All Deceased beginning with letters 'WE'

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All names beginning WE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
WEBB JohnE3651712 Jul 193117XU14 28
WEBB SamuelE3651828 Jul 194253XV15 6
WEBBER AbrahamE3651911 Feb 191923XN13 25
WEBBER DavidE3652021 Oct 193053XS32 49
WEBBER EstherE3652105 Jun 1909XG04 14
WEBBER FayE3652206 Jul 194528XW21 15
WEBBER HarryE3652307 Jul 19214 mthXM13 38
WEBBER Henry IsaacE3652404 Mar 194975XV54 13
WEBBER IsaacE3652525 Jun 1909XG07 46
WEBBER IsaacE3652621 Apr 193270XS07 69
WEBBER Israel WoolfE3652717 Aug 191941XI12 57
WEBBER IsraelE3652820 Feb 191849XJ07 53
WEBBER J BarnettE3652918 Sep 1913XL05 35
WEBBER JacobE3653002 Apr 195875XQ27 1A
WEBBER JaneE3653128 Jan 193248XT02 57
WEBBER JanetE3653218 Dec 196279XV48 8
WEBBER JosephE3653319 Jun 193355XU11 51
WEBBER LazarusE3653422 Aug 192158XK06 53
WEBBER LeahE3653515 Oct 195388XK06 52
WEBBER M.E3653630 Jun 190116 mthXB09 415
WEBBER MaryE3653729 Nov 192549XR10 7
WEBBER MaryE3653826 May 194582XU16 50
WEBBER MatildaE3653912 Mar 194578XX26 10
WEBBER MorrisE3654021 Apr 196368XP64 1
WEBBER Rachel LeahE3654119 Nov 193765XV54 14
WEBBER Rachel ZimmaE3654225 Feb 193631XV42 8
WEBBER RebeccaE3654309 Feb 194377XS07 68
WEBBER RebeccaE3654428 Mar 197880XP64 2
WEBBER RoseE3654501 Jul 196484XW25 3
WEBBER SimonE3654605 Apr 19027 mthXD01 75
WEBBER SolomonE3654710 Mar 192754XR30 35
WEBBER ZaligE3654823 Jul 192159XK12 16
WEBER EtieE3654924 Jan 192618XR12 11
WEBER Francesca FannyE3655019 Aug 195986XJ18 2
WEBER Gedalia ow GeorgeE3655113 Apr 193334XU16 51
WEBER JacobE3655202 Jun 190544XC08 34
WEBER MorrisE3655306 Aug 191616XJ20 54
WEBER NathanE3655406 Dec 191648XJ17 10
WEBER RachelE3655516 Feb 191771XJ17 29
WECHSLER BarnettE3655612 May 194963XY27 13
WECHSLER EstherE3655707 May 195467XY27 14
WECHSNER MargaretE3655813 Jun 189129XA02 76
WECKSLER EstherE3655920 Apr 192218XK20 16
WEDDON AbrahamE3656027 May 195070XY35 17
WEDDON BettyE3656117 May 197486XY35 18
WEDOLOWSKI TinaE3656223 Nov 1911XL02 8
WEGODA AbeE3656330 Mar 196576XV13 6
WEGODA AbigailE3656404 Sep 194252XV13 7
WEGODA HarrisE3656503 Feb 193269XS11 67
WEGODA RebeccaE3656607 May 192863XS11 66
WEIDER JohnE3656703 Jun 193669XU45 49
WEIDMAN HarryE3656815 Jun 192514XR05 17
WEIGAL JaneE3656916 May 192653XR16 16
WEIGEL JacobE3657030 Sep 194468XX32 48
WEIGHT ME3657119 Jul 18979 mthXB01 47
WEIGLER SimonE3657213 Jan 193362XU25 25
WEIGOOL DoraE3657316 Feb 191935XN14 16
WEILAND AbrahamE3657414 Jan 195668XZ40 9
WEILAND HarrisE3657517 Aug 194562XX20 19
WEILAND RoseE3657612 Feb 196476XX20 18
WEILAND TillyE3657714 Jul 194148XV76 23
WEILDMAN FannyE3657828 Dec 192566XR11 50
WEILDMAN RachelE3657917 Feb 190117XD02 11
WEIMAN RebeccaE3658018 Oct 18953XA06 297
WEIMAN SamuelE3658117 May 193050XS30 27
WEIN BarnettE3658205 Dec 192839XS20 65
WEIN EstherE3658328 Jun 196685XQ48 4
WEIN MarkE3658430 Nov 193528XU41 51
WEIN MarksE3658504 May 193280XI13 65
WEIN MorrisE3658603 Apr 192564XR03 30
WEIN PhilipE3658714 Oct 196180XQ48 3
WEIN SarahE3658816 Apr 193270XQ11 12
WEINBAUM AbrahamE3658908 Feb 192768XQ10 1
WEINBAUM Isaac MosheE3659009 Jun 192865XK20 1D
