All Deceased beginning with letters 'VO'

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All names beginning VO
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VOBACK FannyE3610722 Apr 193777XV50 12
VOBINOFSKY EstherE3610803 Jun 19047XC07 24
VODESLOFSKY Louis MyerE3610902 Oct 192664XR22 26
VOGEL AbrahamE3611014 May 193784XQ06 19
VOGEL DoraE3611105 Apr 191966XN16 22
VOGEL FannyE3611211 Feb 191950XN14 28
VOGEL JacobE3611313 Jul 191943XN09 35
VOGEL RebeccaE3611417 Jun 192565XQ06 18
VOGEL RoseE3611512 Oct 194076XR20 55
VOGEL SarahE3611613 Feb 191623XI10 39
VOGEL SimonE3611716 Aug 1911XI06 17
VOGEL SolomonE3611825 Jun 192429XQ06 17
VOGLER o/w HIRSCH AdolphE3611916 Feb 193561XT02 14
VOGLER RachelE3612011 Aug 193960XT02 13
VOLAFSKY SylviaE3612114 Mar 192617 mthXM28 8
VOLARSKY Golda SheinaE3612216 Jul 192170XK13 37
VOLCOVITCH RebeccaE3612316 Dec 193750XV55 12
VOLERICH JaneE3612412 May 195480XU63 47
VOLEVITCH AnnieE3612515 Mar 191954XK06 8
VOLINSKY IsraelE3612611 Jul 193291XU23 30
VOLINSKY JaneE3612709 Apr 195271XU58 33
VOLINSKY JosephE3612829 Jan 193859XU58 32
VOLINSKY KateE3612917 Nov 196085XP74 9
VOLINSKY LewisE3613010 Oct 196490XP74 10
VOLINSKY LouisE3613121 Nov 1914XL14 39
VOLINSKY MaxE3613210 Aug 192456XQ24 1
VOLINSKY TillyE3613328 Feb 192337XP14 33
VOLKOVITCH AnnieE3613407 Aug 194669XU32 14
VOLKOVITCH JacobE3613516 Mar 193978XU65 43
VOLKOVITCH LeahE3613622 Nov 190160XD04 15
VOLKOVITCH LeahE3613726 Feb 194479XU65 44
VOLLASKY AbrahamE3613827 Mar 194545XW33 16
VOLLASKY DeborahE3613901 Mar 196085XW25 4
VOLLASKY IsaacE3614014 May 192926XS25 55
VOLLASKY MauriceE3614118 Sep 192419XP41 25
VOLLASKY SarahE3614227 Mar 194565XW33 15
VOLOCHINE Bass-CheivaE3614310 Apr 194982XW29 6
VOLOCHINE ItzkoE3614427 Jan 194483XW29 5
VOLOFSKY WoolfE3614514 May 191550XI19 9
VOLOVITCH IsaacE3614605 Mar 193458XU32 13
VOLOVITCH PearlE3614701 May 192348XP17 28
VOLREICH HymanE3614801 Dec 193866XU63 48
VOLRUST ZelikE3614922 Oct 190221 mthXD06 36
VOLTCASH BetsyE3615018 Jun 193668XT44 14
VOLTCASH BloomahE3615104 Aug 195368XS26 45
VOLTCASH LewisE3615205 Oct 193885XU62 37

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