC677202 May 19293M139 10
WHITE MauriceD279126 Jan 193839U258 16
WHITE MaxD540321 Jul 194271V115 16
WHITE MillieD752313 Apr 194655X14 37
WHITE MorrisE788017 Nov 199295W26 52
WHITE NancyD311004 Sep 193874V257 24
WHITE PhilipE186405 Sep 195477Z123 26
WHITE PyzerD756407 May 194655X13 37
WHITE RebeccaC404128 Mar 192620R115 45
WHITE RosaC624603 Dec 192847S15 46
WHITE SallyE105727 Dec 195263Q127 30
WHITE Sarah RebeccaE587024 Dec 196686P257 34
WHITE SimonE157310 Jan 195480X27 06
WHITE SimonE302121 Mar 195781P257 33
WHITE SolomonD854203 Feb 194872Y111 16
WHITE YettaC345104 Aug 192564R106 57
WHITEBORNE AnnieA176809 Jul 190450C03 13
WHITEHOUSE SolomonP2057302 Mar 191767J17
WHITEMAN AnnieA173212 May 190448C05 24
WHITESON Abraham LouisC015503 Jul 192149I17 50
WHITESON DinahE342228 Feb 195886P261 12
WHITZEN HyamA141325 Jan 190315D06 44
WHOL Jack IsaacC829020 Feb 193136U111 05
WHOLENBERG JacobD167101 Oct 193678T105 19
WHOLENBERG Miriam BerthaC725926 Dec 192960T105 20
WHYCER ClaraE672924 Jun 197379Y123 30

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