WEINBAUM IsidoreE3659121 Oct 19045XC02 35
WEINBAUM IsraelE3659208 Aug 1912XI06 71
WEINBAUM MaxE3659322 Dec 195869XF09 1B
WEINBAUM RebeccaE3659404 Aug 193854XF09 1A
WEINBAUM RebeccaE3659518 Jan 193372XT21 36
WEINBAUM SarahE3659623 Jul 1913XL12 19
WEINBAUM TheresaE3659704 Jul 1908XH08 28
WEINBERG AaronE3659812 Mar 192963XS24 39
WEINBERG Abraham SolomonE3659916 Jan 193252XQ12 16
WEINBERG AbrahamE3660028 Sep 193762XU55 17
WEINBERG AbrahamE3660118 Aug 197283XQ08 27
WEINBERG AnnieE3660223 Jul 190114 mthXD01 7
WEINBERG AnnieE3660330 Jan 194157XV25 29
WEINBERG BarnettE3660421 Apr 194761XX03 29
WEINBERG BellaE3660530 Dec 191811XM06 62
WEINBERG BetsyE3660601 Dec 196582XZ39 18
WEINBERG BloomahE3660719 Apr 196376XX03 28
WEINBERG ChaskelE3660823 Jun 192666XR18 46
WEINBERG DebbyE3660914 Jul 1914XO08 20
WEINBERG DinahE3661001 Sep 194273XU51 16
WEINBERG DoraE3661116 Jan 191860XJ10 36
WEINBERG DoraE3661201 Feb 193383XT22 52
WEINBERG EliasE3661310 Sep 192270XM01 50
WEINBERG EmanuelE3661422 Sep 195570XZ39 17
WEINBERG EphraimE3661503 Dec 195261XQ29 27
WEINBERG EstherE3661614 Feb 19038 mthXD07 43
WEINBERG EvaE3661717 Apr 192818XQ12 9A
WEINBERG FannyE3661831 Jul 192150XK13 42
WEINBERG FannyE3661926 Nov 194358XV87 17
WEINBERG FannyE3662022 Apr 192567XM01 49
WEINBERG FayE3662118 Aug 200191XP09 28
WEINBERG FlorrieE3662223 Mar 194290XP49 7
WEINBERG FrankE3662320 Feb 199085XP09 27
WEINBERG GershonE3662405 Dec 192594XQ09 12
WEINBERG GertrudeE3662502 Sep 192728XR39 49
WEINBERG GredaE3662604 Dec 191831XN18 30
WEINBERG GustaE3662711 Apr 192556XR03 47
WEINBERG HarrisE3662830 Jun 193555XU38 22
WEINBERG HarrisE3662931 Mar 192668XP49 8
WEINBERG HarryE3663019 Nov 19012 mthXD01 41
WEINBERG HarryE3663106 May 192918XS25 47
WEINBERG HelenE3663204 Apr 198575XW09 3
WEINBERG HettyE3663317 Mar 195874XX17 17
WEINBERG HymanE3663405 Oct 194151XV78 12
WEINBERG IsaacE3663527 Feb 195967XP67 7
WEINBERG IsaacE3663601 Apr 198687XP71 1
WEINBERG IsraelE3663703 Jan 194665XX17 18
WEINBERG IsraelE3663803 Nov 190176XD03 24
WEINBERG JacobE3663923 Jan 194170XK14 42
WEINBERG Jane ChaneyE3664006 Jul 192866XS09 11
WEINBERG JaneE3664114 Mar 196483XU23 14
WEINBERG JosephE3664230 Jan 193242XU10 5
WEINBERG JosephE3664324 Feb 191561XI18 34
WEINBERG JudahE3664412 Sep 18924 mthXA03 135
WEINBERG KateE3664507 Jan 193567XT32 22
WEINBERG KatieE3664627 Sep 197979XP71 2
WEINBERG LeahE3664711 Apr 194046XQ12 22
WEINBERG LouisE3664820 Jan 195467XZ31 11
WEINBERG MarcusE3664901 Jun 189011XA01 4
WEINBERG MariaE3665005 Sep 194560XP09 33
WEINBERG MatildaE3665123 Jun 193563XS32 26
WEINBERG MichaelE3665204 Mar 1911XO16 19
WEINBERG MillieE3665320 Apr 193557XT34 11
WEINBERG MinnieE3665403 May 1910XE06 17
WEINBERG MinnieE3665501 Jan 19008XB05 251
WEINBERG MorrisE3665626 Sep 191715XJ12 61
WEINBERG MorrisE3665711 Sep 191760XJ12 63
WEINBERG MorrisE3665819 May 192566XQ12 8
WEINBERG Myer GershonE3665909 Jan 193784XU50 16
WEINBERG NecheE3666023 Mar 191562XI19 25
WEINBERG NellieE3666103 Jul 195963XQ29 26
WEINBERG or HOWARD DeborahE3666221 Jul 193126XT11 35
WEINBERG PhilipE3666329 Jan 192944XS22 20
WEINBERG PhilipE3666418 Jul 195078XY35 4
WEINBERG PollyE3666501 Jan 196474XP67 8
WEINBERG PollyE3666611 Dec 195879XQ70 7
