All Deceased beginning with letters 'VE'

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All names beginning VE
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
VEETAL JacobC524112 Oct 192753S02 20
VEETAL JaneC580110 May 192818S11 63
VEETAL RachelC176126 Jun 192321P122 20
VEIBLOW RitaE622123 Mar 196972I21 67
VEIN AbrahamP1991411 Feb 191716O3
VEIN Annie MiriamC910020 Jan 193270T114 64
VEIN NathanD073811 Aug 193573U139 08
VEIN RebeccaC605612 Sep 192832S09 53
VEINER SarahB612614 Jan 192033K04 38
VEISSAND JacobC291708 Dec 192448M121 28
VELOFSKY MichaelC962802 Sep 19325Q102 04
VENCHINSKY AnnieC148403 Mar 192353P107 07
VENCHINSKY RebeccaD900201 Jan 194973Q120 22
VENETSKY Hannah RosieC508625 Jul 192765R135 56
VENETSKY MorrisD776714 Oct 194685R135 57
VENIS BernardB680822 Dec 192013M104 36
VENIT PaulaE758129 May 198488X12 47
VENIT SydneyD761515 Jun 194650X12 48
VENITSKY AnnieC856008 Jun 193153T111 20
VENITSKY LewisD404430 Apr 194070U273 46
VENITSKY MauriceE415729 Nov 195984P269 28
VENITSKY NathanE032103 Jun 195151W11 15
VENITSKY RoseD039002 Feb 193584Q243 06
VENITSKY SarahD653317 Jul 194470U273 47
VENZER MarkB701418 Mar 192135N01 34
VENZIMER GalaC574917 Apr 192869I14 68
VENZIMER IsraelD384112 Jan 194061U270 28
VENZIMER RebeccaC1007012 Feb 193354T122 42
VERABITSKY WoolfD979316 Jun 195083Y115 18
VERBACHICK LewisC746313 Mar 193050S29 53
VERBLATT AnnieD645524 May 194474W31 29
VERBLOFSKY LewisB591114 Oct 191961AD01 518
VERBLOOT AnnieC869408 Aug 193119T111 10
VERBLOW BernardD772808 Sep 194660AD01 519
VERBLOWSKY HarryP1993514 Sep 1917A10
VERBLOWSKY RachelC069016 Feb 192244B901444A
VERBLUTT SimonD013917 Oct 193466U103 48
VERBOVSKY SamuelD843417 Nov 194767X01 45
VERBOVSKY SarahE230128 Aug 195566X01 46
VERBY BarnettC581317 May 192870I20 64
VERBY BenjaminD341919 Mar 193945U264 17
VERBY JaneC445820 Oct 192670I20 65
VERCANSKY AnnieP1994023 Dec 190775H8
VEREBEICHICK LeahD852922 Jan 194875Y111 26
VERNICK SarahC355723 Sep 192575R108 36
VERSHOFSKY FannyE013502 Feb 195180U255 06
VERSTONE JosephC677801 May 192983S25 14
VESNOPOLSKY or POOLE AnnieC759904 May 193050T104 19
VESOFSKY Barnet JacobA249718 Feb 190713E01 53
VESSELO AdaD945209 Nov 194972Z107 08
VETCHEL BarnettD242014 Aug 193766T122 37
VETCHINSKY FishelC463327 Dec 192677Q113 11
VETCHINSKY HarrisD902411 Jan 194970Y117 03
VETCHINSKY RebeccaD956517 Jan 195071Y117 04
VEXTER AnnieE043914 Sep 195161W14 34
VEXTER SamuelE569625 Jan 196679W14 35

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