All Deceased beginning with letters 'VI'

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All names beginning VI
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VICHELSKY HarrisE073614 Apr 195267W19 46
VICHELSKY RoseE614801 Oct 196883W19 47
VICHINSKI RosieC194007 Oct 192315P126 17
VICHINSKY MyerE156804 Jan 195468Z126 26
VICHINSKY SarahE509626 Dec 196285Z126 27
VICKER WillieC521704 Oct 19275M133 12
VICKNOWSKY David LevyC830501 Mar 193184P123 08
VICKNOWSKY RebeccaC184409 Aug 192379P123 09
VICTOR MosesC854502 Jun 193175S30 46
VICTOR Samuel HaroldC081603 Apr 19222O03A 30
VICTOR SarahD763929 Jun 194673X11 39
VIDOFSKY DeborahC547003 Jan 192881S02 71
VIDOFSKY Hannah MiriamD612627 Nov 194373Q105 47
VIDOFSKY JosephP1995222 Jun 191116I2
VIDOFSKY MarksD841104 Nov 194773T140 35
VIDOFSKY RachelD099304 Dec 193557T139 35
VIDOFSKY RoseC468115 Jan 192768R126 21
VIDOWSKY AbrahamD640616 Apr 194483W27 26
VIDOWSKY MorrisC983611 Dec 193248U120 51
VIDOWSKY PollyE600514 Oct 196778U121 54
VIGGING SarahB618616 Feb 192024K05 40
VIGODA EstherE335003 Jan 195872P262 22
VIGODA MauriceE540410 Jul 196485P262 21
VIGON AnnieC274923 Sep 192423P134 03
VIGON LeslieC497317 May 192765R132 57
VIGON MarieC311427 Feb 192565P136 01
VIGON SimonE201122 Dec 195476Q265 12
VIGON SimonE498526 Jun 196289Q397 06
VIGON Slutka SarahE448426 Sep 196085Q265 11
VIGON YettaC1119006 Jun 193470T126 55
VIGOR EstherE337220 Jan 195880Q397 05
VIGOSHEN DavidC526219 Oct 192774S02 34
VIGRANSKI TheresaA215210 Jan 19065F01 37
VIGUSIN RA044615 Aug 189718A701 363
VILCHINSKY DavidA157421 Oct 19035D06 76
VILCHINSKY SolomonD911123 Feb 194989Y124 20
VILLENSKY EvaC039813 Nov 192178K14 15
VILLENSKY JacobP1997113 Sep 191175I8
VILNER RebeccaC675323 Apr 192981S18 39
VILOVITCH YettaP1997317 Dec 190726H8
VINACOUR MillieC609330 Sep 192873S14 36
VINAWSKY AbrahamD050325 Mar 193558U137 18
VINCENT Rebecca LilianE797011 May 199687Q3B4 04
VINCHINSKY HarrisD477703 May 194172P107 06
VINE HarryP1997821 Oct 191816O4
VINE LeahD763529 Jun 194674U253 11
VINE MorrisD224514 May 193771U253 10
VINEFSKY JosephD922225 Apr 194976T122 15
VINER HymanD765108 Jul 194680X11 17
VINER MaryD888428 Oct 194874X11 16
VINER PhilipE555521 May 196570X11 18
VINER ZettaE748504 Aug 198273Y115 02
VINICOSE MarksA243308 Dec 190634H03 04
VINIKOFF FannyE697828 Nov 197582Z132 15
VINIKOFF HarrisE165604 Mar 195472Z132 16
VINITSKY Bloomah SarahC1058413 Oct 193369T124 42
VINITSKY MichaelC080531 Mar 192234M117 08
VINITSKY MorrisE172829 Apr 195485Q124 35
VINNICK CissieB650623 Jun 19202M111 31
VINOCOUR SolomonB703430 Mar 19212M112 11
VINYONSKY Fruma SarahD257425 Oct 193762V253 23
VISHNEFSKY AbrahamE662113 Apr 197281P258 09
VISHNEFSKY JosephD847211 Dec 194756Y109 09
VISHNEFSKY LeahE723117 Oct 197879P258 10
VISHNER BarneyD873010 Jun 194849Y115 08
VISHNER RachelC348122 Aug 192549R107 29
VISHNER SolomonD112625 Jan 193672T115 01
VISHNICK HannahE455513 Dec 196069P258 15
VISHNICK HymanD684921 Jan 194572W31 51
VISHNICK JosephE284407 Nov 195665P258 14
VISHNICK SarahC639722 Jan 192957S16 07
VISHNICK SybilC671809 Apr 19295M138 04
VISHNIFSKY HarrisD471131 Mar 194181V248 04
VISHNIFSKY KateD200326 Jan 193768V248 03
VISHNOFF RebeccaC1069704 Dec 193331T124 58
VISOFSKY FannyC1064915 Nov 193368Q244 06
VISOKLE RachelC004124 Apr 192140K11 50
VITCOVER BenjaminA241522 Nov 190645F07 28
VITKOFSKY AbrahamE758318 Jun 198487P264 11
VITKOFSKY FannyD024411 Dec 193474T131 13
VITKOFSKY MorrisE179116 Jun 195488T132 02
VITKOFSKY RebeccaE711707 Apr 197778P264 12
VITOFSKY PizerC972119 Oct 193269U124 36
VITRIOL IsraelC275226 Sep 192448P241 15
VIZOFSKY MarksD218114 Apr 193773Q244 05

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