WEINBERG Rabbi HershE3666710 Dec 194378XW09 1
WEINBERG RebeccaE3666818 Feb 193124XT02 71
WEINBERG RoseE3666929 Jul 197986XZ31 12
WEINBERG SadieE3667015 Jan 201696XP09 29
WEINBERG SainE3667127 Nov 193053XS32 27
WEINBERG Samuel JosephE3667203 Dec 193668XU48 42
WEINBERG SarahE3667325 Aug 1912XI07 54
WEINBERG SarahE3667412 Jan 191830XJ08 52
WEINBERG SarahE3667519 Mar 192040XK05 43
WEINBERG SarahE3667603 Dec 193764XW09 2
WEINBERG SarahE3667711 Mar 194178XQ12 9
WEINBERG SarahE3667816 Apr 191685XJ19 43
WEINBERG SollyE3667929 Apr 1912XO22 7
WEINBERG TobaE3668002 Feb 195890XY35 5
WEINBERG Walter SolomonE3668119 Sep 198377XQ12 26
WEINBERG WoolfE3668222 Jan 197760XP09 30
WEINBERG YettaE3668313 Jan 194149XV25 23
WEINBERG YettaE3668427 Aug 192763XR38 49
WEINBERG YettaE3668506 Mar 195771XX15 54
WEINBLOOM RebeccaE3668629 Aug 1911XI05 17
WEINEBERG HenryE3668722 Sep 194465XP09 34
WEINER Aaron DavidE3668803 Oct 193149XU18 3
WEINER Abraham JacobE3668915 Nov 191826XN17 16
WEINER AbrahamE3669029 Dec 192163XM14 9
WEINER AbrahamE3669103 May 192174XJ06 2
WEINER AlanE3669228 Jan 192210 mthXO30 9
WEINER AlexanderE3669320 Jan 194756XX06 8
WEINER Anna HannahE3669416 Jan 194655XX17 43
WEINER AnnieE3669525 Sep 189310 mthXA04 173
WEINER AnnieE3669603 Dec 189320XA04 182
WEINER BE3669725 Jun 189512 mthXA04 227
WEINER BarnettE3669818 Oct 194770XY07 15
WEINER BeatriceE3669927 Mar 193121XT10 56
WEINER BessieE3670029 Apr 1911XO18 2
WEINER BettyE3670129 Jul 192735XR36 48
WEINER CeliaE3670223 Sep 193044XT08 25
WEINER CissieE3670310 Jun 19156 mthXO07 33
WEINER ClaraE3670417 Nov 192248XP12 30
WEINER DavidE3670510 Apr 192760XR31 56
WEINER DoraE3670620 Aug 194860XY04 24
WEINER EstherE3670726 Dec 19142 mthXO08 38
WEINER EthelE3670802 Nov 195068XY33 2
WEINER FannyE3670906 Jan 1911XI03 57
WEINER FannyE3671004 May 190735XH02 32
WEINER GertieE3671129 Dec 192270XP13 32
WEINER HarrisE3671214 Jul 195072XY33 1
WEINER HymanE3671329 Nov 195568XY03 24
WEINER IsaacE3671407 Sep 195566XQ81 7
WEINER JackE3671528 Mar 195162XZ20 18
WEINER Jane EvaE3671612 Dec 191668XJ17 45
WEINER JaneE3671710 Apr 192860XS13 58
WEINER JosephE3671806 Aug 194464XQ44 15
WEINER JosephE3671925 Oct 194382XX28 8
WEINER JudahE3672019 Jan 19077 mthXH01 7
WEINER JudahE3672131 Oct 193972XU68 23
WEINER LeahE3672216 May 192135XI16 51
WEINER LeahE3672303 Feb 194178XQ36 21
WEINER LewisE3672418 Sep 1913XO27 9
WEINER LewisE3672524 Mar 193071XS19 16
WEINER MorrisE3672602 Jun 19204XM05 42
WEINER MorrisE3672711 Jun 192146XK12 20
WEINER MorrisE3672803 Feb 192673XR13 23
WEINER MosesE3672902 Dec 193689XU48 28
WEINER PollyE3673011 May 196683XV78 11
WEINER RachelE3673103 Mar 191712XO03 30
WEINER RachelE3673226 Feb 197989XQ81 8
WEINER RachelE3673326 Dec 195893XX28 7
WEINER RaineE3673405 Jun 193617XT43 27
WEINER RayE3673508 Apr 196182XY07 16
WEINER RebeccaE3673609 May 196086XU68 24
WEINER SarahE3673726 Dec 195856XX28 1
WEINER SarahE3673811 Mar 192667XR13 24
WEINER SarahE3673907 Jul 196793XY15 42
WEINER SolomonE3674017 Sep 194158XV78 10
WEINER SolomonE3674126 Mar 195366XX17 44
WEINER SolomonE3674225 Sep 194784XQ36 43
WEINERE3674301 Apr 18982XA08 409
WEINERMAN SolomonE3674426 Mar 192354XP16 11
