All Deceased beginning with letters 'VE'

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All names beginning VE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VEETAL JacobE3596112 Oct 192753XS02 20
VEETAL JaneE3596210 May 192818XS11 63
VEETAL RachelE3596326 Jun 192321XP22 20
VEGANSKY JacobE3596402 Jun 1913XL11 28
VEIBLOW RitaE3596523 Mar 196972XI21 67
VEIN AbrahamE3596611 Feb 191715XO03 29
VEIN Annie MiriamE3596720 Jan 193270XT14 64
VEIN NathanE3596811 Aug 193573XU39 8
VEIN RebeccaE3596912 Sep 192832XS09 53
VEINER SarahE3597014 Jan 192033XK04 38
VEISSAND JacobE3597108 Dec 192448XM21 28
VELOFSKY MichaelE3597202 Sep 19325XQ02 4
VENCHINSKY AnnieE3597303 Mar 192353XP07 7
VENCHINSKY RebeccaE3597401 Jan 194973XQ20 22
VENETSKY Hannah RosieE3597525 Jul 192765XR35 56
VENETSKY MorrisE3597614 Oct 194685XR35 57
VENIS BernardE3597722 Dec 192013XM04 36
VENIT PaulaE3597829 May 198488XX12 47
VENIT SydneyE3597915 Jun 194650XX12 48
VENITSKY AnnieE3598008 Jun 193153XT11 20
VENITSKY LewisE3598130 Apr 194070XU73 46
VENITSKY MauriceE3598229 Nov 195984XP69 28
VENITSKY NathanE3598303 Jun 195151XW11 15
VENITSKY RoseE3598402 Feb 193584XQ43 6
VENITSKY SarahE3598517 Jul 194470XU73 47
VENNICK MarksE3598606 Sep 1913XI09 51
VENZER MarkE3598718 Mar 192135XN01 34
VENZIMER GalaE3598817 Apr 192869XI14 68
VENZIMER IsraelE3598912 Jan 194061XU70 28
VENZIMER RebeccaE3599012 Feb 193354XT22 42
VERABITSKY WoolfE3599116 Jun 195083XY15 18
VERBACHICK LewisE3599213 Mar 193050XS29 53
VERBLATT AnnieE3599324 May 194474XW31 29
VERBLOFSKY LewisE3599414 Oct 191961XA10 518
VERBLOOT AnnieE3599508 Aug 193119XT11 10
VERBLOW BernardE3599608 Sep 194660XA10 519
VERBLUTT SimonE3599717 Oct 193466XU03 48
VERBOVSKY SamuelE3599817 Nov 194767XX01 45
VERBOVSKY SarahE3599928 Aug 195566XX01 46
VERBY BarnettE3600017 May 192870XI20 64
VERBY BenjaminE3600119 Mar 193945XU64 17
VERBY JaneE3600220 Oct 192670XI20 65
VEREBEICHICK LeahE3600322 Jan 194875XY11 26
VERNICK SarahE3600423 Sep 192575XR08 36
VERSAMSKY AnnieE3600523 Dec 1907XH08 13
VERSHOFSKY FannyE3600602 Feb 195180XU55 6
VERSSELS LazarusE3600725 Apr 191645XJ21 34
VERSTONE JosephE3600801 May 192983XS25 14
VESNOPOLSKY or POOLE AnnieE3600904 May 193050XT04 19
VESOFSKY Barnet JacobE3601018 Feb 190713 mthXE01 53
VESSELO AdaE3601109 Nov 194972XZ07 8
VETCHEL BarnettE3601214 Aug 193766XT22 37
VETCHINSKY FishelE3601327 Dec 192677XQ13 11
VETCHINSKY HarrisE3601411 Jan 194970XY17 3
VETCHINSKY RebeccaE3601517 Jan 195071XY17 4
VEXTER AnnieE3601614 Sep 195161XW14 34
VEXTER SamuelE3601725 Jan 196679XW14 35

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