All Deceased beginning with letters 'WH'

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All names beginning WH
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WHIPMAN AnneE3712125 May 197991XT53 15
WHIPMAN SolomonE3712210 Dec 196279XT53 14
WHITE Anita AudreyE3712328 Feb 19316 mthXR47 3
WHITE AnnieE3712409 Apr 193060XT04 34
WHITE AnnieE3712524 Dec 194768XV26 21
WHITE BessieE3712611 Oct 192926XT06 51
WHITE BessieE3712710 May 193734XV50 25
WHITE BloomahE3712802 Mar 195460XZ23 25
WHITE DeborahE3712904 Dec 194371XX27 5
WHITE EstherE3713004 Feb 194750XW26 51
WHITE FannyE3713116 Jan 192846XS04 62
WHITE FannyE3713217 Apr 192854XS11 59
WHITE FrederickE3713309 Oct 1909XE05 10
WHITE GoldaE3713426 Jun 193744XV40 31
WHITE HarrisE3713525 Mar 193678XU44 29
WHITE HarryE3713601 Jul 195348XZ27 10
WHITE HymanE3713703 Apr 193347XU18 48
WHITE JohnE3713803 Jun 1909XG07 47
WHITE JosephE3713927 Jan 191544XI15 16
WHITE JudahE3714029 Jan 193223XU10 17
WHITE KatieE3714113 Dec 193425XT31 29
WHITE LeahE3714208 Oct 193573XT38 7
WHITE Leonard LeslieE3714302 May 19293 mthXM39 10
WHITE LewisE3714426 Nov 1910XI04 20
WHITE MauriceE3714526 Jan 193839XU58 16
WHITE MaxE3714621 Jul 194271XV15 16
WHITE MillieE3714713 Apr 194655XX14 37
WHITE Mordecai HarrisE3714817 Dec 191852XM01 5
WHITE MorrisE3714917 Nov 199295XW26 52
WHITE NancyE3715004 Sep 193874XV57 24
WHITE PhilipE3715105 Sep 195477XZ23 26
WHITE PyzerE3715207 May 194655XX13 37
WHITE RebeccaE3715328 Mar 192620XR15 45
WHITE RosaE3715403 Dec 192847XS15 46
WHITE SallyE3715527 Dec 195263XQ27 30
WHITE Sarah RebeccaE3715624 Dec 196686XP57 34
WHITE SimonE3715710 Jan 195480XX27 6
WHITE SimonE3715821 Mar 195781XP57 33
WHITE SolomonE3715904 Oct 1913XL05 21
WHITE SolomonE3716003 Feb 194872XY11 16
WHITE YettaE3716104 Aug 192564XR06 57
WHITEBORNE AnnieE3716209 Jul 190450XC03 13
WHITEHOUSE SamuelE3716302 Mar 191767XJ17 28
WHITEMAN AnnieE3716412 May 190448XC05 24
WHITESON Abraham LouisE3716503 Jul 192149XI17 50
WHITESON DinahE3716628 Feb 195886XP61 12
WHITZEN HyamE3716725 Jan 19034 mthXD06 44
WHOL Jack IsaacE3716820 Feb 193136XU11 5
WHOLENBERG JacobE3716901 Oct 193678XT05 19
WHOLENBERG Miriam BerthaE3717026 Dec 192960XT05 20
WHYCER ClaraE3717124 Jun 197379XY23 30

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