WEINFELD FannyE3674512 Sep 195677XS07 53
WEINFELD IsaacE3674604 Apr 1911XI04 45
WEINFIELD AbrahamE3674724 Mar 191755XJ15 9
WEINFIELD AnnieE3674827 May 1911XI03 48
WEINFIELD RosaE3674928 Feb 192660XR13 25
WEINFIELD SollyE3675024 Oct 1909XG02 50
WEINFULK Beatrice HannahE3675105 Feb 19271XM32 8
WEINFULK RachelE3675224 Sep 194235XV16 36
WEINGARTEN AdaE3675310 Oct 196077XY01 30
WEINGARTEN FannyE3675418 Feb 196181XQ121 11
WEINGARTEN IsaacE3675501 Apr 194165XV73 16
WEINGARTEN IsaacE3675622 Dec 194865XY01 31
WEINGARTEN KatieE3675712 Mar 192232XM17 33
WEINGARTEN MarcusE3675822 Aug 192344XP25 7
WEINGARTEN Yitzchok YehudaE3675925 May 191015 mthXG06 1
WEINGLASS JuliusE3676028 Jan 1913XL09 17
WEINGOTT AliceE3676125 Jul 194661XX10 29
WEINGOTT HannahE3676231 Oct 192769XS12 47
WEINGOTT JacobE3676310 Feb 192870XS12 46
WEINGOTT Michael LewisE3676424 Feb 194963XX10 30
WEINGROVER IsraelE3676501 Apr 192760XR31 32
WEINGROVER RhodaE3676623 Oct 193974XR31 33
WEINHAUS YettaE3676727 Aug 192267XN08 2
WEINHOUSE AbrahamE3676801 Mar 192644XR14 17
WEINKOFF RoseE3676910 Jul 192024XK07 10
WEINMAN RebeccaE3677010 Mar 19202XM11 29
WEINMAN SarahE3677125 Feb 193458XT26 50
WEINMAN SarahE3677230 May 194260XS30 26
WEINRABE AbrahamE3677306 Dec 195871XV10 28
WEINRABE HarrisE3677419 Nov 189390XA02 104
WEINRABE SolomonE3677523 Jan 189536XC01 7
WEINRIB ColemanE3677623 Jan 193949XU61 31
WEINRICH DeborahE3677731 Dec 193716XV55 21
WEINRIPE3677816 Nov 18973XA08 383
WEINROBE JanyE3677915 Mar 193784XV49 9
WEINSTEIN AaronE3678007 Dec 194453XW23 49
WEINSTEIN AnnieE3678107 Aug 1914XI12 1
WEINSTEIN AnnieE3678204 May 191555XL17 34
WEINSTEIN AnnieE3678328 Mar 195281XS18 71
WEINSTEIN BasilE3678404 May 19157 mthXO07 26
WEINSTEIN CeliaE3678522 Oct 192269XP11 23
WEINSTEIN CepaE3678618 Jul 1910XE08 35
WEINSTEIN DavidE3678720 Oct 193858XU62 27
WEINSTEIN DeborahE3678808 Jan 194888XG10 22
WEINSTEIN DoraE3678905 Dec 192566XR10 15
WEINSTEIN EstherE3679007 Dec 194440XW23 47
WEINSTEIN EstherE3679126 Mar 192851XS12 62
WEINSTEIN EvaE3679231 Dec 193626XV46 9
WEINSTEIN Freda GitelE3679326 Mar 196164XQ26 34
WEINSTEIN HarryE3679401 Jan 192720 mthXM32 18
WEINSTEIN HarryE3679522 Mar 193664XU44 26
WEINSTEIN HarryE3679607 Oct 195978XQ81 1
WEINSTEIN HymanE3679714 Mar 195874XV07 39
WEINSTEIN IsaacE3679814 Sep 1911XI06 30
WEINSTEIN IsraelE3679910 Aug 194964XY29 3
WEINSTEIN JacobE3680014 Aug 192369XP11 24
WEINSTEIN JacobE3680104 Nov 196181XT44 29
WEINSTEIN JeanE3680207 Dec 194410XW23 48
WEINSTEIN JennyE3680321 Jan 193758XV47 21
WEINSTEIN JessieE3680414 Feb 191962XN14 23
WEINSTEIN JosephE3680511 Feb 192971XS23 39
WEINSTEIN JoshuaE3680609 Sep 191550XL15 51
WEINSTEIN JuliaE3680717 Feb 191932XN13 10
WEINSTEIN KateE3680815 Feb 18943 mthXA04 186
WEINSTEIN LeonardE3680917 Oct 19174XM07 4
WEINSTEIN LewisE3681009 Mar 190311 mthXD07 47
WEINSTEIN MarjorieE3681101 Dec 19255 mthXM20 16
WEINSTEIN MeierE3681226 Jan 194166XV25 10
WEINSTEIN MichaelE3681323 Oct 191869XJ03 35
WEINSTEIN MichaelE3681413 Sep 195878XQ08 25
WEINSTEIN MillyE3681528 May 192030XK04 49
WEINSTEIN MillyE3681628 Dec 197092XQ81 2
WEINSTEIN MinnieE3681701 Jul 19162XO04 24
WEINSTEIN MorrisE3681827 Sep 194070XQ40 30
