All Deceased beginning with letters 'US'

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All names beginning US
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
USAM LeahE3588506 Jul 195271XW19 9
USAM SamE3588610 May 195776XW19 8
USHMAN AnnieE3588725 Dec 195754XZ34 35
USHSTEIN JaneE3588807 Feb 192956XS16 61
USHSTEIN LewisE3588911 Dec 193374XU25 49
USICK DerekE3589015 Oct 19306 mthXM47 3
USISKIN AnnieE3589116 Dec 194358XX32 34
USISKIN CharlesE3589215 Aug 196275XX34 34
USISKIN SadieE3589315 Oct 192923XT06 50
USLIANER AbrahamE3589427 Jan 195273XS34 58
USLIANER RebeccaE3589521 Mar 193076XT04 42
USLIANER RoseE3589626 Apr 193760XS34 59

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