All Deceased beginning with letters 'VI'

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All names beginning VI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VICHELSKY HarrisE3601814 Apr 195267XW19 46
VICHELSKY RoseE3601901 Oct 196883XW19 47
VICHINSKI RosieE3602007 Oct 192315XP26 17
VICHINSKY MyerE3602104 Jan 195468XZ26 26
VICHINSKY SarahE3602226 Dec 196285XZ26 27
VICKER WillieE3602304 Oct 19272 mthXM33 12
VICKNOWSKY David LevyE3602401 Mar 193184XP23 8
VICKNOWSKY RebeccaE3602509 Aug 192379XP23 9
VICTOR MosesE3602602 Jun 193175XS30 46
VICTOR Samuel HaroldE3602703 Apr 19222XO03 30
VICTOR SarahE3602829 Jun 194673XX11 39
VIDOFSKY DeborahE3602903 Jan 192881XS02 71
VIDOFSKY Hannah MiriamE3603027 Nov 194373XQ05 47
VIDOFSKY MarksE3603104 Nov 194773XT40 35
VIDOFSKY RachelE3603204 Dec 193557XT39 35
VIDOFSKY RoseE3603315 Jan 192768XR26 21
VIDOWSKY AbrahamE3603416 Apr 194483XW27 26
VIDOWSKY MorrisE3603511 Dec 193248XU20 51
VIDOWSKY PollyE3603614 Oct 196778XU21 54
VIGGING SarahE3603716 Feb 192024XK05 40
VIGODA EstherE3603803 Jan 195872XP62 22
VIGODA MauriceE3603910 Jul 196485XP62 21
VIGON AnnieE3604023 Sep 192423XP34 3
VIGON LeslieE3604117 May 192765XR32 57
VIGON MarieE3604227 Feb 192565XP36 1
VIGON SimonE3604322 Dec 195476XQ65 12
VIGON SimonE3604426 Jun 196289XQ97 6
VIGON Slutka SarahE3604526 Sep 196085XQ65 11
VIGON YettaE3604606 Jun 193470XT26 55
VIGOR EstherE3604720 Jan 195880XQ97 5
VIGOSHEN DavidE3604819 Oct 192774XS02 34
VIGRANSKI TheresaE3604910 Jan 19062 mthXF01 37
VIGUSIN RE3605015 Aug 189718XA07 363
VILCHINSKY DavidE3605121 Oct 19035 mthXD06 76
VILCHINSKY SolomonE3605223 Feb 194989XY24 20
VILLENSKY EvaE3605313 Nov 192178XK14 15
VILLENSKY JacobE3605413 Sep 1911XI08 58
VILNER RebeccaE3605523 Apr 192981XS18 39
VINACOUR MillieE3605630 Sep 192873XS14 36
VINAWSKY AbrahamE3605725 Mar 193558XU37 18
VINCENT Rebecca LilianE3605811 May 199687XQ114 4
VINCHINSKY HarrisE3605903 May 194172XP07 6
VINE DeborahE3606024 May 1914XI13 66
VINE LeahE3606129 Jun 194674XU53 11
VINE MorrisE3606214 May 193771XU53 10
VINEFSKY JosephE3606325 Apr 194976XT22 15
VINER HymanE3606408 Jul 194680XX11 17
VINER MaryE3606528 Oct 194874XX11 16
VINER PhilipE3606621 May 196570XX11 18
VINER ZettaE3606704 Aug 198273XY15 2
VINICOSE MarksE3606808 Dec 190634XH03 4
VINIGANT AbrahamE3606914 Mar 1911XI02 41
VINIKOFF FannyE3607028 Nov 197582XZ32 15
VINIKOFF HarrisE3607104 Mar 195472XZ32 16
VINITSKY Bloomah SarahE3607213 Oct 193369XT24 42
VINITSKY MichaelE3607331 Mar 192234XM17 8
VINITSKY MorrisE3607429 Apr 195485XQ24 35
VINNICK CissieE3607523 Jun 19202XM11 31
VINOCOUR SolomonE3607630 Mar 19212XM12 11
VINYONSKY Fruma SarahE3607725 Oct 193762XV53 23
VISHNEFSKY AbrahamE3607813 Apr 197281XP58 9
VISHNEFSKY JosephE3607911 Dec 194756XY09 9
VISHNEFSKY LeahE3608017 Oct 197879XP58 10
VISHNER BarneyE3608110 Jun 194849XY15 8
VISHNER RachelE3608222 Aug 192549XR07 29
VISHNER SolomonE3608325 Jan 193672XT15 1
VISHNICK HannahE3608413 Dec 196069XP58 15
VISHNICK HymanE3608521 Jan 194572XW31 51
VISHNICK JosephE3608607 Nov 195665XP58 14
VISHNICK SarahE3608722 Jan 192957XS16 7
VISHNICK SybilE3608809 Apr 19292 mthXM38 4
VISHNIFSKY HarrisE3608931 Mar 194181XV48 4
VISHNIFSKY KateE3609026 Jan 193768XV48 3
VISHNOFF RebeccaE3609104 Dec 193331XT24 58
VISOFSKY FannyE3609215 Nov 193368XQ44 6
VISOKLE RachelE3609324 Apr 192140XK11 50
VITCOVER BenjaminE3609422 Nov 190645XF07 28
VITKOFSKY AbrahamE3609518 Jun 198487XP64 11
VITKOFSKY FannyE3609611 Dec 193474XT31 13
VITKOFSKY MorrisE3609716 Jun 195488XT32 2
VITKOFSKY RebeccaE3609807 Apr 197778XP64 12
VITOFSKY PizerE3609919 Oct 193269XU24 36
VITRIOL IsraelE3610026 Sep 192448XP41 15
VIZOFSKY MarksE3610114 Apr 193773XQ44 5

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