WEINSTEIN MorrisE3681917 Feb 193072XQ07 18
WEINSTEIN MorrisE3682018 Feb 193273XU10 29
WEINSTEIN MorrisE3682128 Dec 194782XY10 7
WEINSTEIN MyerE3682230 Aug 1907XH05 19
WEINSTEIN ow Winston VitalE3682314 Sep 195678XQ15 33
WEINSTEIN Pessy LeahE3682403 Dec 194080XV29 31
WEINSTEIN RE3682507 Dec 189721XA08 438
WEINSTEIN RachelE3682607 Nov 196057XP73 7
WEINSTEIN RachelE3682722 Jul 192761XR35 45
WEINSTEIN RachelE3682803 May 193474XT27 5
WEINSTEIN RachelE3682931 Oct 195681XT44 28
WEINSTEIN RachelE3683022 Jan 193684XT41 8
WEINSTEIN RebeccaE3683118 Oct 1913XI10 5
WEINSTEIN RebeccaE3683223 Mar 192867XS10 11
WEINSTEIN RebeccaE3683308 Dec 196069XY29 4
WEINSTEIN S.E3683415 Dec 189528XA05 264
WEINSTEIN SamuelE3683530 Mar 193770XU52 16
WEINSTEIN SamuelE3683629 Sep 197780XP73 8
WEINSTEIN SarahE3683701 Jun 1913XO12 3
WEINSTEIN SarahE3683821 Jul 192558XR06 12
WEINSTEIN SarahE3683909 Dec 191562XJ05 16
WEINSTEIN SarahE3684013 Jan 195565XV07 38
WEINSTEIN SarahE3684107 Aug 196073XU62 28
WEINSTEIN SeligE3684226 Sep 1909XE05 5
WEINSTEIN SimonE3684322 May 189525XA05 251
WEINSTEIN SolomonE3684419 Nov 1913XL05 39
WEINSTOCK BarnettE3684528 Mar 194968XY03 10
WEINSTOCK BetsyE3684606 May 192247XN01 14
WEINSTOCK CissceE3684702 Nov 1911XO01 13
WEINSTOCK EliasE3684824 Oct 193369XW02 10
WEINSTOCK GoldaE3684912 May 193456XT27 17
WEINSTOCK HymanE3685013 Apr 192939XS25 5
WEINSTOCK KatieE3685114 Aug 191866XJ06 59
WEINSTOCK LeahE3685205 May 197285XY03 11
WEINSTOCK SarahE3685301 Oct 1913XL12 42
WEINSTOCK SimonE3685428 Jun 192968XS25 57
WEINSTOCK YettaE3685520 Mar 194979XW02 9
WEINTHROP FannyE3685627 Jul 193170XS21 67
WEINTHROP HymanE3685709 Dec 192868XS21 66
WEINTRAUB BarnettE3685822 Nov 191647XJ07 29
WEINTRAUB FannyE3685930 Jun 194577XU67 40
WEINTRAUB GittaE3686027 Nov 193772XV54 26
WEINTRAUB HindaE3686124 Mar 192875XS11 53
WEINTRAUB LilyE3686220 Nov 193035XT09 46
WEINTRAUB Marks DavidE3686323 Jul 193975XU67 39
WEINTRAUB O/W KATZ FredaE3686421 Dec 195690XP61 9
WEINTRAUB SamuelE3686517 Sep 19252 mthXM20 30
WEINTRAUB SarahE3686614 Mar 191936XK05 7
WEINTRAUB SarahE3686727 May 193074XK12 50
WEINTRAUB SarahE3686829 May 193083XK18 27
WEINTROB EthelE3686929 Dec 197590XV06 38
WEINTROB IsaacE3687005 Aug 192176XK13 49
WEINTROB RebeccaE3687118 Mar 192574XR02 44
WEINTROB SamuelE3687211 Mar 194365XV06 36
WEINTROP AbrahamE3687310 Nov 193573XT25 6
WEINTROP AlfredE3687425 Dec 197476XQ77 3
WEINTROP AnnieE3687513 Oct 189512 mthXA06 294
WEINTROP AnnieE3687605 May 193858XV37 23
WEINTROP BarnettE3687708 Apr 1913XL09 43
WEINTROP BeatriceE3687827 Feb 199293XQ77 4
WEINTROP BerthaE3687930 Nov 193368XT25 5
WEINTROP GertieE3688005 May 193056XT07 72
WEINTROP HarrisE3688127 May 1914XI13 31
WEINTROP IsaacE3688214 Aug 194777XY05 35
WEINTROP JohnE3688323 Jan 193752XU50 38
WEINTROP LeahE3688408 Sep 1914XL13 35
WEINTROP MarksE3688522 Apr 194466XU01 52
WEINTROP MatildaE3688606 Aug 194253XU01 51
WEINTROP PhilipE3688720 Mar 192561XR02 49
WEINTROP RebeccaE3688806 Dec 194964XZ11 9
WEINTROP WoolfE3688920 Jun 193275XQ33 1A
WEINTROP YettaE3689022 Jan 193577XQ33 1
WEINTROUB EstherE3689120 Jul 18969XA07 338
WEINTROUB MorrisE3689223 Mar 194976XY25 34
