All Deceased beginning with letters 'VO'

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All names beginning VO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VOBACK FannyD220022 Apr 193777V250 12
VOBINOFSKY EstherA174703 Jun 19047C07 24
VODESLOFSKY Louis MyerC442902 Oct 192664R122 26
VOGEL AbrahamD224714 May 193784Q106 19
VOGEL JacobP2000714 Jul 191942N9
VOGEL RebeccaC335217 Jun 192565Q106 18
VOGEL RoseD432612 Oct 194076R120 55
VOGEL SarahP2000920 Feb 191623I10
VOGEL SolomonC259325 Jun 192429Q106 17
VOGLER o/w HIRSCH AdolphD042016 Feb 193561T102 14
VOGLER RachelD361911 Aug 193960T102 13
VOLAFSKY SylviaC399414 Mar 192617M128 08
VOLARSKY Golda SheinaC017816 Jul 192170K13 37
VOLASKY WoolfP2001515 May 191549I19
VOLCOVITCH Isaac HirschP2001620 Dec 191649J17
VOLCOVITCH RebeccaD270116 Dec 193750V255 12
VOLERICH JaneE174912 May 195480U263 47
VOLEVITCH AnnieP2001915 Mar 191947K6
VOLINSKY IsraelC952911 Jul 193291U123 30
VOLINSKY JacobP2002006 Jul 191427L14
VOLINSKY JaneE072809 Apr 195271U158 33
VOLINSKY JosephD279729 Jan 193859U258 32
VOLINSKY KateE453217 Nov 196085P274 09
VOLINSKY LewisE543810 Oct 196490P274 10
VOLINSKY MaxC266410 Aug 192456Q124 01
VOLINSKY TillyC148028 Feb 192337P114 33
VOLKOVITCH AnnieD768707 Aug 194669U132 14
VOLKOVITCH JacobD341416 Mar 193978U265 43
VOLKOVITCH LeahA113722 Nov 190160D04 15
VOLKOVITCH LeahD632626 Feb 194479U265 44
VOLLASKY AbrahamD696827 Mar 194545W33 16
VOLLASKY DeborahE426601 Mar 196085W25 04
VOLLASKY IsaacC681314 May 192926S25 55
VOLLASKY MauriceC273618 Sep 192419P241 25
VOLLASKY SarahD696927 Mar 194565W33 15
VOLOCHINE Bass-CheivaD920110 Apr 194982W29 06
VOLOCHINE ItzkoD627227 Jan 194483W29 05
VOLOVITCH IsaacC1097005 Mar 193458U132 13
VOLOVITCH PearlC165101 May 192348P117 28
VOLREICH HymanD323401 Dec 193866U263 48
VOLRUST ZelikA135922 Oct 190221D06 36
VOLTCASH BetsyD150818 Jun 193668T244 14
VOLTCASH BloomahE140004 Aug 195368S26 45
VOLTCASH IsraelP2002704 Nov 191810M6
VOLTCASH LewisD314705 Oct 193885U262 37
VORONOFF LizzieP2002903 Jul 191526L20

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