All Deceased beginning with letters 'US'

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All names beginning US
NAMERef-NODate of DeathAge at DeathPLOTRow/Grave
USAM LeahE082906 Jul 195271W19 09
USAM SamE307010 May 195776W19 08
USHMAN AnnieE333925 Dec 195754Z134 35
USHSTEIN JaneC647907 Feb 192956S16 61
USHSTEIN LewisC1071411 Dec 193374U125 49
USICK DerekC790715 Oct 19306M247 03
USISKIN AnnieD618016 Dec 194358X32 34
USISKIN CharlesE500815 Aug 196275X34 34
USISKIN SadieC708715 Oct 192923T106 50
USLIANER AbrahamE061927 Jan 195273S34 58
USLIANER RebeccaC748821 Mar 193076T104 42
USLIANER RoseD220326 Apr 193760S34 59

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