WEINTROUB RachelE3689309 Aug 19037 mthXD06 64
WEINTROUB RoseE3689425 Oct 196686XY25 33
WEIS LeahE3689506 Apr 1910XG07 20
WEISAGER EsterE3689602 Jan 190049XB06 293
WEISBACH AbrahamE3689719 Feb 198498XQ33 19
WEISBACH MillyE3689817 Jan 198793XQ18 23
WEISBACH Rachel LeahE3689909 Feb 192434XQ35 11
WEISBAUM AnnieE3690014 Sep 196279XY01 26
WEISBAUM BlumaE3690109 Jan 195572XU19 1
WEISBAUM DeborahE3690210 Aug 19163XO04 33
WEISBAUM HettyE3690305 May 194230XV17 11
WEISBAUM JosephE3690431 Jul 193861XU19 2
WEISBAUM Louis LazerE3690524 Dec 198172XU07 11
WEISBAUM NathanE3690624 Sep 193326XU28 22
WEISBERG AbrahamE3690710 Oct 195772XT36 43
WEISBERG AnnieE3690804 Mar 194364XU38 31
WEISBERG BarnetE3690920 Mar 192747XR30 53
WEISBERG BashaE3691009 May 1914XI14 27
WEISBERG JackE3691107 Dec 193626XU48 32
WEISBERG JacobE3691230 Jan 193682XU43 6
WEISBERG JosephE3691322 Apr 193034XQ15 21
WEISBERG LeahE3691407 Mar 194286XU43 5
WEISBERG RachelE3691519 Nov 194459XW23 27
WEISBERG WoolfE3691601 Oct 192349XP25 32
WEISBERG WoolfE3691702 Jun 193554XU38 32
WEISBLAT MorrisE3691801 Jun 190063XC01 14
WEISBLATT BeilaE3691915 Nov 193426XT30 16
WEISBLATT EstherE3692013 Dec 193292XC01 15
WEISBLATT JacobE3692111 Dec 192571XR10 29
WEISBLATT JosephE3692203 Feb 192421XP21 28
WEISBLATT MillieE3692313 Dec 193279XR10 28
WEISBLATT SimonE3692416 Aug 1908XG06 24
WEISBLOOM HarrisE3692511 May 193465XU07 47
WEISBLOOM LeahE3692625 Dec 194166XU07 46
WEISBLOOM StanleyE3692728 Oct 193614 mthXQ04 73
WEISCHELBAUM MinnieE3692821 Mar 190352XD08 36
WEISE ClaraE3692928 Oct 192370XP23 33
WEISEMAN FannyE3693014 Dec 194467XW32 20
WEISENBERG LeonE3693104 Jan 192242XM15 32
WEISENBERG RachelE3693228 Oct 190520XF03 6
WEISENBLOOM RachelE3693323 Aug 192047XK08 41
WEISENFELD MarksE3693428 Oct 192041XN03 7
WEISENGRUND Joseph AdolphE3693505 Apr 192353XL21 16
WEISER BeruchaE3693608 Nov 1910XI01 19
WEISER FannyE3693712 Aug 1911XO18 20
WEISER LeahE3693824 Jul 193768XR01 36
WEISER ReubenE3693915 Dec 193131XU20 5
WEISFELD Eva MarieE3694003 Jul 197183XQ23 14
WEISFELD MorrisE3694125 Jun 196187XQ23 15
WEISFELD SidneyE3694213 Jul 19266XM29 5
WEISFOGEL BarnettE3694315 Feb 195368XW03 40
WEISFOGEL LouisE3694425 Oct 191768XJ13 29
WEISFOGEL RoseE3694509 Jun 194258XW03 41
WEISFOGEL SamuelE3694614 Feb 1911XO17 3
WEISFUSS KeevorE3694716 Sep 192969XS25 53
WEISIGER BarnettE3694823 Jan 195274XX12 16
WEISIGER GoldaE3694924 May 194664XX12 15
WEISIGER Victor PhilipE3695027 May 192070XN04 18
WEISMAN ChayaE3695123 Oct 193665XV44 17
WEISMAN JacobE3695226 Apr 1913XL07 47
WEISMAN JosephE3695316 Feb 192570XP46 22
WEISMAN MorrisE3695414 Dec 191627XJ21 76
WEISMAN RebeccaE3695531 Jan 1911XO16 13
WEISROSE GertrudeE3695624 May 199679XY43 39
WEISROSE HildaE3695702 Jun 196170XQ29 41
WEISROSE JosephE3695828 Jul 200392XY43 38
WEISROSE MaryE3695926 Jun 193158XT11 72
WEISROSE MorrisE3696020 May 195372XQ32 1A
WEISS BetsyE3696121 Mar 194980XY32 34
WEISS GertieE3696208 Jun 193671XR10 50
WEISS HymanE3696329 Aug 192752XR38 48
WEISS JackE3696418 Apr 195566XZ38 13
WEISS JosephE3696506 May 193156XU11 38
WEISS KateE3696604 Jun 193760XV40 27
WEISS LeahE3696722 Dec 196577XZ38 14
WEISS LouisE3696820 Nov 192560XR10 51
WEISS MendelE3696926 Sep 194333XX31 13
WEISS MichaelE3697001 May 1914XI13 20
WEISS Milly (Amelia)E3697130 Dec 1910XI03 25
WEISS o/w WATCHER SamuelE3697205 Dec 193282XU06 17
WEISS RachelE3697322 Aug 195273XV08 16
WEISS ReubenE3697421 Dec 192564XR11 15
WEISS RoseE3697509 Nov 1909XE06 9
WEISS SolomonE3697601 Jan 192782XR26 26
WEISSAND AnnieE3697726 Jul 195979XQ15 41
WEISSAND SarahE3697823 Apr 194353XV03 23
WEISSBAUM HymanE3697910 Oct 192626XR22 20
WEISSER JacobE3698021 Jul 193468XU04 25
WEISSER MorrisE3698105 Dec 194031XU76 42
WEISSMAN AaronE3698228 Nov 190449XC03 37
WEISSMAN PeterE3698305 Jun 19287XM30 2
WEISSMAN SamuelE3698427 Apr 1909XG02 30
WEISSMAN SamuelE3698514 May 1914XI13 27
WEISSMAN SarahE3698606 Aug 193060XP04 1
WEISTOCK MorrisE3698715 Feb 192560XP45 32
WEISTUCH DavisE3698824 Apr 190666XF04 13
WEISTUCK BE3698924 Feb 1908XG02 1
WEITMAN IsaacE3699027 Oct 1914XL14 38
WEITSENSANG FredaE3699116 Dec 193271XT19 6
WEITZ HarrisE3699226 Jan 192033XN06 10
WEITZ IsaacE3699320 Dec 19183 mthXM10 23
WEITZ PhilipE3699404 Feb 192035XN06 35
WEITZ SylviaE3699520 Jul 19333XQ03 36
WEITZENFELD HannahE3699619 Nov 192768XS11 5
WEITZENSANG MorrisE3699702 Mar 191551XI18 32
WEITZKORN SamuelE3699811 Jun 193355XU10 46
WEITZMAN DavidE3699903 Oct 190648XF07 16
WEITZMAN DeborahE3700007 Apr 193329XT19 19
WEITZMAN DoraE3700104 Mar 194387XQ42 19
WEITZMAN EstherE3700225 Mar 193646XT34 37
WEITZMAN FannyE3700302 Oct 195052XE09 2
WEITZMAN GertrudeE3700418 Sep 194750XY05 41
WEITZMAN GoldaE3700530 Aug 194764XU14 6
WEITZMAN IrwinE3700631 Mar 19326 mthXR52 4
WEITZMAN IsaacE3700701 Nov 1907XH07 16
WEITZMAN JosephE3700819 Jun 19374 mthXQ03 1
WEITZMAN LazarusE3700907 Jan 194663XX17 6
WEITZMAN LeahE3701013 Jul 193869XT28 2
WEITZMAN LeahE3701109 Nov 192274XP12 26
WEITZMAN MalkaE3701230 Dec 192364XQ33 9
WEITZMAN MyerE3701306 Apr 193978XT28 1
WEITZMAN o/w WISEMAN IsaacE3701403 May 193152XU14 5
WEITZMAN PercyE3701503 Jan 192430XQ05 12
WEITZMAN SamuelE3701603 Feb 1914XI11 18
WEITZMAN Sarah MaryE3701712 Oct 194980XQ05 33
WEITZMAN SarahE3701807 Jun 193540XT35 34
WEITZMAN Sophia LenaE3701917 Sep 196568XQ05 34
WEITZMAN WolfE3702003 Nov 194150XV78 20
WEIZER LottieE3702122 Oct 196281XT17 2
WEIZER MarksE3702220 Feb 194871XT17 1
WEKSLER Bella RebeccaE3702320 Apr 194686XI20 38
WEKSLER CharlesE3702408 Apr 191655XI20 39
WEKSLER LazarusE3702512 Nov 193768XU56 36
WEKSLER MurrayE3702626 Feb 1914XO08 3
WELANSKY JacobE3702706 Jul 1914XL14 11
WELCHINSKY LouisE3702828 Jul 191652XJ18 47
WELLER AbrahamE3702929 Aug 194072XV26 10
WELLER Annie SarahE3703029 Dec 194073XV26 9
WELLER EstherE3703111 May 193675XT34 38
WELLER GoldaE3703217 Jun 191912XM04 10
WELLER PhilipE3703301 Jun 193891XS11 38
WELLER ReubenE3703427 Dec 191668XI11 56
WELLER SolomonE3703521 Dec 194558XX01 28
WELLS HarryE3703609 Dec 195257XQ29 40
WELLS Henrietta SarahE3703721 Dec 197995XY24 7
WELLS MarkE3703806 Mar 194965XY24 6
WELLS SarahE3703929 Mar 198695XQ29 39
WELLZUFREEDEN EmilyE3704012 Aug 190444XC05 8
WELSCH MillyE3704127 Jan 192536XM25 15
WELSH HymanE3704228 Jan 192235XM16 11
WELT Israel JudahE3704308 May 195770 mthXQ42 39
WELT JacobE3704423 Sep 192670XR21 21
WELT RachelE3704508 Jul 194153XQ42 40
WELT RachelE3704611 Nov 192265XP12 16
WELTMAN RachelE3704718 Aug 192764XR37 38
WELTMAN RivkaE3704810 Jul 1913XL12 16
WELTMAN SamuelE3704907 Feb 196283XP54 19
WELTMAN SarahE3705023 Mar 194760XP54 20
WELTMAN SimonE3705119 Mar 193249XU09 9
WEMICK Abraham JosephE3705224 Mar 191960XK06 3
WENDER FaigaE3705312 Jun 196282XX28 12
WENDER IsaacE3705405 Dec 194364XX28 11
WENGERSKY AnnaE3705506 Jul 193146XT11 61
WENGLOSKY JacobE3705624 May 193040XS30 48
WENGOWER AnnieE3705703 Feb 191862XJ10 29
WENGROW Aubrey BernardE3705811 Aug 19261 mthXM28 23
WENGROWER AnnieE3705922 Nov 196786XY26 25
WENGROWER HarrisE3706015 Apr 194974XY26 26
WENGROWSKY Millie EstherE3706123 Jan 193371XU09 27
WENTER BarnettE3706210 Jan 1912XL03 6
WENTROB JacobE3706310 May 192168XK12 49
WENZERUL StanleyE3706403 Nov 19313 mthXR49 3
WENZIMER DavidE3706520 Apr 1914XI14 67
WERBILSKY SarahE3706609 Jun 193157XT11 50
WERBITSKY George GoodmanE3706731 Oct 193560XU40 23
WERBLOVSKY HenryE3706828 Dec 192073XN02 4
WERBLOW IsraelE3706924 Sep 193632XU47 9
WERBLOWSKY JosephE3707027 Jan 193959XV64 18
WERCH AnnieE3707106 Jul 192456XP37 18
WERCHICK IsraelE3707229 Aug 193965XU66 37
WERCHIK EvaE3707331 Jul 1914XL15 15
WERMAN AaronE3707415 Jun 192967XS25 34
WERMAN AnnieE3707526 Dec 193872XQ13 4
WERMAN HarryE3707626 Feb 194141XQ14 7
WERMAN LazarusE3707711 Aug 192654XQ13 3
WERMICK NathanE3707828 Jun 1910XE04 46
WERNER LeinaE3707913 Aug 190669XF09 36A
WERNER Rabbi-AbrahamE3708020 Dec 1912XF09 39
WERNICK AbrahamE3708123 Jan 196381XJ01 42A
WERNICK AlexanderE3708222 Mar 194256XV83 15
WERNICK AnnieE3708325 Apr 194636XX13 4
WERNICK ElizabethE3708417 Oct 197382XY10 4
WERNICK GoldaE3708520 Jun 193865XV36 22
WERNICK HannahE3708609 Oct 197492XX13 5
WERNICK HildaE3708711 Mar 195080XU09 32
WERNICK IsraelE3708817 May 193266XU09 31
WERNICK JaneE3708928 May 193580XT34 43
WERNICK JudahE3709015 Apr 1909XG09 11
WERNICK KatieE3709124 Jul 193021XT07 17
WERNICK NathanE3709226 Mar 192380XP02 19
WERNICK RebeccaE3709326 Oct 191836XJ04 52
WERNICK RebeccaE3709407 Dec 193170XT13 51
WERNICK Sarah YettaE3709523 Dec 19062XF06 57
WERNICK SimonE3709625 Dec 197989XY10 3
WERNICK WoolfE3709704 Sep 196481XX13 3
WERSHAI MichaelE3709821 May 191860XJ05 42
WERSINGER RosieE3709906 Oct 191935XM01 9
WERSMAN JaneE3710017 Jan 192245XM15 20
WERSMAN SolomonE3710128 Jun 191943XN10 29
WERSOFF or SHAW AaronE3710215 Apr 193571XU37 14
WESANSKI LeahE3710302 Oct 193878XI09 70
WESANSKY IsaacE3710425 Dec 1912XI09 71
WESKOFSKY BenjaminE3710523 Dec 1912XL07 22
WESLOVSKY FreidaE3710623 Aug 193781XV38 17
WESNOVOTE FannyE3710725 May 193462XT28 34
WESSOK ClarahE3710828 Sep 190022XB08 385
WEST MorrisE3710922 Jul 192336XP23 12
WESTNOVATE PhilipE3711011 Sep 192160XG10 19
WESTRICH PaulineE3711119 Nov 189210 mthXA03 143
WETTE ChayeE3711209 Feb 192072XK05 38
WETTLOVER Sima GitelE3711315 Jan 193684XU02 20
WEXLER BarnetE3711420 Jul 193672XU46 40
WEXLER FannyE3711531 Mar 193773XV49 18
WEXLER Hinda AnnieE3711623 Apr 192217XK16 29
WEXLER KateE3711706 Sep 192763XR39 47
WEXLER RebeccaE3711820 Nov 192557XR10 42
WEYLER LeahE3711920 May 1911XO18 4
WEZALOFSKY HarrisE3712003 Mar 194360XV33 17

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